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Win Your Authority

What comes this course of discourse titled The when your father. Is the president of Discourses
when I share and explains A but I spell of course already so you can certainly service is a knowledge
based economy so it will come to you because you do have a specific was sort of the a specific and.
Can. You see me. No. NO CAN YOU CAN YOU hundred. So. If we start first with authority we start
with those who are going forward with him. Or for. Who prefer the firm. Was married before. So
what do you mean with this and. So little for owns a table what do you think for thirty means. This if
you have expertise. Because. So freedom. Of expertise. Or you are going to person and it’s. A house
or. If emissions three experience. Ones. I like to limit it to I like to all to call it something else I like
to call it what authorize you to provide this service or get the job done so for example if I am an
engineer what a surprise need to keep engineering service to being authorized ends up
professionally engineering organization so I can provide an engineering service. If I am a professor
in a nursery what authorities need to teach in this university is a combination of master or Ph D. Or
whatever qualification whatever degree and in search and trust in this area so for example if we
have a professor teaching electrical engineering he will not teach humanity or he will not teach
history that’s right because he has enough status so authority it has to be sort of off as what was
right as you what give user rights to provide sort of less and goods inside this particular area. OK So
authority has to match with oscillation. In in our knowledge based economy with our businesses as
selling online stock or drug stocks and different how we can do this was her decision how we can
give this will charge that is nobody will give us the sorceress. Business coaches and life coaches for
example a business coach is there to have. International Coaching federations or some other
recreational. Here if we have. If we have other people like. Management Consultants or some such
are some other individuals they would have a C.M.C. or construct a shop body if we have got so in
the knowledge area. Unfortunately or fortunately there is no body give you contention and authority
for you to enforce the service we say and unfortunately unfortunately because when we when we say
when we have this opportunity it can create for us an opportunity to offer our service. OK so it was
already in my definition or so we’re left to sure it’s what was for our use you to do is service. It’s a
combination of so many things. OK. Yet really. Can you hear it who’s in charge and who’s a judge it’s
a it’s a question which rule answers he wanted us four hours late because we will go for four hours
today and then we have another session on our own when history. Doesn’t point we should be able to
ease our enhanced your current of thirty or forget about what you are doing and look at different
markets because you have little research somewhere oh or you will do you want to have new offer
him in other areas which you never offered before OK I also I will also explain to you are. Another
exercise which is technology I developed or techniques I developed how to explore your authority
during your history so you can go clear what will make your own while factor for people to come to
for you to talk accept and in your body for your body for your service OK so what a surprise like if
we continue on the same line what will surprise you to be a month. Or what a surprise you to be
against this by having a kid what are the sources and then you will learn to be a mom or to be out
there at this right what was so nice you to be a brother of someone OK so what a surprise you to
make money out of a specific topic or what was so as you to offer a specific top. Any question I’ll tell
you when it does this make sense you look. So Asante as a different question What makes you what
good you are right to have a position in this particular market. In a knowledge based economy.
There are severe specific sources or so it’s not just three specific missions where people can help
with certain. The reason for that is the markets are not around us and people are willing to pay
money and big money we took here about ten to undersells a dollar a bunch or war in Syria specific
areas their worst of them are not relevant. To any market you can try to tap into in a very short
period idea so in a knowledge based economy if you have a Mojang to sure how people fans need
money. How to be after the person or persons with honest. I’m the last one is this NG. And the
relationship. By far on the marketing material unmarked instances I found around our. Internet or
whatever market studies sources we have we found out that these are this really mean criteria
where individuals are willing to create money. Subscribing to programs and looking for knowledge
and this is. OK so if we go around the table and we ask what are the areas which is individuals
around the table or. Of our current service if you have most service you see I have no service or are
looking for sort So what are the areas around the table so start why is there a personal.
Relationships through the way there’s room for the relationship and hand money is OK The question
will be the immediate question for B.. Who is your your ideal client. And man why you not anybody
else. And this is the whole. Idea behind this course business course we should explore why me not
anybody else should be able to provide this service what’s in my Has tree what’s in my parents what
I can build over is a current account college to be me as so ultimately So she’s. OK this is the
question will be how much they can pay and for what reason and for what reason or what service it
will be a discussion of the next course what should we call it when your program which is how you
can develop a program is on your authority and what are the other revenue streams and. Other
revenue streams or revenue sources you can belt and how long it will take to abolish this particular
response. OK. So we move around the table I’m trying to keep it anonymous because this is like put
const under would have fit you so I don’t want to. Have insincerity and let’s go in the second so what
is the second What’s your main areas based on this series. Is that. OK So first on development plan.
OK number three. All of us are. Solved. For. Great. Before. Oh oh my god. So what is a business you
are in Russian or this correct area which is if you want to hear from Linda if you want to know this
basic permit I know it’s you who doesn’t either make money or from government or indeed single
relationship management Number one we make make a. Deal with us. Who are really worth
something. When you when you will see our own town when you have individuals coming to sell your
business like the stock market. Investment or publishing a book or do whatever they will always try
to position it as a making money opportunity what Ari said because they basically you just did so
from twenty twelve twenty fifteen around North America people invest in some solve to learn how to
make more money or how to be a better person or how to date somebody and keep a personal
relationship that says nothing else should be on our radar because everything else what they come
second to you just want to close this markets it exceed the tens of billions of dollars I DO YOU CAN
NOT because I was already involved there. Yes you have yours you have to focus on only one of them
and you can endure it is an action Yes can you countenance. Your cousin who aren’t and she is down
she’s not here my comes I can I cannot see her child but she is on she wrote I was down in the China
Yes OK So what’s worse. Cancer is she social media strategies development so making money. Get
more engaged followers and try influences in the US media attention so so I would say that the
person is its money on the second and would lead to money do you think our turn which is your first
making money or. Money on what little money the question would be is in your current not limited
that’s why I asked you if your two grams or marketing material was what’s in your marketing
material what city I was like dust in your work material you say you would be up with a person. You
will make more money you will save money because remember sieving and making money are two
sides for the same con That’s right so what do you see in you marketing material we quite often
object to marketing materials say double your income or tributary income or make sense out of ours
have one or two accounts right but this is not immaterial our present buys you started lets you can
only seek knowledge based economy private offering on one of those created if you are interested
into establishing a university or a college but I’ve actually what the rationale behind the inverse of
the economy helping people to get money if you want to have a gem what the ratio of values that you
have. Personal development being a better person having a better house OK so what trainers or
personal coaches guys coaches wherever you want to call it it has to land into this city pretty. And it
has to be the very first things you say what do you do I help people to make money by or I help
people to be a better person for having a good and easy of life or a better life while I explore in our
past or by having a quiet time and peace of mind in science or Bali so when somebody would talk
about different techniques like correct here or wherever they don’t give a shit what they get they’ll
come to quickly what’s with you know I don’t know what’s working and if I know what’s tricky I don’t
know what makes you the best you want to be in that OK the second topic. If you subscribe to the
depression to answer the question again is it talks about if you want to establish an authority in an
issue so I haven’t thought of it and this was how it has to relate to and all the niche. OK. And the
issue rematch are same different language different dialect in different areas but you have to start
the issue of seventeen and if you cannot be the best person. Even anybody we can think off he’s a
better person and I don’t believe it to our political parties where what strong base and what’s.
Killing Tim is but if you want to talk about any leaders around the world or anybody he has an issue.
So with them Churchill is not a good businessman he was a good political prime minister the
country’s right there was also respect everybody has to have at each and then what we will discuss
in a few minutes is how to explore you almost certainty when this particle me. What we need to have
an issue because we would like to have to make money out of this or sort of the whole idea of
stumbling on a Saturday is not for fun is to have credibility and making money if you are looking for
an authority to be having fun discourse with us right for you this doesn’t what’s right for. OK so if we
go undefined What are the nations which each one around the table here about our lives our
recording which say so. What are the issues you are looking for the fallout service we have to ask
ourselves should we focus on a small niche. Or should we make it a bigger issue but I worry that we
should which ones which one we will give you a bit of very you see the small one. Someone said Is
this it depends what you think I think if you’re the only one has heard the question for. A few hours
only one which has the answer to this question so I want to just alarm you here was one thing. When
we explore Michel’s the definition of an inch it’s an area or a market or a demand or a gap or and.
It’s a garden we’re individuals are willing to put money and buy service on the product and so if your
spin is that you are the only one who has the answer for this particular mission does not exist as a
nation so we don’t want to fool ourselves because we have to understand we are fulfilling some
demands we are not the only one fulfilling the demand because if you are free not if you are the only
one fulfilling the demand there is another service one can for as long as this sense cycle will not
happen in storage six months it has educational in it that has so many stuff which we used to do in
technology companies how to correct the technologies are so when we talk about missions we are
talking here about the issue are you concerned within three to six months of when iterating and
having a thirty assist Nish and then you sell for Iraq so and move on so if you believe you are so only
one solution for a specific niche This is not the right then you for because it does not exist on the
submarine video which will give each one of the parts the Smitten access stored there are lots of
discussion about this particular point so when I talk about authority within an issue this nation has
to be a good night as analysts existing market where there is a demand where individuals are
putting money and or corporation or organization are spending money in this particular if OK and
there is so you cannot come and say I have here an idea for munitions nobody else is offering it if
nobody else is offering it there is nobody read for this what eventful the month is only a great the
agree are sure. I know it just has to be clear like if someone. Has a surface to serve at the Met and
which is nobody else is serving it needs is demand is not real. And. For a way. It might be the first.
But the top of that we have would be serving a bigger problem so for example when we resist you
when we talk about bigger stuff which we cannot do at this level because we are here about building
money based on your knowledge and your authority I doubt a better position you want to explore the
authority but if we talk for example about Facebook Facebook is a BIG had how many of us of course
existed within Facebook time so many and what Facebook was something as human interaction so
he said it less meant for your living group party. It was in social media OK so original plan was not to
put to solve the problem which does not exist to make people interact out signs or limitation of time
and celebration of locations so they can tie that I cannot have trouble so have been sort of the post
before then later on by e-mail and then by the forms by teleconferences by by so many other areas of
technology or for providing a solution their problems was not too big to give you a social media
platform their initial problem was to win exotic socialization and communication among friends and
different interested parties much easier and set up the booth not your fault so when you look at nice
you have to find out missions where there is opinion and it’s there is a demand there because if you
have no demand or hope in. Because spam will create demand and Zan you have to identify how you
fulfill this demand so you can craft a clear message answer question with this particular material or
this particular course as why is you solving this demand nobody else. So coming back to the original
question do you like the niche to be wide enough or just more focused or white nations white and
Asian. You see focus we have another focus will see it the bend. I will mouth I would love to have a
wide niche. With a focus initial offering because if I have a wider me. Was initial offering I can reap
pre-position or repurpose or two week the offering and attract and do different a smaller mischa’s
within the wider area. OK so. So. Yes I mean Burgers yes value. Or just saw The idea here is to have
the market marketing budget and money and effort and in there she had everything around that
Michel offering to be focused for this particular group or this particular focus group but I can give to
others who want to join ventures or other people for a bigger commission because I’m not perfect in
this particular market or when I have this market of spite I can move out to a different areas and
when I move to different areas I will have individuals who can give me more money unless there is a
technology I have and some sources I have to give me more of the streams to give an example so we
don’t look so. In a broad term to give an example maybe you are in the business of making people
happy I’m in the business of making people happy and I will start with seniors. And I can do past life
regressions like a limitation or whatever and then later on I can figure out a different smaller
segment others are offering meditation how to make other people happy. OK. So this is the view of a
niche so one in the same you need to write down is give you like one minute so if you can write it
down describe switchback least one nation lost city nations with your kind of service should be able
to offer and such far so can you just become a minute. To write down. One two three missions where
you can offer your service. Do you want to do you want to share your missions. So what’s your first
of. All. You want. I tried. So I grabbed her which is a section. You’re not going to like. Or wait. So. I
sold her life. When. Someone wants to share. What was called. On for. That’s so. We sure are in your
council hasn’t said yet my mind I would say our consultants are from within the US I would sing us
and she. Consult. And. Renew all my energies. And then I would. Want our cars start ups and. One
more share. Who are now available to really care. Because they will not. Oh Ruth she was. OK.
People who can’t seem credible. So all can. Have is how hard the others. Is that authors. And step
will the power that Margy examples. Exist. So. It’s very remarkable. That we got through some of
those initial You always have these when you talk about some issues different people go to talk about
different sides so one nation is people having fear this is a very white dish it was people of the fear
but if you want to go by this construct a sham for people having fear it will be a small business a
small company has or somebody it need to be more qualified. Zan just have a fear when you talk
about removing blockage I don’t score stuff because well because that is what I want to say where in
the material of people who are giving life coaches one question then sure they said it was able
blockage he would always tell you were doing that. Which they were not ten years have been
unlucky already or clearly always there but it’s a standard as a standard of offers when we see
outside on the market right now it’s only successful ones are looking for this particular words in this
particular terms so when you try to define your niche so here we have these are very interesting
consultants in new energy renewable energy companies. Prepare for it is a partnership with a small
business it’s clear. What are the next target I will have what is the next day and what is the next
email I’m looking for but people having fear of conference or lack of confidence is very difficult I
cannot say I’m helping people who are confused is not a definition of a niche OK then each need to
be are the following as somebody who is willing to pay you money so that you see it. So. Your office
is that. Right. Me. Right now but this is a business consultant at a disadvantage because I didn’t
know this is a business consultant or Target or your client are not a business consultant are not the
people who I fear car lack of confidence are not qualified as a business consultant that nice is not
clear OK you get my point so it’s almost like she’s gone really wrong and when Tell me on down to
an actual specific design against you there’s no way. I’m more focused yes fear is out of fear fear of
the spiders will we have any focus and yes the second question or really is how many individuals are
in fear of spiders and how much money are they’re willing to pay you for there’s a qualification for
the nation but when you’re trying to find your niche that niche has to be focused enough to be
defined so for example this time we’re in marketing issues right now there is usually issues on Snap
Chat and how people can use a snapshot. That lots of material coming out right now because a
snapshot to start to have a new marketing material and you know techniques to shill for businesses
it become a very interesting niche there are more than seventy million businesses right now are
trying to take to leverage marketing on a snapshot so if you can sometimes or you produce material
as a knowledge based economy if you produce material on a snapshot do you think you can be able
to sell. There are some other missions like Facebook and or Google plus at first Tyson or Ad Words
or S.-T. all that stuff have been already concealed so within this show media this term marketing
area this is ours and we should so all what a lot of this exercise is for example Indonesia off in the
area of there’s not a business to there’s not development or giving fitness services there is a focus on
high blood pressure so as a fitness here when you think it’s a smaller issue OK so I don’t want to go
into the practice of can you really write your niche I want to first start with the following question
How do we can do it in blue here is. Going you know spend. One to two minute one minute on your
current missions away from them being put out about and you on some form question why are. You.
Not anybody else. Why you will is the one who can provide service and this particularly. If you
cannot do the three of them you can do one and. The question is Why are you not anybody of and
this question is important it’s really it’s the same. Concept when we talk about how to do a public
presentation and you lead with your own story so why it’s you. And you on the other it will start
talking about on some. Are you. Going for the first. MUSIC So. Who. Says this isn’t one. Who you
know. Are you. OK but. Nobody you’ll answer since they were also friends who know most if you’re
told this OK. One right in the book connecting people to the universe that has all the answers while.
Rushing. I’m waiting for Katherine I’m waiting for you Katherine so I’ll do mine. I have the
experience I have the knowledge so I can be trusted. To construct. And our creative process of the
specific to. Come ask the question sure did you take this course before you know I never. Tested on
the one on one three million or. So it has an answer OK conference is I’m right here I’m an author
arch. And I understand some gap I must charge us with can program I develop my secret sauce by
telling the cancer I share is this she takes a course before I’m going to ask I’ll ask this here right do
you take the course work out or. Mr Jerry fosters this is our this is our areas where we are when we
want to talk about this course why it is you are not but not anybody else so when you say I give them
a solution does anybody else because I was recent. So seldom deserve any other coaches or are
leaders or sources of either or prove that often gives them or claims to give them sustainable
solution what kind of solution. Said they are the difficult to maintain it’s another aspect of. Someone
like him is a question it’s a question Is ad just start point of offering a program does anybody other
than you give exam a sustainable solution now the service notion works or doesn’t work it’s a
different story. Yes and. If I look at the messages on both sides how only message will be different.
OK. So when’s Why is your in the why is what anybody else. Why you not anybody else. So most or
eighty ninety percent of individuals we talk to why you would not anybody else it deliver and itself to
a simple statement it’s neat who has the experience and some knowledge which I can articulate it
was my own voice and my client can connect to me is that the more comes to you because it’s you
you have your knowledge which is I like to do here let me see I have the experience I have the
knowledge and I create a custom process or a second source process or something especially
focused so when you look I have a service providers people try to see why why to you we will try to
quantify underqualified why is you as a service provider against anybody else. They were in. It. But.
I’m very. I mean. That is in all of this obviously not so or do we need qualifications his office will say
yes and also my words as I’m set for my words for example I am so expert in fitness it needs more
qualifications. What does good news our expertise and fact is and this is part of the exercise which
you would do very shortly right now. So when you try to out to to identify your niche I deicing isn’t
so that of now is different is not what the issues are serving but if you try to quote To qualify you
Aneesh you need to answer the question why it’s me you would between balancers or between
chords your name why nobody else so for give you an example for example for me as why about how
we why this need not anybody asked because I had twenty two years of experience building
businesses advocating individuals around the globe I felt the business sense and I have a suspicion
and this enormous this economy and I help individuals over the last forty years to offer services. And
I can’t what. Information always artist to want to look out of my plans when people look at you look
at your expertise you’ve got your knowledge and your expertise and your knowledge has nothing to
do with your education has nothing to do with your. Information or your business development you
know it has to do with you what you personally experience I nor individuals aren’t having individuals
who are development technologies for helping individually different individuals to promote business
to go as a tool so when you try to promote somebody to go to Cuba for example what kind of
concerts and knowledge you need to to be able to promote a CORBA is off just to even resorts for a
week or two and have a good experience have enough knowledge of the Cuban islands will give you
that credibility and that was thirty to speak about Coogan tours and you can probably want to Cuban
sort of the Cuban. Tourism area tourist activity but just to normal a little bit of geography a little bit
of history and experience it yourself. There is no one selling knives or no one like Chef how many of
you have been seeing the chefs on the T.V. How much money they make. What that experience as
chefs that are for chefs is a very good example because any chef will eat his food he experience the
food so when he shows you how to cook and you food what are the way of your style he explains
himself and we trust in people to kill and we trust Him to show us how to be creative so when you
define your own niche and you’re almost thirty you have to understand he will come buy from you
because it’s you we have the famous speaker in town and he came and said All business prostrated
chill guys exist is an audience of books it’s a ninety percent of what they offer you is a box only five
to ten per ten to twenty percent is my personal knowledge my personal practice my personal system
what you learn and that’s why you’re painting money because you can read books now are there on
Google you can do everything you can search every thing you can look at information you can buy
books you can do stuff on the spent time in the real so the difference between you and anybody else
is you want your own experience sometimes for some services experience you cannot have because
if you have somebody with high blood pressure you don’t need to have a high blood pressure and
that they’re covered from it but you need to articulate and demonstrate what how much you do you
know and to whom else did you hold in this area where you had she had some good reason so you
get your credibility so when we talk about why your we talk about what’s in your expertise will allow
you to identify this particle if OK Can you read it. And the question. Is she said she wanted to add on
oh and she gives it thirty back money. But the ceremony for granted of something else it’s all sort of
the butt ins are certainly Why it’s you it’s it’s a nym point it’s you because it’s your own experience
quite often what we look at is a way we’re office with your ear so were seven hours or through public
speaking or through a workshop they ask you to articulate your own story and then we will give you
a structure how the story will be a part of our program or it has a program where it will be up in
point I defining moment and then your system and the happy outcome and then you can relate to the
audience and you can see if your offer but why do you have to bring your story in because your story
supporting what supporting your offer which means your story is that credibility to give your offer
when we teach the sequence of having a sim an hours or an interim item we talk about you give
nuggets you have introductions and you have a title of a seminar of the city talk about why you Ansel
in this title. In the middle of the act in fifteen minutes down the seminar why you what’s your
personal story your personal story has to match was a shining to you as the expert. In this whole
business we have two things you have to take care of one you have a service which will make people
happier or it transforms our lives or we give them more money or makes them different persons or
gives them at the IT whatever its files or means Number two everything in this business is supposed
to offer so individuals will join your program or buy your service to experience the value and achieve
what you are here to give them. Any confusion any question can you really I see someone cannot
really. Lost their. Own voice. Yes it’s like. This are the three areas of knowledge based economy
services which allow people to make money. Now inside so often in itself or the leverage itself or the
way we won we discuss it we’ll explain as a certain point that you need to know what our second are
to get over the hours to get there or whatever you want what. You have to articulate your story and
your story has a structure there isn’t for you to articulate your story because you need two terms of
why it’s you. I have been there I do what I experienced I know what I have been served I have been
so many other people and this ourselves our flagship individuals I have been there since so many
hours I have been their lives if this degree I have been here and this what happened and that’s why
you buy from me not from anybody else. OK so the whole. Concept behind a thirty establish who you
are why you are the best one is that this service we always say if you don’t have a story you told us
to what you mean but in the story getting somebody else’s story and say I know someone who has
this problem. Because you need to start a list why are you helping these other people story. The
connections I heard from some a few stores I got lost interest details I couldn’t find outcome but I
would want to come to the course of the stories I will disclose to individuals and why what missing
them but if you don’t cannot articulate why is you you don’t you cannot stop with your story OK. And
the question. Can you really. Follow the exercise right now. It’s our technology which I develop and
basically it doesn’t have to have any mission in mind. We call it I call it X. Exploring of your authority
during the past time so each one of us has a story. Or have a sort of us are something inside him
which happened sometime in the past month from when they were bored to feeling. Or someone
would have a story of his grandma or his dad or something and he was garbage so the Torah which I
will explain to you right now I want your tool acquired to be our chief to manage the exercise its you
can buy up at your own life saw I start from now who is now I want of all forms in the house to split
into two different branches which can be the last thirty years. And this will be from ten to twenty
years ago or it can be the last five years and from five to ten years. Is a cost OK. So next level it. Will
be within this ten years so to give you an example today is what it was the sixty’s OK So what
happened here now is between twenty sixteen and two thousand and six. And here what happened in
my life between two thousand and six two hundred nineteen ninety six. There then you are let’s.
Now senior I will go from two thousand and sixteen to of two thousand. And eleven. And this
morning we’ve flown from one’s next to eleven. And done here and I will go from eleven. From
sixteen to what thirteen or this will be from eleven or so. And you are going to the lower number on
the move each I six a six month period. So I will constantly in the summer or in the first six months
of two thousand and ten what did I achieve and what happened to me. And what we are looking for
is. What. I want you to get while not just accusing any you have of course or ever what really for
what but he should that you have who want to do serve if you have some current who you serve as
clients if you can just let us human life in this way I can show you how to come whom I could relate
back at the start which are almost. Why you’re splitting those was very interesting. For a bit because
this is will give me a complete feel of what’s happened in my life in the last twelve years twenty
years whatever hears you want to tell them OK So for example for me in a specific time I was
helping just practical climbs and you know what this client is the largest oil and gas company I was
in some time helping this particular client I don’t know what describe the slide show and this time I
wasn’t his vocation any time. And ideas are just things happen do I help a certainty on speaking
about Italian The question is answer is yes this is so I can show you how to stop Bush he will search
it was a system so you’re using this to recruit for. US and years of work. For the. Last eight years.
You have to split them into Syria must level because three months is a suffocation somebody is three
months it’s a school City much so if you want to do it you know it was simpler we were supposed to
go away because I’m not going you can run totally right you can start here I’m sorry you can start
here and since I had three months and three months and this one it was six months and the six more
for give you here one year and this year here we’ll give you here two years and this formula will give
you the last forty. So in the last four years. You split them into two years and twenty years OK let’s
just do it for two for four years for now in the last four years which will take you from two thousand
and sixteen plus two thousand and twelve. What happened in your life during that period two
thousand and sixteen through two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and fourteen two
thousand and twelve. Then I was places into two into two areas so this would be what happened in
two thousand and fourteen so the answer to this one thousand two thousand and thirteen into the
other as well and then I was in the six month. And exam. And received six months of this would be
two thousand and fourteen and this was influencers need. For that one for us. It’s. Things of the
government this will happen in. Here where you will whom he thought it was December and then
again what he will support. Warmer than. Usual then leader will be sure I. Can see them if. You will.
Use the structure. I use the structure to make it easier. For us to focus and sometimes you say OK
you know what I don’t remember what happened it doesn’t matter so you’re not logical or OK What
you need to focus on is this Every else over the last forty years for example is did you see if I wore or
recognition do you know did you notice how specific clients did you see first by your class did you
know. Provide the value or did you go to a vacation outlet is it in a place where you will want to pull
the kitchens because some of us will can just have an authority around travel around. Some of us
can like you know if you have our eye in the kitchen or you have I guess quick or every some areas
you can be competent to stand explain to people how to help people in this area because you will say
what is right so this is a hit and an exploration is their size form of sanity what she was there was a
time. If you developed a tool if you develop a program if you develop the company just write write
down what did you do or you’ll just Party particularly serene months years. And the more you can
write down the better you can establish your authority to be able to offer a solution because now
they always say you know what why you come to me or you know what because I heard this climb.
Which is the largest construction company or I have this client which has been living for so long and
then the next step should there be some other steps in and can gauge was. Done something this one.
Was so. It’s all right. Guys. I didn’t like this I know by book or you do it more by years and the trick
here in this particular tool which is this is I took Mark as my Him This reversal of binary trees
because this is their way to extract your knowledge and you have authority in any field So for
example if somebody took a basic course what I ask of course or a C. Plus plus course or someone
developed outside it or I don’t either a dolphin or somebody did an optimization for a social media
writer does a political socially right I travel write I divorced right I went to court to write everything
you can have because all of this area yes it is actually the number right now for articulation as it is of
experience exists at least so if you were able to get the for example if somebody once who are
divorced and you were able to overcome there are individuals around czars they would live to know
what they can do to achieve the same as as you. If you I think of time in some areas it might be a
potential to have an event in a soup in a. Workshop or a community center where you can actually.
Teach them and offer them for service some knowledge of the series I have a friend. Who would
have been in position is service he travels about nine months a year and a city is he comes to
Calgary he just puts his images and he got people to buy his service which How do you take photos
from there from nature that’s about four thousand of our workshop and all what he’s doing is going
all South Americans taking all these interesting photos and come back and some other time ago for
his service for workshops for four or five times or chops to make enough money to go back to do
whatever so this is this do what it’s unique because it helps you identify if you have something would
you feel great down I feel. If you have something when you see I don’t know believe it not. You know
when you focus. For some it does but it can be down by someone Chile which tried to break it down
by Syria wants to. Get whatever level of get out of Iraq you can I might be able to after last three
months but there’s no way for sure if you can do all these three months notice the monthly The other
stuff and in this practice I did that oversee weeks because what happened is I did the first cuts and
senses will come up and seven you think it is out now I want to make money so how can I make
money or you know what I can offer a course in history if I can call us or immaterial in this area
because I have been in this before so I can try to find customers so this is a more comprehensive
than just a C.V. that I just start is to have your C.V. in front of you or having your marketing material
having your Callender’s. In front of you but I wanted to see him come out you know what if you have
a special meal if you can the special meal that some of us would like to try out a special is right down
in this part of the time I called a special meal because you know what you can just offer I don’t know
what service you can offer but this is ours it is real but they would have to make money if you made
that investment if you’re into the house if you want to up if you want to I would have to able to rent
it can you write it down and then we can figure out if you make money or not if you have been
around if you could something if you were to turn off your kids if you went with your kids to Disney
right Dan I took with my kids to Disney there are so many parents around here who have pressure
because they don’t know how to hundreds of kids in this city so this is an explanation for what you
did in your life and how to start the show or certainly this is a maybe the most significant tool if you
can do it. And they give you fifteen minutes it’s right now. So they foresaw it I want to know just to
just try to give it a crime and please try to go further than forty years here experience and for us
level. Remember the times usually others reacts. By you don’t do it for ten years for twenty years for
whatever. Reason So there’s all those around twenty to twenty six years is just the people know
exactly what’s right and then I will take two years and two gives and then I get one year one year
one year and one year so what you write here. Or here is really commissions or you have something
here we move through here and removed from here so it was a little I say OK so you really start you
really start here and you know what if you don’t know what you need in the six months just already
under a year if you don’t remember right under the ticket so for individual you have twenty years of
experience of life or people have been forty years old they should make it for forty years or. Because
someone stand and say you know what my story is right what I meant when I was young I was a kid
was my granddad and he suffers from this one I got really I got really really really sad when he
passed away I could not make it and you know what I decided to look for this treatment I decided to
try to help individuals to overcome this particular condition and that’s why I’m here to help you guys
Georgios inventors it comes from the young generation so this is one tool we propose to have such a
circus or I will give you fifteen minutes and if you have questions you are more than happy to on
which I have to answer so I. When I process I want to follow one of my journey here like I’ve said.
And you will rest tomorrow and then start that night so it doesn’t make sense if you are starting with
everything you did once or a specific time that doesn’t matter span start on your own I gather the
day what I’m saying is here we have to start on Wednesday we have another look at them next week
we have another look at it but this will give you the starting point if you want also to serve us as a
composition a constitution one one coaches whatever who or did you have here are relevant to your
service if you cannot articulate that you are not the best one to offer the service you have to do it to
do something different can you relate to this. It’s much easier if you only look here at four eight
sixteen or so to two years it will be much is in the Spirit of Truth two because it is a binary decision
tree so if you have something to offer for eight or sixteen of thirty two and if the stuff doesn’t fill you
it often is operation the beauty of it all so if you start with forty years you can actually block my view
for I never look at a letter so if you start from here I will start from here I put every three months
and try to figure out what happened and then I go back I go by I look for more years. Because of the
gratuity but you should be able to tell me every single first summer which is a loss. How many years
you have in your life what have you been and what it is you should be able to figure out when and
what have you fired from different jobs will have been building in your contracts when have you So
these are is a formation which is needed to establish you on a Saturday. Just as you can. Train. If you
want to a competition if you have your kids riding horses or you endorse a competition you have
been called business scorch sucker court divorce kids have difficult kids have some kids was artist
dealing with somebody I would friends or someone in my life because all of this. All of these two are
out of different avenues where you can generate money if you have if you want to for. The most.
Needy. Ziran. This other. Thing and. I don’t have it also I would cut on the video conference
classroom if you can also do this exercise and if you I know I’m not sure if you can Sousa I thought
sharps or just. Because the charts here so here’s a short you can see is out of the blue lines here
describes a four years and you can go twenty years and two years and then one year one year and
six months six months so this can give you some better view of what we are doing. With. Oh. This is
really good when you when you think of all those crazy it’s like you know what. It’s hope this this is
something homey early on because we’re going to ask me so why you know just the oil because you
know I just sort of look here I was hoping to see if you were just part of the problem there I mean
should that listen if you ask what you are allowed me to do is just when you’re free or can you were
there was a story or can you give me a form to do that because now we can get started. Because so
many for example a book about creating a book even for who can you tell me I did like leadership or
anything how many companies that you hold all over your career because if you have been around
for twenty years I don’t care but if you can tell me I hope two thousand companies or five hundred
companies. It’s your six hundred open why would you have for the camera so he would never get
along OK that’s right but I actually see. That’s what came out of this thing I’m like I want to stop
requiring I don’t know why do you just read. This is this is this is one of the side knowing employees.
You know what are you exactly. Because now I can also write it down. And if you can also say. There
are so many numbers we’re talking about a total. Size but there’s always a constant for three fourths
of the markets are just particular three months I went one week one most of the records created the
first months I just want to know what it was one last. Question What is for exactly what you should
articulate that you were able to help somebody you know one month you know exactly what was it
it’s less than a flare than muscling good. Because people were still this kind of information. But how
we explore this information outside. But. I. Was. Going away because what I was always. You know.
What I was. If you’re if your. Moment you can stop. And we can talk because there are so many toys.
You know one year on here. So can you should WE can you share with us this year. The economy
what you do with this here. Reground says he turns this in from your. Listeners or says. There’s no
worse. By source yours or your office was the way to. See how many talks and how round and what I
was a topic so when when you were trying to. Identify this information you should try to figure out
so while factor. What is a lot of factors you see every. So often have to be particularly about
speaking or talking it is beginning gauge meant what are the topics how many. If you have a
speaking there because they’re asked how many audience were there for how long. So for example
within about as civic speakers they say they talked to half a million people one hundred thousand
people. But how often did it happen. And what are the topics some other buyers would sure say they
spoke about this particular topics in front of folks so many so when you do this exercise you need
almost to sync about what is a while factor of. Having the opposite event itself it’s good you need
two hours in a while it doesn’t matter if there is no effect or you move on because a lot of those are
so well in fact that it’s a lot of factors sometimes will come with the I’m going to Grisham of the
information so when I can read all of these I see oh I hundred twenty speaking engagement in so in
six months or in two months about this particular topic. Or I have been other single so many I have
just repeated clients so I got seventeen workshops here. And. First. So this was starting to show us
somebody having experience in workshops so what you can do is this particular knowledge you can
teach individuals how to work so it works. Because this one factor will come to what who is the
audience of this well factor. Somebody like you once established a business like you and they don’t
know how to do workshops. You see how it felt was a shame so it may not have been your inserted
years of the current service and this but it worked out with the practitioner rather well yes it can
help me Mr mission and you will sort of see what I will sort of see in the now you wish you didn’t
think about it and sometimes you’ve got to get out there. Like sometimes we put ourselves in a box
and we go this is in the cads so focused on what we think we need to do we get in the way ourselves
that sometimes and you know I’m not speaking for I. Wholly of what I’m looking out for myself so I’m
not projecting I’m. Saying. So if you’ll go back to emails for example or your records or whatever
information you should be able to figure out. What happened in this city are you. How you make
money but it’s not development relationship for the ones that didn’t start because of the business of
course. There. Are. Different courses. So if you know more establish yourself as well sort of the how
to make workshops. And how to design workshops and out operate workshops including the
expertise as you train yourself for this business course with important. Because now your sources
are on how to teach people how to make business. But haven’t just that of something and what I was
in command is to have colors you have color code so when you write these events you go Oh I’m not
going ahead of myself but usually when I write what we have our good mark. And then I have
another color for personal development. And then I have a son I don’t have to much closer
relationships or armies or made money. Highlights not like any other or any other conditions you can
have but some of this activity concern for two different areas. Actually are. Different. For us. Here.
Yeah but if you work on the computer you cannot mean that the smallest kid gets Why are you like
two I would say are. Probably. OK. You know what would be really cool is I S’s first time this is for
me a huge. Howard K. Stern has just put together what are the ways to say yesterday it was my so
we’re trying to say first I will give you one and one private talk console is the yesterday which may
cost you five to ten thousand dollars for anybody else but this is where is a is so for me for example
one people when I go and speak about personal development areas I talk about how we can get your
grief away from your work during your divorce and what you need your hard time because I found
out that I have the spots here and how different of myself know it can give people experience when
we talk about how you can make you get out of the kisses and media it’s harder to create occasions
because I was my son for in this case and I wasn’t it that he did so so when. So I recommend this is a
here for you. Don’t think about it from your heart and of her. It’s just I have individuals or you know
this door that you want down you know we used Facebook my first account the Facebook I have the
hope we have of this particular here. OK if you come and tell me you have been on Facebook since
first of all say spoke this establish you as experienced user first book can you make money out of it
or not this different story. I’m here trying to locate what kind of wow factor was sort of. What makes
you special. You obviously are you want anyone else you want to share. Well it’s. Oh. This is. What.
I’m. Do you have a fourth was the question. Of. OK. Why. So I can I say that she will go up to you
have been seen not just with us or can I have a photo of you as seen on I have no cause of so if you
were the logos of the T.V. the logos of the magazine newspaper or whatever you have been
announced. This is how it was destroyed to start with your own was worth it because it will
distinguish you against what I get is the next you sit in view of the next year as a table because he
has never been on serve enjoy a live event he has never been on this waiting T.V. challenge and if he
is and if he has it’s good for both of you guys. OK So this is a this is how you can use this tool. At this
level there’s a second level extend but it just took a. While So don’t. Have the structure. So. Why.
Switch off. That’s. What police well you try to sell us try to fill it out zines a contest of your current
offer where I have not your current offer it means if you want to a petition Yeah if you want to have a
commission if you develop the course if you develop the prettiest day for your kids there’s. No we
are knocking at the foundation we are looking very very well have nothing that’s your as experience
you know if you have three kids and you develop a police theory there kid very year for the last
twenty years you know how many persons you have in development you know that you can give
advice is for people how to manage their police days and develop resilience I don’t know if they’re
money’s there or not but what I know with this established U.S. authorities I get is somebody has to
keep on I guess somebody has market I’m trying to grant a simple example because when we get
stuck we cannot find money we cannot find ways for the body we may not need to have a job where
you can just try to extort to ship our authority and figure out if it can offer a program where they can
bring money three months where you can develop a story about it as a. The reason why I have. Over
four hundred. Votes or thirty six. So if you travel to so many cities or you served so many cancers
and so many cities this will it will enhance you the thirty because you can’t tell or say Are you a
service Clyde’s on site and stuck to the accident in one hundred plus cities Click here to leave the
city less so nobody can it’s time to challenge the when you can say one hundred is not is the number
you know why is one hundred ten why is not because you have a list so this was distorted should do
an exploration can you do when I have a break now and then we can go back on it was like well we
know I’ve been right now for one hour of the half so all. So can we have a break now and then ten
minutes but it. Was a recording here makes one comes from you where they ask her and she will get
OK. So you just going to thank you right now you know we’re going to break refer to myself we were
stuck in South Dakota and are running under. I. Just can’t really look at whether this is going to be
nice or we can just blow us away. With one shot. OK so let’s continue the continue this discussion so
basically what. This was quick to announce. What we what we. Discussed is perhaps the first
Vinatieri or decision tree diagram. We start from. Forty years in two years twelve years whatever
years and you go back or every six months you give a splitting to us if you must love a. Why is three
months because you can actually go for a month’s love you can go for a week alone when you try to
fail these three. You should not try to focus to feel everywhere so I can feel the level of the tears
here I mean no one even a few tears here or here OK I may know something happened here. But
what you have to understand is whatever you feel under news is new what it has to include will
happen here a little here. So this it will probably It forms a lot of nothing towards adult this is the is
the root of the tree and these are separate years so that branches information should grow back it
backwards. Lizard Not necessarily but when you’re five percent you can. See. Yeah. If I have a
certification or you’re. At this level of filing you don’t need to reply to that here you don’t need to
make it here. But this is at the end of the day. When up to I list there was. But it. Was a. White
House our duties there were a half or three bars of course for example it’s worse yet still for
example this one here will be generally to March two thousand and fourteen so I have a certificate in
January to March two thousand and fourteen to the course any in two thousand and fourteen I have
a certificate in the branch of course I will answer six hundred fourteen I have the certificate. In from
for the last four years I have certificates so having the information here does not negate You don’t
need to click in some of this level because you might say wow I have a degree. So I got this or these
are OK or the courses here is the course of sites that are answering and some more details you have
several time you harp with or two positions in the little station maybe some stuff you would start as
not have any very like for example I moved to a new home. What the value of money into a new
home is and often again it was as might be enough for them. Since. It’s you are in some place in this
of advising people how to set it quickly in a new home is a different story but what I want to tell you
is don’t limit your imagination to what you offer. And try to quantify them so for example if you took
a course how many hours this course and. How much of what the groups you have. How much exams
you have if you have a degree if you have it was. Under degree or not I know so many who got the
best there was honor and they never mentioned to look into the collective they came from this
particular is their size. Yes. If you listen to over forty five of your books and your parietal your
salvation can make you an expert so or what make you what make you stand there is your studies so
many of us and you end up. Given suppressed services which are allowed to compete even as a
producer of his books so in one contest we all fair sun first for transformation I do see you know
what we studied fourteen systems of personal development and most of transformations from energy
from gopher traction from whatever and we are also the scholars and the experts in circulation
among the seventeen Here is another thing has outcome of all of them if you are confused which one
is better for you forms this particular preserves. And this is a business come from all of them and if
you want to if you’re if you suspend your basics you want to go to a certain level is start now to
explore but do the transformational first don’t explore without trying to work on yourself. So what
got me in this areas is the need to create to try to withdraw rational. Information to see why it is me
and only me can oversee service so if you have people that for example who are people in social
media when did you have some How many did you have them How many Also how many speakers.
How many companies. What boards aside with these companies that you have how many employees
these companies are because processed in perspective if you have a company which has one
hundred thousand employees I was like no and he hopes Of course management you can come and
say you know what I heard six companies and it’s a total employment of the scammers that much
and I have stock management this world with vision you’re in a different. Pocket or different or
thirty eleven said anybody else. Anybody here we want to talk about me and me only. Not. This is me
and me only and not everybody. The. Captain says she’s the one that is once it’s an employee and
she. Has a number or a company. Based on is a sunburst also a company qualifies so if somebody
what was the access call was like I.B.M. So as I was silly I don’t understand them you ask companies
including and say list the top five I hump the Nobel laureates you know when I have a number of
years of didn’t have nobody on the other because once I got there was a lot of community but doesn’t
matter because in the history I could also people’s wisdom. OK I went to what I stand in G. Twenty
not for I stand out she platform I was was his presence I was was this industrial economy for us and
all of these former presidents existence so if you went to an economist for them for example just to
go and to get the Lester for a list of individuals and now who shares mysterious resistance because
what happens you stand there you get a top of the hour after this interview you were in a conference
on Center going to battle but that was the wrong and there is a higher level panel that you share is
assumed by the platform you don’t feel shy of saying it but first you need to discover it so when you
try to finish nor after you felt you try to quantify it try to write something qualification which all
about. The wow factor. What’s makes this service Wow. And we had so many discussion with really
has to be wow. Yes it does because you are the only one giving the service or. If is not why why why
I said Moses selected. Why you are so on one level to get the service. Because in your department if
you are employed and you have to Portman’s or might be some other people so why is it selective
why you are always the one who gives this course when I did this for myself and I started to count
how many course of the poem summer training I did for different students and then I started to
answer in words I came up with a massive numbers like here I came up was a massive numbers of
hours of teaching if I may see it with my interviewer cannot believe it. So. Our. History. Very.
Simple. Yes. You will as our students you will read it we have the mentees there are your mentors.
You know and you also should lust what kind of books you read. So if you’re going to look in
particular edition areas your books. OK when somebody’s saying I read forty nine spiritual books or
forty nine books on a specific topic as well as percent of topic what does this means. He’s an expert
in this area he knows almost everything but it needs one more qualification to it to make it I was
already so you have the foundation so this particle is no science is to help you explore it’s a
foundation of what you can do like I started the company back nine hundred ninety nine and I didn’t
realize this was only as a very early website development companies companies that I start to this is
there such. And when I when I start to feel this. The structure of this tool. Is a way to further it is
you have a starting point last four years for example there are meetings this forty years and you go
for the full forty years it is not sufficient then when you feel you feel like what we find here for
whatever you can look this is record level of get another team going to North York one market for
meat of one of three months if you have no on of them is united under two the never before now is it
really doesn’t have to be balanced which means that owns a lot alls and wants to have must have
information and then the follow to step through. The first group. Is you fill the information. The
second step is there are going to ration through in the administration I will go out and say I did this
here I did it here so I want these two particular information what is common these are two different
businesses right so I help them plans here I how to have the clouds here so I’ll move to the current
one hundred twenty two was off after about this client is this particular large company I travel to
search each other two hundred cities I travel to like fifty states in the U.S. what I was able to
communicate was individuals. For some individuals who would be helping in outlook at the shop or
how to pass an interview if they have been heavily interviewed for so many ideas they should be able
to write we have been interviewed here at the here and here and here is ours a question you can
easily. Develop. A guy how to pass an interview for Intel or one of his large companies and with our
search for five to seven dollars to be able to sell. There are there is this is a market for it and if you
get the questions you have the information you can assemble to make an issue out to assemble this
question and experience formations and you build up Oakleigh clouds out there a market like that
and also sort of time is a hit because there are so many individuals are interested to service
companies and all watching introduced to market this report. To start for not hard I just need to be
organized in a way. Yes. Oh. Yes and everything you’re done you take notes off it and remember not
everything we have to articulate. So. Yeah but seventeen might not be so. Into his might not be is
the right number so just to get results after the question will be is how many Syria are waiting for
you how’s it not give me give me give me a chance here to just show me how you can position a
thing in the in the right in the post of way how many total audience came to watch the. Words.
Fifteen times seven thousand. Three hundred four hundred so if I stand on the say in the last year
alone you touched the lives of four hundred individuals if the numbers two hundred was numbers
around like what they are now there’s a lot. Like when your government will never come to me and
say I was sorry say five one one people come and say What did you do I stab is a problem for
entering our ship driving prices where in the first year only we said to follow it survey team
thousand young entrepreneurs to qualifies them to get government support seventeen thousand how
many of them considerable support there’s a three hundred. This is what I eat and this is what I did
back in two thousand and two watches and that’s a lot well what you mean we can explore how you
can you can money but it’s a wow factor comes from what makes you different over seventeen or
shop month or no one hundred one hundred we can hear hundred two for a year what make it but if
you talk about four hundred five hundred plus usually has a plus and if you don’t have the plus
number is zero exactly five hundred come to each meal course and obey the first order so you can
write five hundred plus you never got stuck into specific numbers we say by force five so it’s five
hundred it’s a five hundred plus so. It’s five hundred plus or five fifty plus including this particular
individual so for example you have been teaching individuals who became Master or when it came to
trainers and some of the literati So this is something I was mentioning you know what guys this
particular trainers or this particular professor is in a different universe in fact one of the one of the
serious issues I coach and I held with early on he was not mischievous he was. Like a close friend
but I quote through his career he’s receiving a big hour in September so when I go to this particular
contest. Part of my introduction is I am I coached in my life and these early career this particular
individual some of the conventional I have is I organise an individual like grand jury and then
brought up which is no one in the area of filters and even the sign Council this is our flagship
researchers I am sure they will they used to be my official mentors and other browed often because
if I stand here you know those are the product of this well known established individuals I work with
a specific Nobel laureate so if I go into a contest of authority in these particular areas I use the
stamps. I told you before that I have enough degrees in my life but when I stand about business I
never talk about my teaching these people doesn’t matter what matters is the company is what
matters is what I did not for businesses no matter how many much business education I was able to
offer in my career is not what kind of degrees I have but when I go to as a variance of the new
technology or whatever I’m doing I position this authority to give me more credibility or OK as well
so what I’m hearing from you is that depending on the circumstances and the mean that you’re
targeting you will accordingly or together based on their best information where they based on your
presentation yes yes this is a new offer in a specific niche and it happened naturally this stuff is and
I did not make it up so I can show you how a given example how this happened literally happen
when you go into social custom was your brothers your sisters was your neighbors in a social event
what you talk about how your kids got into computation what happened in the community center last
week WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT OUR why now with the experience you had when you travel
last summer to see this location is right so we as a human by nature we try to establish our authority
in different countries to gain some Thank you so when you go and socialise and talk about a
barbecue or what a cigar party or or a wine and she’s a wine party and what you talk about we don’t
talk about your business you talk about other authorities. And we do it naturally because if you don’t
have a story to tell about how our next call about Coolah about what you did last time in Banff what
he what you will not have a thirty two showings a group and you will find that they will go away to
try so and so we do not need to read is not this is not a new science Cooper I know. I love to go to
court I like it this is one of those areas I love when my time is very very warm very very nice up here
are scarce conversion of those are probably going to get but the point I want to drive out is when I
explore what I have been doing in my life when I do agree it is a information it should give me hours
after that you want to get more than this step or get a move. OK So the first step is to feel the
information do the ugly creation of them and then you need to classifies. Two words. And he thought
and these are multiple missions so for example let’s pick up a book keeping a book in or can be a
book keeper for a sort of an hour a bookkeeper for a small company I book even for a new energy
company a cookie before another of the sources so which one of this little niches you have been able
to serve and establish a wow factor as you are someone who can do it when you talk about past life
regressions or meditations and nobody in the community has events we have been seeing will tell us
are voting for them they will assume whoever sitting in the audience understands a value which is a
wrong assumption because if you can say when you do this medication this is what you will achieve.
Maybe somebody never have meditation before or when is the first time to practice we’ll see all that
may give it a chance with new trial. If you have new customers who wants to try it out they are
paying you money for them so when you try to classified and qualified. You try. To look at three
elements what are the pinpoint use or what’s your solution. And you can you relate or not. So if you
have a fair point you solve the sought for for example for our. Fitness of course you will say I have
somebody obese it’s not enough if you have somebody four hundred pounds to get down to two
hundred fifty. This is a serious business OK this is now was after. So what kind of pain do you hold.
And what’s you solution or what is your secret sauce. What’s your technique. And you can you relate
and you’re led to as of because once you relate what will happen. To others. That’s more. Like.
Relate means what kind of new customers you can help. So relate if you can relate you now
identified you will target customers so I give you an example. The problem I’m trying to solve this
kids cannot find a single to go zero sum so I took my kids to Disneyland. OK I was able to manage
some for two weeks and doesn’t. Come out a little other. Most lucky enough. Or I may be able to
relate to people who are looking to spend schedule time in this area. If I can really and it means I
have a potential client. You have been helping somebody who have been lost in life have been
having. Confusion of their life are not happy it’s our life. You give them a medication or course or are
someone to support their wish management system or. Service Team process or whatever it is now
can you relate to it. I had my mother my mother was in a big I hope it was possible should come to
get to us it was a but not. So once you got to fight want to fight you have the pin you have the
solution and you can relate you can talk now about customers. Yes. My ears. However I know how.
By. The way our mind. Reader say you know. They need that and we will talk on the next four hours
which is now today how to articulate and to communicate to authority we are right now is a
discovery situation can you discover your or authority remember this course is twelve hours course
OK we are right now. Not we are doing four on forums in twenty two. So so we will have to have a
minimum of twelve hours of content for it because what I am trying to drive is invalid. We invented
this techniques and instrumentation to drive value so we will start with that was this week in ours
and then or now we have to rest on your schedule will come up with the other twelve hours and this
will be a very personalized our civilian personnel experience was largely a one two on one kind of
activity but. Saw in the next. Section we will talk about how you can communicate this or thirty I
don’t also talk about if I don’t want to have this or sort of thing how I can create it. Because you can
have to make a resource or. I’m not talking about you know you can really has integrity so although
authority comes from our from the commission from so you can nominate yourself for some hours
you can look for people to nominate you for some quick community hours and what this will do is you
will be nominated for us. So it will help. Encapsulate inhance your authority you want to be on the
radio T.V. because it’s what you’re missing you can usually be able to find a way to be entered
viewed on average your T.V.. Which is another monster two months exact size but it’s achievable it’s
doable it’s not hard. You need to be had to have an article about you in the local community
magazine or a new call a local newspaper or on a website or my blog you can because among you
around until at least each one of us has one blog where we can feature others that’s why when I talk
about your authority and how to when you refer to you have for us from the stand discover what you
are competent of are what you are capable of. What’s Wow And then you all ignore and we need to
work as a group or own satirical and that’s what we need we have the instruments I want someone
search Google mastermind groups of one thousand groups because no one can promote himself you
have to be promoted was integrity through the community and one one key support is when any one
of us has an event everybody will come support. They may pay money or not pay money different
story but if someone has an event and nobody else coming to support them from his pocket probably
his group will this mean. Nobody’s trusting him. It’s right that’s why all the time when we have
events coming we have to say we are interested or we are going and if we have the time and money
and energy we can after the show I like pushing to show our shows or sometimes I cannot permit I
want to if that’s where I go I covered when it was a concert get something all it does not is this again
just more of the it’s come on but I am sad to support this individual I please I feel is to support her
you. OK when I was yes I expect one just individuals wonder how many times they usually come to
buy it once was not because we are a core group of person a specific interest in launching a specific
service and just how we help each other. OK This answer the question. That I will find out eventually
yes. Yes my own marriage that’s what I wanna say. As. Far as your question you want to try the idea
that it’s a figure out why. Why are. The next person I want to say is going to know one hundred
percent that first week with less than twenty percent of you. Think my age. And then in the primary
months I’m completely pointless and I mean they’re not going for us on my own this year. I mean
when you order. Without it. Say relies. On you. Yeah. I spoke to popular here it’s no no never heard
of it I told you were horrid so and so discover decision we have. That’s just. I have a personal
interest in fitness and weight loss does this. And the one way to market if it’s class I mean full of the
after. One went to work that is to have this to warnings and all of this so what you what you should
generates it’s a before and after sequence of images. Just to warn you have. And why in features of
what you did but what you did as a video is it examined upside down up down not bottom of it was a
mountain or something if you have are not so pretty. You need to get a twenty dollar hold our course
our eye form or another order form so it can be at the eye level or from the top down. OK this
tomorrow I was and before and after for weight loss or for fitness magic. Or magic to sew or course
there was this course are given a supplement material which is a membership in our website which
give you some extra value exoteric you not discover here it talks about specifics like how your tracks
Facebook how it can look if this will sort of the how you can search some of that and this is
something and much earlier there is a specific area which is scribe in particular fitness because
fitness is a highly competitive market. With almost everybody into this. So it goes so it will soon go
out but it is OK. Now and the question can you really. Want to talk we talked about your you know
how do you feel the information your grades are you plus find quantify so I give each one of you our.
History sheet. So please next time when you come back for a two article in tablets. For nearest order
book or some kind of years. Eighty years or forty years. Off. Or forty and different to. Do or whatever
whatever do I do it by black or white. But I want you to see it on one page if it were you to see it.
And we can get so we can discuss it because there are some areas or it might be interesting. To offer
something beyond what you are full of or for want to say I like this I think you’re doing it this way I
mean it’s personally like to get the information it’s a viable is something that we can work on and
there are here guards here I want to say. It’s not Timothy Archer my friend we need to know how
many took how many lived if you touch in a seventeen workshop it’s. OK What she means at least
one person every took every two days like everything I do for every forty eight hours i Touch and so
on average all of these are the same information where I said because if you want to say seventeen
works are our history for to numbers are higher or person is not just Russell is that you know we did
them when we got monetizing a star this. We say or motion. By saying We’re so you know. If you can
stand and say I transformed so life of five hundred plus or five hundred forty that if you are in the
last two years while I’m just starting you will say Why are you really claim. It doesn’t matter but
everybody when he went so she enjoyed program Saber some some point and then went backward
as I was on what. You say to me. I did seventeen works are you saying that. You saying that with.
Those when we go over these days you question yourself because I didn’t know all the others. It was.
OK All right OK all right and this is one thing I want to talk to you Sheehan’s about again in a in a
one on one kind of setting because. When and this for all of us and I mentioned this before when we
start to provided by public seminars and public speeches which is defined as talking to street people
awarding of two. There is a sequence of statements sequence template you have to form so that
average I.Q. can indeed Americans average person was a the average I.Q. can grab all your
information and drilling into your heart connect with your heart I know you talk from your heart but
the sequence has to be there you do need to work on to sequence to be clear is a value of what you
do and when you can say I have seven thousand workshops on the guys came in my first ten
workshops I can share with you my friend the sekret in my it’s very first six workshops I had to sign
up and my last workshops I had one hundred ninety percent signed up for a reason so when you can
say I started two years which are also on the honesty of it I started over the last three years I if. I
touched the life of five fathers four young everything is developing guys people can relate people can
really but the question really is I want to just you talk to look at this example OK So we go around
and we look at Buy One Get One Free. And fifty percent of. What the certain one. There’s a certain a
certain you see around. You know it’s you know if you buy one get one free range what is. The INS to
for you and the third one so if you my friends move for one. Which one will know better. To our
clients what you want sixty percent will buy. So let’s talk about let’s talk about this talk about clothes
gloss Mercian dollars which one would relate better to the clients. I believe it would be Buy One Get
One Free. Or some more. I think so which is the same as I don’t for the number of spam so parents
or Sure sure what it would be worth a person. Isn’t all about this picture not the warmest article for
firearms will go to the source for them we do one’s own wonderment suggests even people on their
phones or Internet and the last census fifty percent or fifty percent are. Those that are not as I was
as uncertain about this show and that’s why I want to get one free will be more attractive in shoes
parents sure I do because that’s what we’re doing yes and it’s. Free All right shoes yeah yeah
because sixty percent sixty percent the other forty one it was used to and all of this marketing and
others have been done in a specific environment where specific vendors but there’s real of this. I’ve
seen are basically if something for have no dollar you why do you need to understand that
knowledge. No logic but this is what I trust people more. When the real you think you know that you
care for voice their hear well yeah. OK frogs a vendor perspective which one has no money which
one is one which one if you are the vendor if you are the providers the seller when shown is more
money. Well. Maybe you can make more money was there all the same so one answer was I know it
was not me in their eyes the Pentagon your market you tell me what the market with is going to do
with fifty percent off this is why it’s the same. So this is one item. So was. Created so I know how
well you know what how to form. By case you which one you make more money permission that is
more cash Well you know the top one because these are always here that. There isn’t always
disclaimer here buy one get one free but you believe the highest price so if you buy an eleven ninety
nine shirt under is not under the headline in my insurance you pay eleven ninety nine and guess
what the surety of the stuff over there will be different prices purpose the only way to get the same
should do the same color twice which one for me one for my brother toric I should have been seeing
a couple. Or if you have twenty eight. But so far on both of our stock the from car shows is the only
one we talk about. We are certain the stuff we are positioning the surface integrity but how you want
to say it is seventeen rock show average of twenty each so three forty life I thought or I have to say
only sixteen was shot Do I have to talk about ONE LIFE TO DAY is the average of three persons a
touch but a week or so before it all of them in a similar way all of them in the other which is our
version numbers are the same but which one will relate better to measure two if you’re flying down
the hallway is two hands the two three messages and see which one or isn’t it the only way is to try
to cry out to see all or one way I do is I agree that I say I talked to three hundred forty people which
means two but one every two days. Which is happened through seventeen workshop I consider must
admit if I have but this is an example to you yes remember our clients are one client and our clients
need to be in need to take the hand the full clouds walk him the theory to shoot you in your program
you don’t expect this client he can have a brain to think about it he can have emotional to make you
need to make it simple because the minute the client will think about something the first thing he
will think about OK can examine other programs so seems Need to me is straightforward that’s why
I’m saying if you are what doing our shop there are some templates and some information how you
can sell from the stage or how you can invite people through system you just need to use this
because you are helping your price right now to relate better to your service if you can say I am not
in the selling business and vides aren’t usually. Offer them your service yes have an offer but you
need to follow that structure because it has been proven that this structure is a person structured to
have a higher conversion why it has a higher conversion because it’s related better with the average
I.Q. customer if you have a valuable service and you cannot offer it to the average I.Q. customer you
are basically don’t provide your service to your clients you are doing at this service for them which is
a complete different topics who are rich later in the program but this is to give you an example or I
You need to figure out what were these and it was a while factor sometimes we start and say how
many hours that will only look at this information said how many hours they teach in my life twenty
two years a professional full universes teaching four days a week six hours every day you know how
many hours this will be taking a lot of hours a lot a lot a lot of hours so when I stand on the stage
and say this individual store ten thousand hours of work shop some training I did much more than
extremely much more since I joined the same context so all the way you do you have to position it so
we too have to position it your clients for emotional people who give them the logic for heart related
people who are stuck here wow and this information has to go through all of your articulations and
communication messages it will go through a workshop through or by or through the website Sunil
courses through every single saying I am the guy who are able to use this techniques to touch lives
off and when you say long touch the lives of it doesn’t mean you can see and they have. It once you
have your they I don’t remember they had you or like you but your OK so you will not entertain your
clients one hundred percent. You usually have a conversion rate of the Willing to thirty percent only
if you’re going to advocate for it. Are there another serve who just is the service because he has only
one not one or is only one so you know why it works like that so his numbers are not here. Now is
our follow the start and of course there are number four. Is no need to rally did. You or forces three.
How to but it is also. OK so let’s just go cause the certification. System or us. The whole nation. The
social proof wars. Our wars. What else. Writing a blog. Have all of science teachers use and abuse.
Here. So you don’t need to articulate just authority. And to have some individuals to validate this
authority. Now if you don’t want to have if I so I imagine you started your business right now and
you want to have your not been through this market so how you get into this sort of the initial. What
is the quickest way for I asked you a question in two minutes can you feel that your sort of sure
experience with whom. In two minutes can you and you’re going to take your new a sort of the into
madness you. Are in have to give us an example let’s you give us an example if I want to say you’re
thirty is how to drink coffee. In a neat way can you validate this was something to my eyes. How to
value it is this this entire development’s I’m this way in two minutes. How in two months can you
have you have to have two minutes only to really did you drink coffee in a nice way how you can
because it’s a. Very strong coffee was five years can I show you how or when I would you mind
sharing with a group of cells in the coffee a key and it way I would sure. Ask the next you ask the
one next year to validate you have a thirty if you have not been edition if you have noticed a morning
if you have no block if you have no website Ask the next you to enter viewer to repeat the
information to talk about you or to introduce you many of the time when we have workshops I got
somebody else to do usually one. When we go to that working events I get somebody else and very
rarely I would go to a networking event on my own. Why so when I go stand and somebody wants to
use me for my business and I will talk it would be to I honest one will know why no one is me and
what is my body and when he would go and introduce himself it would be two against one so we
would have automatic on the ballot if it works and people will say whoa we want like to do that so. It
can be introduction it can be listing you on your blogs liking sharing. Your information talking about
being interested in what you offer. I was I was launching a new poor got to two days ago and this for
the country was tending because I got many I went to so many groups I know so many people and
everyone who shared it so suddenly elect listens half an hour I have coming in to. Talk about this
new product and I have news I have some few serious happen obviously. It works the other seventy
seven dollars an hour for those three dollars an hour for it was significant dollars but just Siri works
it’s not hard the first place to file it if you authority is to searches or only look at this. So if you know
or understand does this authority sense or not. How you find it the answer you cannot exam on who
can and just in the google part you will find if people are so short sentence. Because when you do
when you want to Google now and you write in Google search something it gives you what people
social codes. Just so. It’s cool because you are now dominant but it’s a question I have for a while
when you are doing is while you cannot articulate the value. I do have my own view of spirit as
spiritual stuff because. I want people to go to church or go to whatever they want to go to a spiritual
would be something and this was a place that we can discussion we can have little on but if you can
articulate the real value for an average individual. Going through this particular techniques and
what will happen which is never came of articulation you will attract individuals if they want
understand how the markets work. And improve the standard examples we have when we
understand there are three percent of the potential market on the average our part in this service.
There are seven percent. When was the service. At certain points and say no and there are certain
persons. Another thirty percent here are not aware. Of your service and there are certain percent.
Which will say no for circles no. And who also say we are sorry in the training for a sales no does not
means no forever no means I’m not ready I’m not convinced No no my circumstances so we don’t as
a as and if you are trying to get into service no does not mean rejections you need to hear eleven to
twenty one No was as an equal back next year. But so and there are certain persons if circumstances
will cheer and soon part. So whatever techniques you are using if you come and say I am using this
technique Who are you targeting you are Qatar getting this particular individual if you want to say
I’m using correct here I’m using a convention or I’m using So if you are you are saying I’m using a
convention for treatment it means what you are looking for individuals who are currently buying a
convention which is about which is about superstars. Yes but listen here when you talk about silly
percent individuals interesting in a conventional way and you are offering a conventional service
what are you doing while you are competing against what’s against price rise against your graphic
and accessibility which means I am in northwest of the city you can come to me because I’m not
stressed but if I relocate to sour so I was I will notice one of my clients. OK you are competing
against price against against service. First service or whatever time and this competitions are not
fair because you are just a starting salary or your start up a long time ago you are competing and
then is establishment but if you want to talk about an. Integrated approach. For then this relief or
happy. Life. This. Is different story because if I know I want to look at generally if I will get
individuals in a convention in the south in whatever I can consider my service so if I have now I
would have wider market the contactor if I talk about how to have a happy life is there for them how
to are teaching me how to get it. If you if you actually try to teach me meditation you know what on
You Tube there are so many free meditation pitches and guess what they do have music with it. And
they guess what it’s there for there are voices are additionally shewn. To a level a frequency level to
connect to as ours which is some of these frequencies have been approved proved in different
markets now these frequencies can heal some stuff and these are all over. Him poor super imposed
frequencies which you cannot do it with your voice so if you teach we need attention you are in a
fraction of the three percent if you teach me belief system to have a happy life you are called looking
for this sixty seven percent and you are actually overcoming the spirit you are seeing because many
of the spiritual individuals will live to get a spiritual belief from the church or from the most or from
the synagogue or from where they have not believe the. So this is where this is my personal position
you know if you want to live to offer. A service that you need a service to make people happy now
you are open again to everybody and you need to teach them one platform one service not for
techniques Stu must ask for techniques. Because there is no value people won’t get lost as a
technique so we instead and the we have the. One of the individuals who are helping and he was
offering five soft words so much insidious you’re trying to sell five different software names I want to
look for and give gives a different government what could be one platform you send one product in
one workshop or once I’m in are in want to connect for one client that’s it if what it’s one third of
your client will see will join it’s a big number by the way because usually it’s similar hours the
conversion rates about maybe Sorry to twelve percent if you have seminars or you have thirty forty
percent sixty percent conversion rates these are huge numbers it was pretty huge percentage. It’s
not a CIO by any other means. So if you want to talk about that you don’t talk to me for techniques
because a four techniques. Are confusing lots of them in Syria out and then you don’t come and say I
give you on one and one technique for ten times the price because I had four techniques and four
hours without I cannot conclude in my mind that there you want to please as much I know one token
not of talk about various percent are going to really think wait for answers but I understand I’m
touching a specific point. And I would love to see you doing it in a different way and trying like what
what’s wrong with just risking one of the workshops to try out in this way in a different way is not
doing it the way that you’re mentioning being more financially beneficial and more valuable to
potential clients to me it would be because if I attended something or you can me information like
you do today could you give me. You know the tallow that blows me away our way go I planted are
there I’m not there are no there is my brain. Power but I’m getting us what you have and me coming
back for another four hours and being able to acquire and is offering a product Yes You know one
product one product is only one brother like here in this particular workshop was a good example
like this workshop was one how to explore new authority was a little bit we’re all sort of the under
three seven percent of the market and seems the source is sickness this is our of a commonsense
objection I hope to change this today I’m teaching all of only how you can explore your own authority
how you get the wow factor and how you can make it better and do work about it to make it better
and the convent send for an average I.Q. individual who can be a customer I always say on average
I.Q. individual because the information has to be simplified is it to understand people don’t need to
sick about it you are going strong by program you have a sad life you’ll be happy life while you have
a sad life because you overwhelm yourself through so many of your beliefs just live believes so we
have a way to get you out of to move you have to take the bad swords to do something about it you
are trying to sell books you cannot sell books I give you a new techniques to sell books through a
technique your technique works on twenty different social media platforms which are dishing in my
course but if I start saying I will give you teaching for for your workshop for Facebook Twitter
Google venturous. Fine thus whatever snapshot what the heck is nine do you want to me to come
and and the are nine systems you know I’m not using goes online but if you’re going to say it’s a
social media promotion workshop I would come and I would advise that I only have Facebook and
movement maybe or maybe only on Facebook so of those I’m one of those sites not on the not play
him. As a mouth in packets because I know and now I realize that I need to have risen just areas and
I am not competent in computer so guess who I will hire to hug me who I will consult with if I got
into problems is the supplier is the provider with the speakers because I got stuck who when the call
is the speakers who try to set me up with bench press that’s right so the speakers can make more
money can offer different service but if you come on say I’m teaching you link at the end to a tyrant
and it’s too much I’m teaching you’re on a social media. Teaching you how to make money out of the
social media how to monetize social media is a different span. Where you find so many interests of
the members in this one there are certain Perceptor not aware of your service and to maybe help
any other service some of the local is not only your brand. Is maybe I’m not aware of this I combine
share with treat pain they never believe that I have been a snotty was where they are for you and
then belief system a Chinese belief system I tell you no a plan I just believe systems and the and the
whole of these systems have been in one position how to be happy our success of life the seats and
you goes out of your me you are known that you will be happy and because you know you’ll be happy
your attempts are there none of you come out happy or the government doesn’t lose think of your
mom because I’m listening it’s how to be happy so this is a gap I see him in different individuals
trying to establish a sort of this what you will certainly do to us I like to get it good as well and not
survive. So I thought of course I’ve. Watched our social media. Write that way so. That was around
me from you know. All day. Workshop. After that you have. Used. Doing them face to work shop is
that so. I am. No more I’m going to unleash Yes we can see. You know you’re not yes you’re next
you’re again after you got used to say as I think you call more than thirty percent because you
stopped by just breathing and. Saw one of the launch with you last week was thirty taps on. Social
media sources. As vans are actually one one subsequently different. But when you give an entry
might or an end to enter might run into report of whatever it was. One of them was the top ten tools
which was very straightforward we have just ten work sites and this is a ten tools for plug and.
Thirty tools for the two meter the automatic platforms and then behind that’s our digital television
which you will have access to this information because what you have is what we have Suppose a
portal running what she is. We should be able to promise by what is each one will have a password
and username and go out there and see this material we will include all of these courses as part of
the package you offer so it’s out lots of tons of information. So the point I want to try to see is if I
wanted one say you are doing social media marketing for Facebook who I am talking here then did
you want water by service or Facebook but if I want to come and say I am showing you how to sell
more product and make more money off the social media network maybe some individuals here only
believe that so that’s Facebook and Instagram are not for them and the ones I said I don’t see the
numbers the war in the one percent of the trauma and now they become a client are giving him an
example and and we have so many discussions about is the link it in for us or not if Facebook for us
or not if Instagram Google and Google plus with us will not and I think we concluded in the previous
sessions what’s good for us that’s right that’s all of them are needed for a reason to be able to have
enough traffic so all the new Al Gore is most will know the system the information exists in. The
thread so when we when we discuss this we have to understand are you behind the SRI percent and
that is there is a common book with many of us aware of cold read ocean blue ocean where
everybody in a bloody competition called it arson by in the current conservative. Are you willing to
compete on three percent when you start or hopefully you get into the seven thirty percent here and
they will convert within one to two months to service X. Individuals will compare and to be honest
with you here is individual compare your service with a stablish meant mostly the advice from the
steppers from the from your service is nothing against you it’s just how the subbasement is received
if you want to get into the issue which exists as some establishment you need to target audience
there who are not in line process who are who are not decision to buy and how we target someone
terrorism through the different techniques we started like how to build a magnet how to build a
litigious how to do sales funnel and then these guys will conclude OK one more thing whenever you
give us another representation in your entrails you have to target the top four here which is not
many of us will do this while what we teach how to do our seminar and workshop were different
because when you talk about your nuggets when you talk about who’s your experience what if you
hung why this technique is useful when you overcome rejection to find your service you need to
target this one two three and number four you know why you are not target number for people who
are not aware of your system call most likely are not in your in your shop people are not aware of
your product most likely are not part of your workshop Why do you need to target them or somebody
because yes exactly your audience most likely they know somebody who will come and say this is not
right so they can convince them of their troubles so when you stop an issue you are structured to
have to out to others and connect from your heart to the heart of the average I.Q. clients you have to
target. When you restore the profit you have to talk about everything started in what was what is
your authority so coming back to the organizations can play we started at this point I showed you a
tool. As a tool could be used to explore South already we talked about four things our talk about the
other ones that one would go out of. We talked about to feel the information the tone for the last
forty years eight years sixteen years is start somewhere if you cannot start the start of the last three
months then add another three months then add another few months the total is very flexible to start
if you don’t like the month start with what we start with the hours if you can if you if you want to
teach how to. Do present how to excel and help you Mr perceptions of them and it’s OK but you start
somewhere and then you can buzz the tools it’s flexible enough to go in our high good enough I got a
minority or Logan or three little in a larger if you’re a small if you use then you are going to create
among the Nords to get not information then you classify and quantify them here’s one pinpoint you
solved and how can you really because this is a business and then. You start your start with. How to
manage it how to find it was this or thought you were selling one techniques is you searching google
or certification testimony or little commissions all of this stuff are equivalent to validations and the
next one will be. All else. Has similar or three. Just. Who are all so awesome the market selling. A
service was similar or sort of. So everybody you hang around with are selling some level certainly.
That’s right. If you want to talk about the buck Shubra or talk about Tom Robbins will talk about this
brown it about talk about all of these names they are selling similar sort of his. Maybe I don’t know.
If you’re not about the serious training you have great interest you have so many other groups that it
says the training now what makes you special I mean this is sort of. Maybe location time
convenience price whatever but just to be honest with yourself. Here can you religious there are so
many other techniques and you will see and in one of the videos that we have it will after we talk
about how you go to a similar websites and figure out how you can market and house a consensus of
so that we are our lives is to be just because of the simple accepted use we have is complementary
to what I’m spending. You can also check the Web sites. OK Now the next step. After we’ve done it is
also to keep what we need to do. We need to. Out of keeping it. For now we think of what I perceive
as apostles and do we believe this authority will sell something that’s right. So what we need to do
we need to articulate. This. We need to articulate this and sort of. And when you articulate you
articulate for a reason that this is a sort of different reasoning. And remember this I write the
grammar by heart so don’t comment on it OK so you need to articulate and the reason it was indeed
was it was a sort of. How you can do that. Before even into one side before you know everything
anything this one articulate and there is a need to do what to send what because of the set of
products on the surface of the strength. Which will come on when we talk about when your program
will come and explain what kind of growing up and service you can do so how you can articulate this
or sort of hear it when and to whom. You should articulate it right now today I got an e-mail from
someone she said I’m offering a new product in September would you like to Portnoy wish me in
marketing my products. And here’s my product at this while people can buy it from me. If you sell if
you send this in your cruise network what will happen. You will get from something back. If you have
your thirty and you start to publish some of your press vocally or your website if you don’t have a
website we will come back and tell you what’s wrong with. You would be surprise of content. OK so
you need to articulate this thirty and try to our product or service. So come to my workshop because
this is why I have come to my workshop because this was at the. Show. Us. Yes So next time you
don’t tell me how I’m doing and I would only it was about things I asked you cause over whelming
before the workshop is launched I do want to comment at the time because people have to be open
to listen to what they were criticize or comment I have sometimes that’s why I always ask for
promotion because if you’re not open I basically. You will be. You wouldn’t exist anything out I’m
trying to help on that you have to help OK so if I if you can articulate. Early enough this is what my
offer is and this is my it was thirty years you can test if this is working on how we can articulate
them very straight simple get a report share it will get a video of it you can share it there are people
here is why you are here is what you do. So when when you would know the US. You will see how
many people who is in it for no one no one technique I.E. learn from someone who will start their
very simple grow on Facebook. OK and they want to write about himself specific. And why is this
group of importance and you just send the groups out and see how many people will join the book
and how many do will be active on this topic and then as this political make a decision is this
entrance for him to or beyond this group there is an individual and I will be OK She runs a group of
three hundred thousand individuals on how to sell books or you. Can. And she goes on fight for and
charge fourteen dollars to introduce your book to her network. And she makes the amount of dollars.
Not valid for having risen to starving it would have meant a group of three hundred thousand and it
was of candombe and anybody was to put the books markets of books to her Go hope they pay her
for it in that she has good traffic. Because you can see how many a couple months ago it took her
more lives than six months to Woods’s business to get. What handle thirty she Bubblicious City
books on Candy. Because the things are but she makes money. This Catherine was sitting in the aisle
and her calendar is closed six weeks out from an advance. She’s not going to market the day before
or getting back on it you know it’s closed six days she’s been marking at least six days. Am I right
now. Because I know maybe there are some discussions around this table before this I only advertise
for my event in the last week or two. And this is something that if you haven’t even you know without
her you never know. He says. I would say better three thousand has to be six weeks of you I
personally I promise you last one year that I personally my personal experience when I when you
had your first event I wouldn’t I would love to come support your Before you even have this
relationship right and I promise you and you know if you go to my post I promise you I said I surely
to Missis one I want to be in the next one so I commit myself to be as an extra I could not have a full
commitment because my Fortner had something going on and what civs you as you will be ending by
one because there are other functions starting from one so what happened is we came think to one
and that’s why we had to leave very quickly at one because she had another function itself is to the
city at one o’clock which she catch that out was searchable to show it is OK for such a function so I
want to use she answers function Siri weeks or four weeks ago so if you were in front you were not
authentic were not commenting by one part nor would it be making it and that you want to come on
my own because I know that she loves this stuff so I was coming because I was comes up or two but
our I wanted also her to take the value for the house so this is my personal situation so we always
have a question about how long you can advertise for an event one which is a success quote from
somebody we have there once. We couldn’t get so many people to commit in the months to come for
the events right so there’s always this question so people should try to market this in France as early
as it can because usually people don’t come and we have a situation where our workshops have
subscribers and so they signed up six months six weeks it weeks ahead and they can say cancer is
the last day and they forced us to move into another event so so the next workshop we had sent it
said it was just two or three of the individuals who paid money for coming for the last workshop they
says they cannot make it and we honor our orders if you sign up for one you can schedule for
innocent ones so that’s why we came together with supplant for a certain spoke to our second for
our next workshop because there are individuals signed up for the first one of the packages as it is
short they said they had the measures yourselves so this is why he’s so we have to talk about it but
Mike My point here about the sort of thing is a minute you start to figure out a little bit of different
with thirty you have to reflected in UP or you were in material. And articulate them and send them
to Italy it was your people because you cannot just be open and see here I am I am I have this guy in
green eyes I did this particular exercise I found us are now or I’m shocked and you went for two
weeks ago I’m working he was just at the creation probably going to war. For your personal
credibility sometimes we articulate the or sorority by having blogs but you start to sending articulate
blogs or messages so your crowd will be able to isn’t it was you on the move to this particular story.
OK any questions. Can you regard you have your second group. We’ve been here where you know we
could have just a tsunami of rain yeah we shouldn’t have a break now because. We would just come
back we’re for the last hour. Myself. According our switches of laughter according to the phrase OK
so we promised to have four hours start at five thirty four finish at nine thirty including blacks who
are the others to the governing is fifteen minutes per hour so. So we have another forty minutes to
go or so. Forward to. To drive a very low or just to go Also if you have any questions or you want to
have a specific topic or question related to or sorority. You want to. Who are you. Captains. Yeah I
have lost I have nots and the have nots is our Nasiri these are stuff which I apply them myself.
Technically such as nine hundred ninety two actually says maybe in one thousand nine hundred sixty
three the use of them so I apply is this technology or myself we are not with this current format but I
do I usually write I first want from my life as I need somebody to endorse me for something so I was
looking for endorsers. I felt one time as I have to publish a paper with a specific group so I get more
credibility so I woke up so if you do that PICs are sized south which is a reverse decision tree. And
you do that with a Grisham backwards Hugh should be able to identify the gaps you have. How you
get to know if you take out you need to figure out who else has a similar sort of. And you need to
identify the gap so maybe the cab you have is you don’t have enough workshops you don’t have
enough seminars you don’t have enough women no you don’t have enough words. You don’t have a
program it’s a problem we have another twenty four hours with just because it’s a size of the group
would love to have and when everybody said Philip but. We talk about our first office when your
thirty as automatic one was here when your program because the program what is a business plan of
your offer. Based on the sort of this way if you don’t know who you are and what you can do you can
offer now a program and just how the program would be there only literally one source of income
you could make a knowledge based economy that’s it you pick up a few of them and you do it. And
the other two are being supported so when we talk about when you are thirty when you program
now how you position your vocal in positions or seminars you workshops your website sure every
seam our business is to enemies this is ours or gaps in every other program we have today or
discussions or question of speaking of associations individually of individual or she the presence of
the organization I said what I do in when your brand is different from anybody else she said why we
have seen that who are our services you know there is no simple program which will determine your
just what you are good hearts and this is how you offer services and it’s positions us I don’t teach
skulls I will never teach you how to pronounce increase because I English myself or for slang I would
never come and see this how you were such a good luck but I will tell you this what you need to
Hansen’s this what you need to have is this how you organize it I’m one of those the business side
organization structures how you can deliver a message we will never come until you hit your book
but will tell you in the book in this title. I did it to practice I did it just so I did recently a box of candy
on Kindle out Amazon or whatever but he sells I’m so into the studio audience. Are waiting for the
books. You have been bragging about somebody has and have twelve cooks nineteen books ten
books for books as a question for you guys is how many books you have. And why you don’t have
one. If you are in the process of creating Sam get us a title we will put a cover for you and you can
produce something. Because the minute you are also out of a forthcoming book it’s a complete
different authority level talk about. So it’s not a book that sucks it’s a book to stop for the program
which you are selling. Because there is nobody in books and there is no money in public speaking by
the way which is I’m not a professional Wimber of a Canadian or suspicion of public speaking which
is like and I say it and I stand that says there is no money in the Enron problem unless you are
selling a program or you are hired by a company to do training and selling the server program
because some of the public sticker would be what what we are promoter of a sales workshop or a
training workshop or an and show our workshop and say go around in teach others this content so in
my experience there is no money in books because how much money profit you make on the book
ten dollars twenty dollars thirty dollars forty dollars fifty Don’t touch the dollars you make a
profitable you know how much this book will be not MS than seventy two dollars if you are simply
obliged and if you publish with a publisher it will be not below two hundred dollars for you to make
fifty dollars but if I see only one hundred fifty dollars in a book you need to make five thousand
dollars for a minimum living. In a month you need to sell one hundred books which means an e-book
city. If you are one hundred thousand dollars income bracket you need to sell twenty thousand book
to make fifty dollars two thousand books to make fifty to lower a book you know you cannot sell to so
the book advance is a muscle as its numbers and if you can for a month or two or three it is not
sustainable except a few individuals who are put in books for some learning or some muscle for
schools but you cannot do sustainable so many individuals will spend fifty thousand dollars in a
program to publish a book they can move to dismiss out of the book in the first year and since the
book would be obsolete. So it was actually in a book. Honey Bucket and fifty shares of of Canadian
are not business books this is are completely different market and that there is just one of ten
thousand percent of individuals can turn into Star Wars we are not Star Wars writers OK We are an
average business people who are looking to make money out of leveraging our knowledge like we
talked about. What was the last topic we have reduced last cloud documentaries how much money
you make on a documentary and when your documentary will be offered on Netflix. This stuff are if
you look at the numbers the actions documentaries for the last time I ever know are funded a
government funding projects to try to do to brainwash or change bubbly Coppin about something
there’s a. When you look at first to steer you to what I want to commend you say I will C.P.S. or
whatever they toss out on this documentary’s because they have enough crowd comes from mine
from advertising but if you can do a documentary on you why because you are promoting something
else you are promoting an organization your business or something else so there is no money in
documentaries there is no profits or but your need you know I have a documentary which one of you
guys and will have every ceremony with just LISTEN TO cannot really know how many people will
sign up for your service because you have this documentary lots of money. You know how much
money it will cost to to build the country. It can start it’s another five thousand dollars you can
actually do it for free if you want to but having fewer forty years we know they will come do it for
you for different service or five to ten how the world can get you a small of the key matter if you
want to. It is on the order of be a good number couple of hundred thousand dollars the number of
the number we heard but why you need to have is looking at you what the reason for it is not some
profit from the community so when we talk about your authority you talk about your program how to
make money out of boards is you need to position books websites social media strategy every single
else you can. Do with your life will be positioned around this why our program is unique and
different than anybody else. And I can I don’t have because we are recording this event I don’t want
to articulate a specific programs. But of of line I can give you exactly why now if your program is
about your authority and your. Experience. And your program does not include profits or a books
and we are not your book coach by the way I have no interest in you publishing a book. I have
understood you position in. To support your program so we’re always says the example of the serious
if your if your problem is to teach service learn how to sell scholars and you are so you try to offer
the program and you find your first five to ten sessions with the cement bitter ones people are
selling as your fees or advance what you want continuity. How you sell a car or how you see them as
you feel about. How he said in his universe because this is where your program sounds more now
after he studies program for six months to a year and you want to expand the course of many cars
order to start cars or whatever car this new and there’s a car. You can have a second form. And then
you can have a serious and it’s and you can be it’s true for the soul but if you don’t have a program
and you try to be a public speakers or a bubbling up book you are not necessarily put in some money
actually money certainly for investment for another person of time and money. Where is the best
place to pre-sell a book. On your social media walls and in your op shops and what are several of the
last three books for me I was able to preserve. Because people will spend twenty dollars fifteen
dollars seven dollars to buy your book because I like support you and twenty subtler force I’m
talking big money but it’s a good feeling it’s extremely good feelings when you sell when you put in
some twenty certain a hundred copies of a book you want to remove writing that give you enough
credibility and if you sell your program you get a ghost writer to the actual book. Because. If you
want to sit and write it start writing but the point I want to say is if you understand your authority if
you understand what programs you can sell built a near certainty you can position if she knocks
everything else will become. Very simple steps. Now if we go around with you want to ask it why you
want to have a seminar don’t shop. Why not everyone have a sonata not shop because they are not
ready why you are not ready because you don’t HOPE program but you can start. This right. So I
want individuals who may have been able to do one on one or having our program or having a
package program say so you can so they went off on a woman or seminars and for me seminars and
would not have assume they would offer entry much but if people don’t have who wants a cell phone
problem solved they want one system not the. Next or the can you relate to this. Is Right so this is
where I see the difference. This answers a question. OK. And has a question that he hasn’t issues we
can. Tackle before we conclude we have twenty to ninety minutes of the sorts of. Good things about
recording you can have a thousand others are. So for. Me. Yes you need to be able to articulate to
authority this practice and these tools it depicts weeks and weeks to but you have to give it time you
know you don’t have to take it on you have to have the Start out of it because they’re clearly of this
value for life what shop or life course is you walk away you walk away with some stuff already done.
You have starting off one within as I was out of the experiment for self fun of each one of us walked
away with a search for them we walked away it was specific forms we can use some of them are
implemented some of them are not and the next time we’ll meet of this particular topic we would
have our discussions about which one he likes of lots of stuff like this right so it’s a question why is
what’s needed for next time for next time you need to start history you need to be able to come and
sit here OK I found out this was sort of this however I have to correct them. And then we can
comment on that and believe me you will go away you will come back you would have a bit of a
saucy you would have a better articulation for me the more I think about this practice the more I
found some of those I missed you know I had a moment where I really want all my by much of the
finances like what four five six or six weeks ago I suddenly started without feeling very different by
then anything else because I once or Alicia I teach what I used my start so I went through this
purpose and as I said you can’t use it for your general life if you don’t have a specific tool or the stuff
you mentioned about you Tricia. And the lifestyle it’s actually a more attractive for me to push as a
as a business it sounds. Like. I know but if you know I can if you want if you push people toward
nature and you have things that substance I call it explicit food like for me because I know how to
cook and I like to cook food I don’t eat lots of processed food I love to eat the process food by choice
so their business particularly their second let’s go to this restaurant because I want to get a big
sandwich I think that’s it elements that I like to have explicit food I’d like to see that she can promise
a chicken drum was up when inside the skin of the. I don’t like this mixture of food because I learn
how to cope early on in my life and I enjoy cooking I like to know what’s out I engage in I have so if
you want to offer somebody back to NOT SURE back to explicitly life where you can use baking soda
of to space to use this stuff I think there are lots of good audience around here who are be interested
in this messy you know. That’s not OK. I know. I know. I know there. Right. It is all about what. So
this is I assume these are sort of the things you would help want the justice to want us to install
inside the process but how we would have any business people now after he was in the business
people what kind of programming all of would be a treatment program would be a similar program
will be no Plan program will be are just some tools or material or would this actually ingredients Yes
you can slam to them or as in like if you come and say Here is a blueprint of your life and here is. As
jar of it in short or this is is this is anti and you will sell this through no. Not. Yet but this is a quote is
up there is a point I’m trying to explain is that once you establish a certain ones establish your
program you can figure out what you can sell inside this program is only knowledge appears it’s only
courses only seven or it’s only one on one or you can also add a few like meditation dealing with
Asian ways that you didn’t. Why you don’t implemented why you don’t just because I’m here I have a
result I know and I know how that already in a way I have and how. It’s. So with the tourists they
help you know what in this in the past well yes. So so what’s required for next hour what’s what I
had a command use up you if you’re on a plane full of not what I do command is try to feel as much
as you can try to articulate it that let’s discuss it. And then I will show you how to make it in my
experience how to make it much better how to fill the gaps because you will have gaps believe me
you will have cams some of the gaps are assembled as you may need something to traditional forms
of community you may want to connect with a specific community especially if you want to do green
stuff nutritional stuff there are so many communities around Calgary you need to connect with them
you need to be part of them so they can prove not you and you have the big sheets yet you should be
able to finance this stuff and just do the last two years do the last four years start some like this. So
start somewhere OK the last element in this sequence is you need to review and handle price.
Thanks to this is a life document this is not a document which you will do it for one time and you will
forget about it you will need always to revise because every week every month every year there is
new scenes happening in your life. So those I mentioned seventeen workshops what will happen in
two months from now they will be eighteen workshop you know what’s the next our job means
twenty to fifty individual new individuals in the county so what I can say is forty four hundred
individuals now and how those are four fifty so I have to advise you so this is a life document is not
something and exact your C.V. your resume it is a life you keep adding to it I didn’t do it I didn’t do it
every time. You. Awkward orders for it or. I love that. It’s difficult to. Just to just to get the three
hundred. One. All. Why. Not start a fight you mention that he’s. Marco So let’s let’s let’s start let’s do
a complete review of the tour because I’m lost it bored this is a new vision part of might look at this
and that was you I have a sample out of it so what you do basically is you splat tool there is another
version of Go back to sound much simpler to understand you split this into two every time and when
you come near you start to have like three months six months four months or whatever. Sequence
you have them. Once you articulate around here what are the what are the entries so I articulate
here ones are my interest in this particular period if I don’t know if I don’t get I don’t get another six
months I can articulate some other entries here for say a year or so in this particular here what
happened this will in the first three months maybe this was in the next six months and this is stuff
which I don’t get it was exact time OK now what you want to aggregate number of clients you can
actually mark out or highlight either whatever you want to it was usually I have your number of
crimes I have here a number of clients I have your number of clients so the number of clients here
will be the total of these numbers what you should have as they’re not it’s a complete list of
everything comes to hear jazz or classical cation you need to do the you should do is once a national
tool program. So it’s my problem is money making problem was here a little money making Oh I sold
the company here. Oh I started a new business here and it said it doesn’t matter because it’s the end
of the day you say seven cameras I sold two I still have five years is enough experience yes for
somebody I know exactly how to go which is a point of how to help you making money is how to
avoid my mistakes and because I’m the same shoes as you which is a technique would explain it
when you talk about how you present your systems how you can deliver them for your son who’s
your audience in this way I know what to do and what not to do so how does it work for you to spend
five hundred dollars to come to my workshop I sound wonderful come to my workshop Most likely
yes so why not try to do to actually get the trick here is what rationale or work relevance between
this no static and it lets you are the command to have make science or you can have the checkmark
like different than signage is and why not highlight or because there are some elements here would
be emotional to this would be relevant to this so at certain point when I did this I found out or there
are I touch bases more than twenty thousand individual life I have more than two thousand branches
genes i Touch and I can actually call them I have names of two thousand plus registers the master
and teach it is where I was able to change your life I have that many and from that point yeah I have
passion for education as of why I started this program because I love to justice I love gives a very
strong so this is how you are doing it and then you will have a full list here maybe is a day just the
size of the page will not be enough but you have someone else where you can let us have a simple
category. And then you see OK how you can make them why and five finance ten lines out of this
about you or thirty if you don’t have any or service is a service. And what you look for here is
programs you offer people you meet functions you attend. If you have our clients how big is a client
how small is the client what numbers what’s the plan to achieve that if you take over a project and
you have the client making hundreds or thousands of if you take a project and you build the high star
in Dubai. This what people lost you know I was part of the highest tower in the world. It team which
is one of our of the people we talked about before then we don’t know or don’t want to know this you
are a project management for fifteen projects one project what’s the budget of these projects. So
this kind of wow factor are important. If your life coaching and you have somebody who is about
society and you try to make them avoid the source due to our suicidal impact or you met someone
who is after having problems with the police and you help them to live near Graham and I’m sure
just because your intervention early on this is that it will be one was to know that if you have
somebody in real doubts and you have some courtly to make money this part of the education how
many closet you have over one. And what are the cases because when you’re a legs you can tell now
who’s your client because you’re a little. The more questions of the tools. It’s all about how to
articulate you out factor and your wow factor was to listen in and relate to your climes. I do what is
that fair in your client’s majority of the information I got from struggling individuals trying to make
money as they can’t see why we should go to these events why do you get your sort of when you try
to focus on the service you are trying to do keep cool reach individuals who are city percent of the
market buying the product service for trying to appeal process but if you come a say in making your
life better make you happier. How you can explain that to him but I’m here because I know I will
have I would have a happier life I would be more fit I would have more fitness I would have lisping
and I have less. Potentially look in his or cancer ways to learn to live life purpose so if you talk about
God You want my spared First you cannot go to a successful business people are certain of this. So
why don’t. You. Saw me. Your. How. Is this normal for people. Is for you know. I’m sure they mean
this side. Is very normal so that’s not so it is. But it was two or three years so. OK I know what was
really funny this is hard to measure up to a civilian liked him touch on the outside. When you know
you saw it with your healing touch practitioner. So they basically talk about the side effects of
medications but here I have to warn you here because according to the F.D.A. And afterwards after
a lot of institutes of healing touch up whatever practitioners they got the license from they will tell
you you cannot replace every just they ask you question with a healing touch order and there should
be as if you cannot advise of them because you won’t work unless you have more poison but you can
be liable so there is a way to be able to say stuff in. In a specific very very quick in a way. Yes We’re
sharing your story. Again by going over someone to help you. On that story so. It’s is it better to walk
around third person or first second or is it some outcome of this or thirty three because its is also
due to me if we do find out that gaps This is not your experience you need to borrow somebody
stored. So that before OK. So if you can say I I will I was helping individuals to do to create from
cancer or from part time but you did House are playing yourself you need to know some by the story.
We don’t yet know if you teach if you if you help and if it weren’t for my high blood pressure and you
never have are if you are over. Again ever I brought a person yourself which is you don’t need to so
this is this the story has to be spun is you have to spin it in a way that it isn’t into religion but is what
your body is Mr Show us six This comes to how you can how you how you structure your seminars
and workshops so and your similarities and you want your son not to be more shots you have to give
hundreds and pieces of information which is worse if statistics would be a very good source I was
told this would be very good for them which is the not happened in the last four shock. You have to
write fairly Yes And then you have to tell your story and I got most of the story because the story is
NOT have a happy ending you don’t have it if it has a very strong defining moment it’s in there for
city it was very lovely but there was no outcome coming out of it. And the outcome was not
articulated. So the outcome was not articulated you could not get my hands compiled into the
service. Also experience we have did not show nobody articulates a very was of why we haven’t.
Even if you say you won’t be happy if it is not only for the for this particular workshop but for so
many of the supporters of the healings workshops they do they assume you want to experience a
very you know zones out of so I don’t know. And doesn’t question. Well OK show me the inner. One is
the. Same time you’re five thirty to the roughly nine be a little bit before and I certainly are. OK. OK
thank you and I can hear you right here just because it’s one of.

Product Launch 1 of 2

Product Launch 2 of 2

#yycnow Calgary Leadership Forum – Full recording of Calgary – Lougheed Candidates Debate

This recording has not been edited —
Calgary Leadership Forum – Full recording of Calgary – Lougheed Candidates Debate of December 10 2017

Close The Deal

It shows twenty four types of closing.

And what we will do today is in this session we will work basically on objects one wishes start from Page ninety five. Page one ninety and one line and one.


If you don’t have if you need to if you want to by just walk walk just sign up if you don’t absorb what you can follow in that fashion so if I go to page ninety seven.

It says I don’t know your company.

So once a client says I don’t know your company.

Which is here. What does it mean.

So somebody can search arms and.

So the client means Who are you.


And our client have found that purely emotional objection like one quickly uncovers the insecurity of average said person so if somebody would say I don’t know your company people would feel like they are not known. Saw as action.

From an average says a man and he would think no you don’t why does no one like me. And the action he was Dick it would become defensive Waffen and ultimate been out of the court.

The idea is that.

If you flip the page if you have the book if the page. The flip the page will say

Fantastic that’s exactly why I have called you we are. And you give open a statement or unique selling point.

That’s about to start the superstar salesman will sink you well in a minute or so the mindset of a superstar salesman when I tell you oh shit mean I don’t know you.

So you don’t say how it comes. Your mind set will be.

You would know me in a minute. And understand that speak with the former are motivated from the inside out only after service men are affected by this kind of comment why is this particular.

Opening would work fantastic That’s exactly that’s exactly why I have called you we are this won’t work because it reframes a client expectation of how salespeople behave.

It is both Steve and I’m using it was never any objections anyway.

So when somebody will say oh Marianna we don’t know you what you are saying

fantastic That’s exactly why I have called you

I am doing this and this.


The exams and you come and. You have a space and the music speech if you have the orc walk to be able to write your comment so your comment here should be we are the we are the ones.

PREMIER What you have to you should write here oh about your order about your own business.

I don’t know a business.

So what what you write most of.

All Why.


So you know how come you’re you know.

If you remember the discussion we have around our workers. Premier few members are scheduled but I’m aware of what we’re premier will be one which will which can be as we are separate mare courts or I am award winning.

Business coach or I am the. Only was to kind of Western Canada certified.

OK So Premier I was only one is very.


If you want to go also as other ones so we did one.

Is that any other one you want to run this test you want to read swords and see how we can. Be taught from ninety seven of two one ninety one.

You like to become another one.

Week of one Q Which one’s on the other eleven Q.

Which one of these.

Which one do you Mark.

You know which one.

OK so this bridge one zero nine.

So I am happy it was my concept liar Thank you.

So what the client means.

I get these calls all the time so the meaning of I am happy with my current suppliers means it is a club when you talk about the right objection it means it is a client mindsets I get these calls all the time.

OK clients have found that small salespeople have no useful answer to this objection they often use it without any consideration as was are they really happy or not.

An average salesman says Person everything has a sub already why do I bother with this job.

The action bill out of the call or the challenge for the weakness in the client existing relationship. This usually dissolved into confrontation should we confront our client.

OK Now how do you map this so maybe for Marianna understanding that people say I am happy with the current to hear that I have or I’m happy it was a kind of shock or techniques or how.

Can you suggest how your answers.

Which what I say.


OK so I can give you here one one of two scripts one of them would be great I am not asking you to change now merely consider consider building a relationship.

So when I say great and I am not asking you to change now means what.

Not someone so you still has a conversation going

another way to get hundreds if you say many of my as our clients.

What means of clients. Muzi have other people business told me the same thing.

They we’re also working with existing suppliers before they realize that our service but effect perfectly complemented what they were already doing I’d like to get together and show you how.

You just up there for V.I.P.’s and you guys I work for is out of work. Many of our clients told me the same thing so by this statement means what it means I have clients and you are not alone so sure Mary remember this.

Emotional no discussion. You always say and here you reframe. So many of my other clients told me the same thing they were also working with existing suppliers before they realize that our service perfectly complemented what they already doing I would like to get together and show you.

How they should be able ins and wants to continue.

What help me

so a sales a superstar will say but really we we will see about sex. Understand it has been estimated that five percent of the clients are generally happy with their current supplier but most are one tell you until we have got significant amount of trust on the board.

Because Andy and I found out that because when you go around nobody wants to be seen like forty two nobody will come and say all our suppliers all we are looking for a new supplier. Because they with a will it is a trust this work because it does not a challenge or threaten the existence of liar relationship it to respect the client decision it changes now is an embedded command use inclusive approach with the award compliment so when you say I have I will I would have perfectly complimented this is one of the power words which you need to be used in this particular script.

So what you should have and you have not.

As you should become.

One of this opening and to continue the dots

so and for example at them too and and show you how how what.

This will be how what

one page want and.

So what in the business are business wise.

Or how mind heart alignment will boost your resume

and more.

Is there anybody doing the same you do wonder why you whine whine whine all you know.


Now because it’s your deal I took when I did when I called she was you it’s you you are the only D.N.A. in certain circles of law you are the only the only some here was just not. So when you up which is a client especially in sort of us. You have to find why it’s only me when the evil deed was May’s idea it was me you can find this learning so many places but you will not get the outcome from it away from me because I know how to extract the most out of it because meets one without the sex so when you are point your client with your service you have to be able to position yourself that’s it’s you’re delivering this service what give it wow factor.

So it’s not because it is because you is the one combining the two like it’s more sense combining the two it will be different you have a German flavor That’s right.

So when you are when you try to scrape to scrap to hear the language. The language will be words.

Why I am except why you have to war was me.

Against it.

And nobody has similar similar experience as you and nobody has a say in learning and voice as you

make sense can you script statement.

And read it for us.

To do on motion.

Can you script one hundred requests.

You know I want to I want to exam to be able to use this language. So you can read for.

You not it from the beginning to do my.



I make your.


So you may want to modify this because you will be about as business coach and so I was out there there’s actual B I’m happy was my kind of business coach.

So it’s a many of the other clients told me the same thing they would are working with existing business coaches before their allies that’s my service is perfectly complemented what’s. Already doing.

And I’d like to get to that show how my put my how how whatever your afternoon so in the north you should sit spends the time and the Customise this opening. And the hardest part is you know what I.

Mean what I say I’m not an unwise English and Guy but they can read it I can figure I was the most important things and I can use different language different words every time but I know how to overcome this objection it helps you sure.

You want to because someone else can pick another.

Objection from the list.

And I pick up objections which one can be quite as and you.

Know now we are here to just try to figure out how we can get this objection.

What are the scripts so we will have our sessions are exactly what.

They’ve got one from the list you have and you can check the list is from page one thousand nine hundred ninety one so you bit already once all the other people did not pick one which one do you like to.


With each other which of which one which bridge. Which makes.

One for three

we have just bought one of those.

So what the client means when they say we have just bought one of those or I’ll just subscribe for another service.

Or for another quarter what does that mean.

We’re not going to bid you one for three

we have just bought one of those.

We already have a supply are so we have no need.

That’s right. People often do look at things in black and white terms such as right versus wrong versus down and the need versus no need.

In any case dissemble objection gets rid of ninety percent plus of serves an amazing that’s you guys get a very hard to reject.

Every service person or say no one ever need me how come I never lucky.

Action leaves a call I’ll leave court a loser or fight with a client or the validity of their recent precious would like what would you listen to someone who doesn’t know you your business telling you you have not made the best decision when you listen to somebody like that.

If we want to talk of ourselves a superstar.

So superstar will start and say I’m sorry we were not there to help you as a time.

There is a of my form I called was actually to.

Sell superstar was saying Great so my information about you being a potential client was right because he already bought a clipboard thing. Which again is a closed door now would be foolish all clients at some point assess the solutions they have implemented the logistics of the purchase and the impact of any change building a relation now our sales superstar in a poor position when doubt or future need comes along. Because you cannot do much if they already close their really close.

Why this is will work I am sorry we were not there to help us at the time the reason for my code was actually to.

Hear you take responsibility you take time that’s what the event into the past and to move to the conversation forward if that plant object against it will more than likely be different objects sions example money

so if somebody said we bought we bought one of those as would you like to build a relationship you could obviously information in your C R M I hope which one of you has a customer relation ship management program and you are scheduled to call him up to see how he is happy with his column solutions so he or six move some superstars who are also.

May ask for it for if they do know somebody else in the market looking for similar. Sort of.

Some said superstar will ask What makes you bar is this party to Konar solution for this particular plan.

Because if I know why he bought more of this the same line of the same product from somebody else I know what I’m not offering.

So when somebody say oh we just sign up with us we’re so why make you sign up why the makers of why did you like about this but up to buy and you start to ask questions to get one.

More this is a record that we don’t put information in this report of business intelligence because if you don’t know why somebody boards alternative product yours and how it can lead you are not aware of it. You would be able to have intelligent information about what makes this client to regard to buy your.

Next else.


did you find one more objection.

There was one by the way can you send me more information I remember there.

Yeah which one is it if you find a vigil number you can.

Send me let the chips.

OK send me letters means what you.

Know means you as a business must have what.

Must I have little it shares to send. So when somebody asks you to suddenly more information or certainly more letters about your products you must before making a phone call having worked.

With this charity in a B.D.’s format. And. We have lots of discussions about what the letter shows you might you need.

So you don’t never call and you’re asking for more information you say oh yeah I will spend one week to do it because that would be called. Usually how long what was a time what’s the right time between this form this call said need a lecture and action to two cents of which are.

Five ten minutes fifteen minutes is not one day OK.

There is another one I would bring it along if I if you can help me find example for it which is oh I did not receive the literature so after we censor teachers and then what what what happens the customer will not call so when you send somebody to search or only just a guy you should ask for when you can follow up I will send you the question when should I call you back

in a week so we call him in a week. And you have to make sure you call him in a week.

Or week is seven days like if you took Monday so you say don’t say you know we can say so can I book Monday or you have to be specific morning or afternoon.

So let’s just look at the Send me the future as you said you were trying to hear what client means go away

client have found that this is a really easy way to get rid of salesperson. Who are more than willing to send emails at least. Because it gets them off the phone.

While they are. Why they are doing.

And if you are in tears and you and somebody will say oh it’s not because we need so many people out of the four anymore we go live to just meet up or lease events and stuff oh I’m interested percent you mean send me more information.

How many of us will go back and the daily emails information so if I can say do you have information ability like can you send me more information in your technique you have information can you send to me when you go home

to see me but you my ear should it should should have the same want to talk about the shirkers he should have more information about why this technique would work if you remember this for people.

If you remember this for people who is looking for information which one of these will be someone looking for information. When you process sometimes relations because sometimes. When we talk about the sixteen characters its characteristics of the sixteen types of buyers some of them are tribes some of them who need to get their friends or separate spouses to decide with them because I don’t the leadership. So this is are the two one year process but this is out of the top usually ask for literature so you must have and if you say yeah I have a blog e-mail thems a link of the blog like it I prefer to have like information sheet which should have also frequently asked questions at the end.

But if you have blog. You can send Yeah you can send an e-mail was a blog No it’s not a big deal just a bit of this.

On page one forty one sixty four.

A superstar will say I certainly will do that. And I am pleased that you are interested in our company this is an optional statement.

Or you are interested in my technique or in my business based on your company or your other service as you may expect we have a large amount of company that we have a large amount of company read literature.

In order if that’s exactly meet your needs what they like to do is to ask you for your questions

coming to meet with you.

And from that I would be happy to select the information which matches your needs.

Did I send any literature. I’m asking for.

For me to show I’m not sure what’s blood is your eyes are there my mistake not to look it up before this meeting but if you serve already or maybe of one of the shutters we don’t know. Much but you may want to come and say Oh but I want to really know where what is the area of the play and know what is the area of the pin or what exactly you suffer from where is the exact been so why you don’t come for a free assessment because you are free assessment you know so somebody will ask you Can you send me more information on the camera or the technique.

You can say yeah it’s great I certainly will do that so he confirms that she will do that. And I’m really and I’m really happy that you are interested but we I have lots of lots of material which is you do. So for the best way to serve your needs you can ask more questions or you can say OK so what about you just come so I give you enough I will be more concerned of your time and I’ll give you enough material. Which only you need so I will not and this will not cost you anything because you already.

Provide this particular. That this makes sense.

A superstar sell superstar will sing most of my combat or would miss out here so this is a great opportunity

most serious a superstar will think what most of this competitor will miss out here so this is a great opportunity.

An average sales man will think yes OK I will send you yes OK I will send you one hundred but.

I seriously want to start understanding letter as you stated you would be more likely to end.

Or end up in a pen or in the garbage client buy based on the problem challenges and needs.

Failure to take the time to understand this buys only a ticket for the lottery.

So you have to be a superstar when I say send me more literature.

Definitely I will do that but I need more information and I keep the conversation going

OK in the past it was difficult for you to practice but right now it’s easy because you can have your form you can record yourself on your phone sit where you are. Just write the script.

Customize it to your own business and practice.

It after you record yourself go back and they listen to what you record.

And see if it makes sense for not.

Does this make sense why is this will work because you agree with the client request he said I certainly will do that. You respect that she is busy because he said I want to get more information to send you a focus a laser focus material to help you if you link to asking about him and his business.

You agree on this script.

Or. Who else did not select.

One to discuss.


Or OK OK Here here here here we have to understand once again what is our role as a serious people. Our role is to sort through the crowds to find out their morals are one who is likely to buy our product and service with all that you respect other curiosity people.

I would own I need you to focus only also on who are willing in a short period to woods or to put their hands in their pockets and write you a check as it’s

so if you generally has curiosity and did not fill it up by searching it on Google has Elizabeth.

I see myself very.

Very very very high.


So his role is to ask you to try to figure out how to what exact information he she can send no no.

But I’m.

Genuinely. Favors one more thing you have all to understand Sharon drop that information and this is for people who will go to the show is a live show when you stand in the show and you just hand information to us to everybody walking and just in the way. You are basically letting you will come by the terror and everybody to know what you do and you not get customers in the INS up in the shows usually woods of nations is a back there are physical anybody has get it and that is to reach to my little chairs he has to pass by at least one of my sales rep who will you call not him and ask him questions not questions about why he is there is that sure but question about why you are here what brought you to the show what are you looking for what is the most.

Pinpoint you’re trying to solve right now how is your business doing when I ask my suspect or my prospect How is your business doing why am I asking this question.

Because they want to know how hard I I can price my father if they said the business doing great we just close few sales. If you say always justice really hard right now we don’t have the clients.

I will give him different purity.

Because. After the show you will follow up here is a qualifying says so when you go to the show you are not selling in the show.

Even I don’t think anybody here is selling in the show. They are basically in gauging for a complete another closure for a meeting only one who selling the show will be what they once were are selling mugs or commodity which is nobody here is and I’m aware of his sell and commodity products in the show. So in the show if you even know if you have been selling your book you can sell a book.

But you are not nearly as a show to sell books you are in the show to close on a follow up meeting or a photo of what they teach your exchange so no matter what will happen in the show you will have a list of people lets you need to connect with them later so if you have these people and you want to connect with them later.

What you will what you need to do

you need to prioritize and see how much effort you need to because one which you feel they may have an immediate need what you would do for them immediately call them or email. OK.

We are in phone calls on all of our Been hours.

Order. And you may want to decide if you want to get young to come like with Mary is very straightforward because here on the web in our hour week weekly a special shot So his goal was the people who would not sign up for this program is to go where.

To go through his weekly expenses shot customers will buy will buy the question is there when they will buy.

If somebody there is spends the time to talk to you out of curiosity.

Most likely is I will buy these are from you or from your competitor sometime down the road. That’s it my goal is to show you energy and see that if you come here that’s why in our workshop you say limited sitting and honest about the standard City because this room cannot take more than city for more and there is maybe one or two would be coming after them. And there are silicon solution because if there was a because they live a little bit further down and we know another will and there are also cancer so so if everybody showed up this will be a full room.

And you can see this most is. One for me and one for.

So when you. When you close you have to figure out why are you closing so you have.



Twenty bucks if you consult on a box instead of compliment is going one on.


OK Let’s get we have we have. We have like six minutes to war so we need to work this through to social media doing a bit of one.

Or anybody anybody ready to pick up another one to discuss.

You already had one already let’s just to give a chance for everybody else was.

One sixty seven Why should I speak to you.

I got lots of sales call don’t waste my time this was a client needs client no there’s this question but all but the best salespeople on their back foot from plant perspective it’s a very easy to take any answer that serious gives and say it’s not good enough or even to talk to them. So an average shares member will say I don’t know

action disparately dumb here of information as fast as possible in the hope of hitting the mark too often they don’t.

And this is where she will have what we will discuss in the. Next session the wrong time to introduce your product. Because your products should not come as a beginning your price should not come at the beginning somebody owns hours or days ago and we shall we and our pride and we sent really cheap prices at the really cheap prices.

I’m not here to buy cheap she was for she not for me.

I am not here but to buy cheap things. I’m here to buy cost effective high return of investment which is our high Our why which is by the way is an equivalent meaning of what

cheap. That’s right cost effective means work.

But if I say cheap it’s bad war to us so we have two wars today what was the first one. Not you have learned to what not to say but and achieve.

And try it try a served one so if somebody were to say I said it my price are really cheap it sounds for desperate it sounds has no value.

It’s out for this but it sounds like he has no value and it sounds that he cannot.

Articulate what.

What is doing and why.

So we don’t say achieve prices. Or are. We or somebody will come and say we actually have a sale come because you have a civil.

War that’s not selling them what you have said.

Although this might be for greedy people who say oh why didn’t buy it we have really really good prices really low prices.

We sell for lower the combustor.

Of the work

so dancer for why should I speak to you all be you know that there is a good question.

And there certainly are many business reason why clients do speak with me.

Why my clients do speak with me.

What do you mean my clients do speak with me. I have.

Clients did you sell to customers.

What you say you have customer say they have clients.

Did you make money from customers.

Most likely not.

Begin to talk about currency in talking with customers well you know me well you know you could be but you don’t make money from glance so many people who were born there are starting and you don’t have too many you just have one of two pilots that was all due respect to the growing of a business right now. But they’re on the other side of their own people who just have one installations of two installations I started so for sure we are working now with many clients because you are trying to sell your purse right how many Clough many individuals are in discussion with you about making new software.

How many of them bought most likely not a single one so when you talk to them that’s why we talk about it so why my client to speak with me tell me why wouldn’t you speak to me.

So you head back so when a customer will say.

Why should I speak to you.

You know this is a great question and there are certainly many business reason why my clients do speak with me.

Tell me. Why wouldn’t you speak from.

The hood.

I go you know why.


Want to follow. This.

Really well.

Yes So write down write down your script the reason for each page.

Yet the reason for this we just don’t have this notes. Is you can right now I said the superstar will say I don’t know yet but there are plenty of reasons so let’s find them together. So why you don’t want to speak to me I don’t know yet let’s find them together let me show you what’s wrong with me you know like when to stand in front of the mirror and say what’s wrong with me.

Let’s just figured out yet most clients don’t really want there isn’t to talk they want a reason not to.

Ourselves superstar we get underneath this objections and uncovers a client’s real needs and wants.

Why this is work because acknowledge the client question it links to business reason it create credibility by mention of other clients it start to uncover any real objections and or drivers

OK so for you you go over tween.


Seconds to page one thousand one and this is our different objects sions So if you want to become one if you want to begin one right now so.

This is as I was actually yes I saw each one and see how the one saw figure out and.

Some other some other objections.

No. One thousand talking to

you you OK guys was no I got no but yes.

OK one nineteen actually.

Actually on from page two hundred twenty three to two hundred fifty five. Or two hundred fifty four

there are specific.

Techniques to overcome it cost too much.

So whoever has over in the ID side and the gods of books they can figure out was it because this is a particular objection is that it is very important to let’s just look at one nineteen.

So what does it mean for the first Not once they have no budget.

I have got no budget for you so I have no budget is not I have no budget I have no budget for you or your office.

Client No that’s ninety for four or five percent of sales you ask them they do have a budget and there is a call them back to them.

What a great way to get rid of certain. An average salesman will say this job is rubbish the market is rubbish no one ever has anybody.

Become disconsolate it is the disconsolate fail to better or and to create a weak pipeline.

I used this technique because I was actually going on a stage with someone and out as was I wanted to be on this station covering it and they always say we don’t have any events for you.

I use this particular technique.

Very similar wording and Dr I want their own stage on services which is very interesting and they asked me to come so you say thank you for sharing that with me when I first spoke to them many of them many of my client did not have budget and that’s what makes us different so the fact is you have no budget it makes me different at this point most company would probably ask when you do have budget and not talk now. We at this company believe in building strong relationship with our client and I’d like to invest in getting to know you now

will any one of the other party respond and say.

Something else.

There are from there are too many is up here so it doesn’t matter what of the action so it will come this way so that it will overcome this right. So I send a superstar Will saying not yet you haven’t.

So you just have no budget for now. You understand most people will bail out at this call here so that they have a good opportunity to build a relationship and when client that’s others have ignored it also most client can create a reallocate budget if they perceive a big enough need.

Why is this work because this is script in particular it acknowledges the client’s tuition thank you for sharing with me that you have no budget. You served the party experience to reframe the situation

talk now and invest in our two strong words because now by now or talk now it’s an average and see power world and invest in means are also committed some resources which is basically my point.



One eighty three.

I will take it.

If. You discount.

Everywhere how I.

Went one last time you met this uncle you know what it was and she just after nice boy.

The first of the.

Little Dusty gets right so what do you think when somebody will say I will take it if you discount.

I think I get a deal here. Because anybody would think if I give him a discount you’ll buy this right.

The audiences.

In this situation is a client saying that they have an upper hand best experience would lead them to believe that since people will always discount to get that the

average sales person were saying oh please don’t let me lose it now they’re actually start to worry and I love the feel of lose to cloud his better judgment and negotiation skills because his feeling is so full of.

Sales a superstar will say I am pleased that so you have made your decision and I understand that your return of investment is important to you however you have secured our best discount already

when you are you looking to receive the product. Or go or when are you looking to start. So I sell a superstar will say we the price you have in your hand is already deeply discounted.

When are you starting so you are basically shifting. His objection to be Lame Wolf so the service never closed Thank you I said it was a good one.

Superstar saying I know you wanted anyway. Because if somebody doesn’t want it will he try to negotiate a better price.

You agree.

OK Let me finish this and then I can show you a different understand that client this client wants the product or solution that is and after them to do a deal chances are there is no serious negotiation if it is then it’s a certain superstar job to her exact line to attach more value to their investment so basically we talk about more values. For their investment and this will get us to a situation where. What exactly we are offering and how often so when we sell from the stage we offer a price and the price will be discounted and the people who will buy sorest will get an extra stuff access to an audio access to an extra book whatever so you can always attach more value to the investment which means you must create these values up front

why is this will work decision implies something is decided already secured is an ego flattering word moving to a question which is if uncertain but oppose the deal is done so little closer if the plant is serious about negotiating then this is a strong starting was a.

Yes or.


There is a way to deal with this getting people here.

So I will show you how to deal with this beauty people.

So when you deal with people who are always having to discount the very first offer must be.

At a higher price. If you sell at the higher price is great.

Because you make more money if you have a discount it is how you plan the system so that’s why every program whatsoever even in my program like even especially in the paper is a paper you have we have a value for Vo IP for three thousand and thirty three hundred seventy five dollars or seventy dollars The actual price for the V.I.P.’s do ninety seven

and if we said this from the stage it will start at four nine hundred ninety seven and do a discount at two hundred dollars or twenty seven.

So whenever you have a bottom line investment or price. You need to always start at the higher level.

Or you give them and you give them a bundle and instead of one service.

Next buy five sessions get one free. You cannot doesn’t buy two software get one from.


So that is why as a series of plan you must. Put some buffer for this particular hard negotiations.

So what’s worth what is your.

Favorite person I know it’s pretty.

One to tell you.

A lot more.

Of the.

Entire process of working with them on the software thirty.

Five of my choice which was trying to know why.

And I don’t want to go I wait before you can we talk about the reality we talk about when we will go to a show you will talk to so many leads and you put it over to rhizome which when you call them first to cross-post so if you have that’s if you have the luxury of selecting between two different clients is great but if you have the luxury if you don’t have this luxury and you are in contact over four or in show or whatever with somebody asking for more discount and there’s only one in front of you first of all you must not have said. You must not dump them because if you upset some of them some what will happen to your petition don’t.

You’ll be surprised. So.

This is ours or that the verbiage and the and it’s after you took clause I’ve no clause like here we have a few examples of how to close people but it’s up to you to close it no close

or try to raise in prices. To be able.



The right.





Right spring where.

We will we will talk about there are sixteen types there are sixteen types of there are sixteen types of customers which is.

Solely nine times of customer which I would outspent you on in the next session one certain exceptions are certain. Who did not select one yet.

Marianne and

were given each one chance to select one.

Which is what’s number.

One on the phone.

I haven’t enough time so this means.

That. This means I am busy.

You better not to not waste my time. That kind of objection usually means a client is busy and that’s gets a lot of serious call if it’s really not personally but most serious people clicking this way majority of people say I don’t have enough time will come from here

majority of people who say I don’t have budget will come from here.

I don’t really understand what your business do what you are or what you provide it comes from here.

Average tells people it I will be quick as as as possible then make excuse for the call the minute you make an excuse for the call the managers are out.

Because you’re doing something wrong if you say sorry. I am sorry to call you on this in your busy time get out

rushed into the bench and gets rejection when salespeople rushed in some way it’s sense a closure message that they are not important therefore not worth dealing with them

so many of us early on in our small business career we always rush into showing how would we are. And the audience will feel.

You are not certain you don’t have the pace. Is Nicosia.

And if this doesn’t make sense you guys try to go to events and Visa customers. And look ask any of the exhibitors you’ll get this feeling because almost all of them such and almost all of them suck and when you advise them such a session they say oh we are busy. Keep going keep doing what you do and next year you’ll be where you are.

So one answer as and I want to waste a moment of your time.

I don’t say I’m sorry I say I apologize because sorry is one of the other words you see when you.

As a matter of fact if you say if you are caught by border security agencies because you are doing something or you have something wrong in your bag or whatever and you say I am sorry a story is a measure of guilt.

In court of law sorry for additional It is a mission of guilt apologizing is not an admission of guilt.

I’m not sure for you I speak sir English is my sort of language I hate what’s missing OK.

I apologize when this week would be more convenient to call to a call how would Friday afternoon for you three or four pm.

When you ask for a time you ask for a time with a day. Not you ask to call next week because next week is an open seven days or five business days and you can book a cold or a meeting

OK so you have the luxury or the option of developing one of these to serve the sort of started saying I want I am or C. of your time.

So it’s good you don’t want to waste your time is great and the more important that you can talk to me understand all clients make time for the right serious conversation sorry for the key here is to maintain composure and differentiate your call as being Warsi of the playing time and sure you take control of your pace tone and pitch

because if you start to talk fast or you start to hire what will happen

you would start to give bad. And that Reflections on the client. Why is this work their initial acknowledgement is enough for most client take responsibility as a client repeat the objection certain times for conversation using different closing techniques

OK. And this will lead to one question. When do you know that this objection is real. For sure we deal with eighty percent of the people dog to have the right we didn’t always was eighty twenty old. So when you say no the and mean no means eighty percent of the time no means a deflection of something else when we say so if you understand this is this perception of this concept. The question now would be is. When do you know there’s a customer really don’t have budget.

There is an expert in sales and they said it’s a customer or depleted at least three times in the same conversation this means that this is one of the B. is that it flags that they may really have.


Serious you have to consider. They say if I don’t have budget notes or I don’t have budget No I cannot afford this or we cannot afford this it means us you have to stop and the various evaluates the financial viability of this customer because he may be going on a bankruptcy if his company or he may be going in a.

He maybe it really doesn’t have so many objections as a front doesn’t mean saying when he she was second time and you cannot overcome it and it can certainly has worked

it means history.

So when somebody all of the learning I said is it it was eighty percent of the time we work. And we hope to make in this eighty percent of find more money but there are some situations are some situations people don’t have money somebody under. Governments are poor or somebody on their company’s going bankruptcy already one is a company is in the receiver in receivership situation. They don’t have money.


You can say shift this discussion and ask when the new budget will be are located why you don’t have really any slush fund you I’m willing to help you to be an OK so these questions are basically to explore exist clients really really don’t have much but if any objections come three times in a row.

Shift your mind as this object might be.

Serious it should a lot of my fly I’d like I’ve bought with your brain as a flag that you need to discover you discover you’re interested because we when we call someone or when we need someone we know they can’t afford doing this business OK.

Last one we have we have one more to go.


Yeah I love this one.


OK so before the fourth one fish seventy five was a problem when somebody need to talk to somebody.

To see.

How many times you were how many times you speak to the people next of finances.

And my.

This serious I says I did to them and some other system and says this is his assumption is wrong because anybody making decisions is influenced by other people so what is the problem with somebody when you assess someone and he wants to talk someone else.

What is a main problem. If you’re. Right.

Yeah what the problem is getting most of

the prophecy said one I want to find the good offices. We understand people. As. Reason for. The.

Individual And there are those who knows which is good and this after the side my book is a guide to when there’s a foreshock there in the.

So a brand I will talk about the logic we talk about how do you think a heart will talk about work.

How do you feel and what is the feet will be able to.

Process and as this.

Process said also that’s the higher level. Bosses would be in this domain.

Wise presidents and lower would be.

Project managers in this room and.

I remember two million a minute but just this is from business oriented so Vice President project managers what he will deal about how to manage the process so that process oriented people and they deliver on time.

OK see all of the companies are budget oriented as they want to live on top.

Business owner it cares about the money how spent and the ones that are of investment will happen it doesn’t get out of the process.

So if I want to move across of the gate keeper I am basically getting two different. Individuals.

To carry the same message. For me when I stand here and say What do you say how do you feel and what you do about this this is one question it touches a sink or touches a feeler. Or the one on our money and a single because you want to single out something and ask her for one hundred million dollars You said I want to think about this only in a single now but when I talk about that I talk about sinkers talk about feelers and how do you do about the talk about people who are at business bookkeepers accountants. Programmers.

In general is this is a generally anybody who would stick in this particular like this guy Bill so many businesses you know process oriented.

And he can deliver on time.

Within a budget I know he’s not always going to his son school sing today which means he has some family relationship but then the covers appear for this what I know what my immediately from the background he said. Because the prophecy said and the whole sense of prophecy because it’s so weird knowledge to know that no see also in North America ninety percent ninety seven percent or minus five percent of C. or even management are in this domain

zero percent. From C. All those are here they cannot if they care more about people they will not be able to manage the projects they’re not able to manage the companies.

So now you try to get someone. Who taught this language

to talk to somebody who speaks different languages

you have riff.

Of Manchester.

If you object let me know I love LOVE YOU are.

Now for money I’m Michelle it works in the same way because my health has our clients

are having this problem.

So if I talk to the spouse. She has to keep this stuff this spouse is most likely is what. Is this area.

This poses what.

So you want to make your clients feeling good about your service they don’t care about your classroom. Schedule. All was they want to feel about is a body is bloody well.

It’s not it’s I have the schedule and this is what you want or. These people care about is experience.

So when she would want to house them and tell him why honey I’m going to new course and I want a couple of hundred bucks to spend our on it’s awesome course to say OK so what’s what’s a benefit you get from oh I don’t know but I know it’s awesome.

How many of your client tells her as a result of their spouses or I don’t know whether or not work and awesome how it works I don’t know I feel awesome I get it you know. So the problem you try to overcome away from the script and whatever happened or what I was struck is you must have the material to hand then to this client so for us when we saw it from the stage was his great if you want to sell if you want to have discussion you can put a deposit you can go home with the material discuss it with your with your husband as a partner and come back and then you wait it’s a hundred percent refund that was in the first week when Yeah I do have one hundred percent refund refund and I have to either find somebody after more than three months in the form.

Just for for meditation so when you define someone. That’s why I need to have money back guarantee. Because I have a money back I wanted was a a week or within a month and make them what way was the material open that after I did it so he will subscribe they need to have but to have to take it back when you be on the stage you need to give the material.

Or you need to image that material.

So in order to serve someone I say I have to be part of this restaurant and you know what I will talk to them and say only thank you have them become a staff and walk away and your business partner your business for is not sufficient you need to have.


OK so you need to make sure that’s your material is able to close a sale was that what you want a sizable. Majority of us in the US and want to start businesses we don’t have user money we’re going to have user guide was I would come later on have a single fact sheet about our software which I said.

The only one who are allowed to do this is up and.

They said. No what is and what don’t we cannot be up on the cable there’s only one of you and he went on.

I love you I love your laugh so that’s why you remember so.

So let’s just see how we are what does it mean I need to speak to the other decision maker. The client means I need more time to decide. I lie to you about being the decision making

I’m not the decision maker so inside your cells or questionnaire if you ask if you are really like we come Bordley and I ask are you decision making or use are one who can approve the purchase.

And if somebody will come later on and say you know what.

I need to talk to others be a decision making it means.

He is not

this is a pretty good abjection for a client as a sales people just don’t know what to say to do it if it is true then what can you do if he’s not how can you call a client a liar

so you think this guy is a liar liar pants on fire you try to push to expose or persuade pliant.

A good answer that’s fine it’s a certainly a corrosion that’s an important investment like this one is fully supported by the family or fully supported. In order that I can give you all the support you need and answer any questions as May. Like to ask a few questions tell me how many hours or how many other what.

Beautiful tell me what is the decision process. Tell me what as a material do you need tell me again I join in on a phone call

would you like to schedule a meeting so I can come in person and the other is there call a question and demonstrate the projects will you be interested into a live demonstration will you be interested in a free trial to your spouse or your partner as well so she can not only know about the program but she can feel how would it

be so all of this different.

Mechanism is two hundred an object is basically not to hundreds of Jackson is to provide this people from talking to each other

if you remember your partner’s or your actual whatever you have and how many you went into. And fill Imogen discussions.

Because you want something and she wants something else and you also if you cannot get really communicate to have an agreement it’s because of this decision making.

And believe me like I teach this and our conflict resolution.

And this is how I came off for lots of conflict in my recent years when I learned this I in one of them at Cal a shift figure out why the other objects as our cause as our perceptions is there and try to hide that so it’s nothing about me.

It’s nothing about anything either it’s all about how they see me.

So I sense about a star will think how do I get this moving again understand whatever the truth is here important thing is to rebuild our border and again trust and agree on a way forward if there is a hidden objects in the cell superstar will find. This work because it respects the client position everyone likes support questions about the others in for a smoke out hidden objects sions and the hacking and their decision making or strategies it’s true that there are this other decision making then you can get start to construct an action plan so no matter yourselves this complex or or you believe is not complex your sales are very complex because if you some personal service there are her brothers and sisters her daughters her grandma and her mom and her and her spouse everybody

need to know about your service.

So this is why you need to have our site this is why you need to have a marking material that’s why you need to have a Facebook page that’s why you need to have in it to be social media because if you open someone you’ll business and you cannot close where this guy will go to will go. Will buy from you all gone by the time and if you believe you have no combatant or sorry dear you have no business because any service worldwide is based on human need and any service or any product must have an alternative way.

For people to do it.

Like other such as a funny as a sound if you are selling grinder you know that lines are like magic bullets what’s the alternative for magic bullets.

Is your point somebody can get the food and the crash was a.

Is the knife is the other blenders. So what you say I have a solution which is nobody else have this is not true when you say I have a product which is nobody else so what about it you have no market because you are not serving any.

And sometimes alternative all this stuff which you can not believe it like.

When I was in our workshop like that and this was the questions. Everybody knows magic bullet a very high end blender and a grinder very cost very very very reasonably cause for it’s what can do and what are the alternatives. The alternative basically is to crush. Fruits and vegetables with your hands. Knife is another alternative having two storms is another alternative.

So you have to understand if you can not get people. And if you give them a solution and you cannot close this people will be easy to get after. Your competitors who are building you can buy the other.

Business not you but. Make sense. As this is and as you.

Hear each one has an option of getting one. With this one from

you one of only one.

Yes Or there are lots of others and.

So you want to have like five minutes brick general can continue.

To go unless.

You have your back to you if you don’t.



If that.

Would have. The right to know exactly.


So what you’re saying.


Not her.

Decision making on.

You but you believe now that I have a brain.

Because of innocence like getting out of ourselves.

Why did I call it with Wael?

Welcome to. The ultimate.

Why do you do they call my bot cast which is what I am.

It’s an exercise in ned to overcome rejection and to transform bad. I did you wouldn’t explosion.

Into a constructive way.

I joined a group of speakers and when I walk around with those my name.

They always ask OK how do you pronounce your name how do you pronounce your name.

I thought of ending To be honest with zero because I have been around for so long.

More than twenty five years and I really never have a.

Question of comment on my name.

So when people ask how do you pronounce my name and they say. Is that why you were held where you.

Were all or whatever it is you now it just make me feel offended just two letters together you know like a very simple translation of English. That question itself demonstrates the ignorance. Of this paper I got off and that I felt excluded I didn’t feel it right to mingle with this individual and then I said you know I don’t want to let this negative thoughts but me down.

So I won’t deny said you know let me create an ultimate short which is called with Y.L. or with what.

I do is well yeah. It’s you will be it was me and my journey. And the minute you start to listen to my show you will find a very nice voice coming. Which shows you how to pronounce my name and this was my tool. To overcome bijections head against sea and supremacy attitude against me and my and who I am.

And they start to attack me by my name so my respond back was was what the hell is the ultimate show.

I’m looking forward to have all of you subscribe to my but cast that will load my bot cast to demonstrate this is individuals that I can belt with my name that’s you cannot pronounce a very successful audio channel or a bot cast which is. Will be an educational and window for everybody to come and listen to what I say with my accent and I would love you to go to the episode which talk about a speaker was an accent to demonstrate to you how this but tickler individuals unfortunately I don’t want to reveal the name of this particular society or association or whatever right now but will come in a time where we will talk and I will talk openly about all my experience and how the negative is this experience and why. We should avoid this kind of clusters where is this.

Negative minded and sick I call them sick individuals because if you are at the end of your career if you are really to those totally successful you should not come and purposely intentionally.

Intimidated or offend. Others and the big club on their own.

Distinguish or discrete features. You never become somebody’s attitude somebody’s accent somebody’s.

Religion or somebody’s race because this will hunt your back. And I made a commitment to hunt back to defend every single value and they believe which is I do and I believe that I welcome you to my show which as I said the only reason for calling it was why you have.

Because I wanted to teach someone and this one is one of your guys.

Someone how to pronounce my name in a constructive way to exert racist and discrimination comment converted to a very positive experience which is which way I welcome to my show subscribe to my channel I will be here always for you if you have any questions or any comment you want me to speak about it or any idea for an episode but it is a comment what come to with why I.

Thank you for listening to. The ultimate show.

Rich and Poor

Welcome to. The ultimate.

It’s always a question.

Are we poor or are we rich or was the difference between the rich and the poor. Is the function of how much money do you have in the bank. And. There are so many people who have money in the bank however as I don’t feel very much.

If I want to start with an example like if I give you a will a hundred thousand dollars make you rich or with a million dollars will make your age or will ten million dollars makes you each.

If you have a million dollar and you don’t have the right attitude. To feel rich and to act as a rich you will feel poor. There are so many examples around you where you have friends you have.

Individuals neighborhoods were people having houses cars.

And big numbers in the bank investment and they feel poor. They feel they want to be very church so it’s always a question like What is. The distinction between the rich and the poor.

The rich it’s a function of attitude so the rich people will have goals were set down and goals poor they will never have plans or save is not right the goals down so they go by the flow if I reach at it you would start with writing goals and you write them down the very first step is you would want your exam down and you will look for ways and opportunities to achieve and write your goal.

That number eight. In the list of rich versus poor will be are you looking for an opportunity rich people they look for opportunities. Feeling great it makes you something called Cool and they look for opportunity.

And when you look for a portion of the as a rich attitude you will look for ways. And you look for how you make this opportunity works for you.

Richmond tell it were late use jump on any possible opportunity the very first opportunity will come to you you will jump on it on the other hand poor will always find a way. To walk away from Opportunity one good.

Example of how the poor attitude will dominate is when you say well you try to find why this opportunity will not work to give you an example like Let’s talk about rich examples attitude versus poor attitude by example so if we give you an opportunity to go to meet.

With a celebrity and we say let’s give you this opportunity and say let’s assume this event this has cost you no money. Just you goes in and attend so people say oh you know what there will be a long lines this event will be very well attended I will not find a close parking lot I will find. Long lines are you serious this celebrity would be in there.

However if somebody was rich attitude will jump on the opportunity OK let’s go check it out let’s to get a bus let’s go by train so you look at it in a while somebody is going by train because they don’t want to ask the question about parking lot and. Just walk from the train station to the venue to meet this particular celebrity on the other hand the poor guy will say OK I have a car and drive my car I want to park downtown I want to go to this venue if it’s an immediate demonstration of how what it should look for an opportunity to grow or to meet somebody versus a poor who will not find it so many times when we invite individuals to workshops or seminars. They say oh you know what it will not work this guys will be safety they will just say last they said our stuff which will not work without even examining it out there people will go.

With open mind and say let’s look at if they have an opportunity for me and then they evaluate.

You are now listening to with me I’ll be ultimately.

Number seven.

Attitude of friction versus poor rich have large libraries they always have contact they have information access however is a poor attitude will not appreciate libraries will not appreciate contact they only have a very large T.V. in their.

Living room and they watch this T.V. I’m not saying that rich people should not have a T.V. you may have a T.V. one or two or three or four. The amount of time you sit in front of the T.V. not getting information in but just watching the show was shows and different.

Places to just let the time Best Buy It’s a complete different attitude of a poor guy who wants just to lose time however on that side they have libraries so you may have a T.V. as a poor as a rich individual however this T.V. will be equipped with libraries and information which help you grow or help. Your business will have to sell to grow.

That number have.

Some six number six.

Differentiation between rich and poor is rich will continue to learn.

They will continue to apply what they learn so our rich mentality will always be looking for information and looking for opportunities and look and they do have the large libraries where you they withdraw this information from as I try to match the opportunity on the other hand the poor people only know how to earn so they look at earning and how much they make Brouwer as the decision or the great area so they don’t take actions to learn and develop themselves.

In number five.

Rich people will trade money for time so rich people will buy.

Services which will save them time. On the other hand poor mentality will trade time to money and when you trade month time for money you will basically work hard. On an hourly rate so if I ask a question if you have an opportunity to hire someone to do the job. Will you hire him or not.

And usually people will say we don’t afford it so if you get somebody expert to do something which she want to do.

Any any any function. For sure an expert who is doing it on a daily basis.

He will do it in a shorter time then you will start to learn how you do things. And then you do it and when you do it you will not be effective you are NOT be efficient and once you are not effective and not efficient you spend more time trying to save a little bit of money.

However if you come up with the money upfront. And you give it to someone this expert will take it and save you the time and you can achieve more stuff in the same amount of time because this particular tasks are paid for and done by somebody who will not take the long time as you are to know to learn.

And this is one of the main differentiation when you approach someone and say here’s the service I can do it for you I’ve been doing it for others it will cost you that much they say oh you know what I can do it myself.

And they spent time trying to do it to save a little bit of money and they spent a long time and they do it wrong and they don’t buy the stick it comes to a story which is always an example here there is a factory working and this factory in suddenly has a problem and they could not get the production to sustain the level. So the owner of the factory cola called few individuals so one guy came in and said you know what I will say I will can fix it for you it will cost you one hundred thousand dollars plus parts.

So the owners ask how long would it take you.

To fix it the guy said in a couple of hours.

You are now listening to with me I’ll be ultimate.

Or maybe less.

So he looked at him and said hundred thousand dollars for a couple of hours.

Then I said yes it did not take me a couple of hours to learn what to fix.

It takes me years I learned this over a lifetime experience for me so what you are paying for it is not the work is learning I took and I apply as experiment I have and every time I failed before and I coming back right now and trying to do it and learn how to do it and that’s why I can do it for you for two hours like I said No no I don’t need that I will find other solutions and then he starts this owner to bring other people who claims are experts come to him and say yeah yes fix this powers they actually exist part and the manufacturing line did not work it always have this defect defective outcome where nobody was able to fix so after one month when this production line was not working and this owner was paying all the salaries for every single employee here he called up the other guy and said you know what the very first one said you know what I’m now ready to pay one hundred thousand dollars he said sorry sir now my rate is two hundred fifty.

The owner said oh you know I have no other choice you have to come and fix it because I’m losing revenue I’m losing income and the same time I’m assuming all these expenses So this expert came in and said you know now we have a different deal because all the other individuals you brought in before me taking the job they actually make the problem worse and worse they wasted your time they change wrong things they make a system much more so at the end of the day this particular factory was able to the owner was able to fix his factory for close to half a million dollars.

And the factory start to work in a couple of days. So if I am the owner and I know the value of being out of work and paying all of this extra expenses.

Measured may consider early on to make the plays or money. To trade money for time not to trade time for money.

Number for differentiation between rich and poor as.

Rich will take steps forward when they are afraid when the other one concert and they don’t know they start to move forward.

There isn’t for you this is.

Urge people will always feel comfort they also feel they have a plan and the backup plan they have a way to go so if you if you maintain the original telethon. And you try to push yourself forward the more you are afraid the more the unknown are the more the.

Opportunity will.

Raise itself in front of you and you don’t know what you are getting into it you will move inside this opportunity on the other hand the poor I will run away in the face of fear the poor attitude will not late you know go in.

And experiment experience what.

The opportunity yes here are afraid you will always have a fear you always say it will not worth.

However it can work if you have the right set up.

Rich people will invest for the future.

So when the rich guy will have the attitude of investing in the future he will join programs he will try Who will he will spend today investment money not Coast money because he can see in the future the revenue which can be built.

On the other hand poor people will spend for the day so a poor attitude. We’ll get and count how much we spend today and they will never consider their revenue or return of investment coming in the future. Because they don’t have the mentality after.

Considering the outcome coming they always look at how much money it costs them not what the money invested what money they invest as this will drive a very interesting example like if we look at education for example in any university how much you invest in your kids to get educated and if you understand the stand education correctly when you invest.

You will be looking for a return of investment so if you want to do our M.B.A. or a master in business administration. You will invest close to one hundred thousand dollars and after two years of the series of working on the end your M.B.A. you will be looking for a better position which will pay back the money.

You are now listening to with the ultimate.

However poor attitude will say oh no or one hundred thousand dollars Why do a cost me hundreds of dollars today.

If I have this hundred thousand dollars I will not spend it because I cannot see that return of investment in the future so if someone will offer to you a five thousand dollar program ten thousand dollar program where it can demonstrate that you can use this knowledge and only use this knowledge you can make more money in the future they’re each people invest however the poor people will look at the money as a cost. That second.

Differentiation between rich people. And poor people is rich people are disciplined about time they understand the value of the time they understand how to use their time because as the very beginning we talk about writing goals down looking for opportunity having libraries trade money for time and they take steps forward when they are afraid they invest in the future they are always disciplined about the time they know how much their time was. They don’t do stuff where you can hire experts doing it in a shorter time because when you get it done it will help you making a better investment for the future so why do you spend your time doing stuff where somebody else can do it on the other hand the poor people don’t waste time.

And we all get into a debate like what do you mean was wasting time like if I go to the grain or I would so I would door activities and said and meditate. It was doing time.

The answer to you is how you use it if you use your time to meditate or to take actions to be a better person to try to act and help people around you or try to enjoy to feel yourself up to talk go to your next chapter of your your knee you are very cautious about your time but when you just spend your time in front of your large T.V..

To just kill the time do you have ever decide that you want to do substitute just kill time. This is what we call it Wisting time so as I reach attitude we never kill the time we always find a use for the time. The last and the very first differentiation between rich people and poor people.

Is Rich people will have mentors will ask for guidance will try to learn from their men. Experience.

How to take advantage and don’t spend too much time doing stings which is people other people figure thousands they can move forward the poor people will try to figure out for themselves like they do do it yourself how many of us can can do it for themselves it’s a big question and I have to ask you one question in media question when you try when you look at your car and your car has an issue when you fix it or you take it to the mechanic to fix it you just do you do your own oil change you know that that is easiest job on maintaining a car is to to change oil. To do an early change. When you try to figure it yourself or you give it to an oil change place where they change your oil.

Definitely many of us are on the ridge side they will just go leaves our car go to work and come back and base the barrels for an oil change we don’t get ourselves into changing the oil ourselves and to be honest if you look at You Tube or any of this video information you’ll find out that changing out is very simple in your car and you can actually do it but why wouldn’t do it because we don’t want to figure out our salvage just it does not worth our time we have we can make some more useful use of our time by just giving somebody else to change OUR got our car or oil so we don’t have to do it so they’re rich attitude again is a poor attitude is what discriminate and what say if you are rich or poor to summarize it there are nine differentiations between the rich and poor rich sure right goes down I would advise each one of you to take a sheet of paper spend. Five minutes and just writes three goals.

Writes three goals of today Rice three goals for the week right three goals for the year right three goals for the month and.

Figure out ways how to achieve your goals they each People are always on the look for opportunities and they grab this opportunities and they take advantage of.

Which people usually have labors. And they look for libel is not lost Stevie’s.

Rich people they will continue to Lord they trade money to for time they take steps when they are afraid they invest for the future and they are very disciplined about time and they always have mentors who they learn from their mentors how to move forward my advice to you if doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank look and adopt. A rich attitude and you will make a change in your life I will leave you with this word and I feel like this episode play subscribe ins about cast and listen to the other material I have overs are you are always welcome to send me feedback is our on my website or on. The comment line be underneath my bot cast and have a good day.

Thank you for listening

Todd Hirsch Open House, ATB Entrepreneur Centre – Update on the State of Alberta Economy, Dec. 9, 2016

Todd Hirsch Open House
We’re putting on the coffee…

Please come and join Todd to chit chat about anything you’d like (economics related, of course).

We hold these coffee chats at Calgary’s Entrepreneur Centre (almost) every month (when Todd is not out of town speaking). It’s your chance to bring up questions or issues that have been on your mind.

Grad school friends when the while about the economy it’s a big topic on everyone’s mind right now in Alberta. There’s no question that having service struggled through two years of recession. The question that’s on everyone’s mind is what comes next for a further twenty seventeen really the question Are things going to prove or turnaround and the answer to that Israel we say away with being a communist good.
It’s a bit complicated when we think of what I guess triggered the recession for over there was only really one way in on a change and that was the oil prices went from one hundred seven dollars a barrel down to twenty seven dollars a barrel at the beginning of this year and then having recovered modest but certainly struggling to you know get above fifty or stay above fifty. So it’s a challenging price environment for producers promise and that has been the whole reason.
In fact while it is fun to these two sectors years. Tracking the drop in oil price. I think it’s a stark reminder of how dependent this problem still is on one simple commodity. But talk a little bit about you know do we need to diversify or how does that happen. You know a little bit but of course we are we remain very dependent on the petroleum crude oil to kill. So twenty fifteen twenty sixteen two consecutive years of contraction and over. This economy.
You have to go all the way back to the one nine hundred eighty S. find a situation that is as serious as this in almost every respect the way you look at the data and then teach what works more hours and I think we will in fact get to a situation where it’s as bad as the T.V. spot for a lot of people if you were the work rate the arrow or your kids are without work or you’re watching your friends loose or jobs. Absolutely. Meals as bad as the 1980’s.
Even though statistically it may not be but when it comes to the job market in the labor market that is where people actually connect with what a recession means for them first. So I guess there’s two questions. How do we reach the bottom in the energy sector and how do we reach the bottom. You know for this economy for the first question or for the answer to that first question I would say that the worst of the price downturn we believe is close behind us so we don’t think we’re going to test the oil at twenty seven or thirty years the U.S. benchmark price again not in this cycle. Anyway I mean that who knows in the future but we do think the oil prices are likely to remain in this forty maybe fifty five dollars range.
That said we have to recognize anything is possible. Anything could happen. Two years ago I would not have said it was likely that oil was just thirty dollars a barrel but it. So we have to always keep in mind that you know anything could happen a year from now or even by six months from now we could see oil at thirty dollars we could see that eighty dollars. I don’t think those scenarios are very likely Instead our analysis suggests that we’re going to see these prices continue to trade trade between about forty five maybe fifty five dollars a barrel. And they are thinking and I’m not I’m not an energy economy so it’s not my area of expertise I collect my information from other smart people around me but in our estimation OPEC does not become as morning to factor going forward as the U.S. shale oil or oil.
So although OPEC if they decided once again that they don’t that they want to flood the market with well they could push prices back lower hasn’t worked out really great for them and in fact I think that’s one of the reasons why OPEC has decided to agree to. Some supply because they too suffer with thirty dollar oil going forward I think the more limiting here the more important factor is the U.S. shale oil production and that doesn’t change. I mean OPEC gets a bit unpredictable and depending on who’s giving a speech on any given day agreements come in agreements go with OPEC. But what doesn’t change is that U.S. shale oil production and that in fact is what I think will limit oil prices on the upside and that’s why they’ll struggle any time they get above fifty fifty five dollars a lot of that shale oil comes on the market.
So we think that’s the environment we’re going to be looking at here for at least the next few years in Alberta is probably a coward oil prices at around that fifty or fifty five dollars range. I mean where they’re at right now. So that’s I guess the good news and bad news is the good news is fifty dollars oil is better than twenty seven dollars oil are the bad news is fifty dollar oil for a lot of producers in this province that’s still a challenge to price. Now we’re starting to see some green shoots we’re starting to see some optimism come back very gradually into the energy sector we saw some of this announcement yesterday some positive signs that
they’re going to resume some bits of their investment in their projects and that’s positive. But going forward. I don’t think we can count on the energy sector in this province to be that really super strong driving force in growth and that’s what we all sort of got used to between twenty ten and two thousand and fourteen when this province was growing at four or four and a half percent real G.D.P. every year and that’s because this the energy sector and the piles of investment into oil sands projects and conventional projects. That’s what was driving all of the activity. Going forward with oil. Maybe more permanently at around forty five to fifty five.
I think we can. No I don’t think we can expect the energy sector to be that strong driving force. It will still be there. It will still operate the better equipped with the better position companies will will operate profitably. But we’re not going to see a lot of investment come back we’re not going to see a lot of employment come back and that is in fact what’s going to sort of pull growth backing up early twenty’s. So in other words we’re expecting the energy sector the petroleum sector in twenty seventeen to stabilize with oil around fifty dollars stable is better than two years of a contraction. But it doesn’t yet bring back growth. Now a lot of people in this province are going to be waiting and watching course when when this employment sometime in the energy sector. So that’s the first question have we reached the bottom of the petroleum sector I think we’ve seen the very worst of it stable will be the new word for twenty seventeen and maybe with some modest growth from twenty thousand and be on. However when we look at Albertus macro economy and when we look at the labor market ticket here is where I don’t think we have quite reached the bottom yet. And this is the part of the chap that I don’t like talking about because it is around the job market where people do become very emotional vested in what’s going on because obviously people are concerned about jobs jobs for themselves opportunities again for their kids or their neighbors. Now if the current president were sitting at nine percent unemployment in Alberta ten point three percent in this city that is the highest since the early one nine hundred ninety S. and Calgary now has the dubious honor highest unemployment rate of any major Canadian city. This is not a scar used to being in that certainly not one we like being in but the reality is there are tens of thousands of people right now with no jobs and if you pile on top of that the people who are technically employed but there may be employed part time. There may be employed doing some contract. Work. It’s not permanent. It’s not full time when you pile on top of that people who are perhaps underemployed. They’d like to be working more hours or better pay then of course it’s not just ten point three percent. It’s probably closer to twenty percent of health care. It’s rather without work altogether or they’re struggling underemployed. So when you start to think about that. I mean that’s a fifth of Calgarians and it’s no wonder that that the mood in the city in two thousand and sixteen has been has been quite dark and in some cases kind of an angry mood but I think we are reaching I don’t think we’ve reached the very worst of it yet with the labor market. I do think the unemployment rate is going to climb a little bit higher into early twenty’s seventeen the way these economic cycles work when oil prices started to turn down where it was until about eight months. The fact that Congress on one point started to rise there was a lag going into the recession coming out of the recession and twenty seventeen and by the way our expectation of coming out is very very modest growth but coming out of the recession in two thousand and seventeen. We think the labor market will also play in other words we’re likely to see it climb a bit higher before it stabilizes from somewhere around nine and a half or ten percent or were offered up and then gradually start to improve after about. So we’ve seen the worst of it. We think in the energy sector but for Alberta the some macro economy and for the labor market. We think we have a few more months of tough sledding here before things stabilize and start to move before I start talking. There are some sectors in the province. Pardon me. There are some sectors in the province second T.V. view quite well and we think that this is where the modest growth is going to come from in. Seventeen. It’s not going to come from the petroleum sector but we do think we will see some continued growth in sectors like Egger culture neighbor food forestry all of that one comes with Macau the help talked about and tourism which is probably set for another record here and twenty seven thousand now we have to understand forestry agriculture tourism. These are the second third and fourth largest industries but even taken as a group they are more by the petroleum industry. I mean it’s not even close. How far they trail behind. Nonetheless they do provide some some balance and some diversity and those are the sectors that are growing right now. Now the cabinet with the forestry sector and forestry much more important for our communities and sort of the West and Northern Africa. But the cabinet. There is the software lumber agreement with the United States has expired. There is no agreement in place and expired over a year ago and now with the new with ministration coming into the White House. You may have heard there was an election about a month ago and some interesting changes on the way but it’s anyone’s guess. In fact how that softwood lumber agreement is going to be negotiated. But I would I would suggest that on balance it’s probably bad news for the forestry sector in our fantastic course with Mr Trump being more operational they were there in dollar terms I don’t know that’s a good question and it’s not it’s not large especially I get compared to the petroleum sector it’s it’s miniscule. I mean it’s much more B.C. but there are there are communities that grab her Peace River Rocky Mountain House there’s a swath of communities along the western and northern fringe where it is an important driver. So I wouldn’t I wouldn’t consider it. You know a large industry but it is one of those base resource industries and it’s one of the industries by the. That tends to do better when oil prices are weak because the forestry sector keeps for labor almost directly with a lot of those oil and gas providers produce so it’s not huge but it is it is still a base industry that does help provide some diversity. Yeah. So the hockey season you want to be out there but playing back to the culture was one of them is a pretty useless for the cows will need to replace just need them but now as a warning of these orders are you talking about the bowing to Bergamo says yes yeah. This isn’t good news at all. I would say at the present. It’s not a catastrophe because it’s still contained but we don’t know I mean it’s already spread more than two to one branch and I think the last count is ten thousand have to be put down. So that’s not good news at all and we’ll have to watch the story to see how it evolves. If it does turn into a bigger issue and it eventually leads to perhaps a closure or a ban on exports. It’s not at that point yet but it’s not to say I couldn’t get their souls I’m quite sure for them but yeah it’s and it’s not it’s not good news for the cattle. So one more thing. What I think about that the better business and agriculture. So we can think about traditional agriculture is how we can know those are the three kind of cattle prices wheat prices are kind of weak right now and although it’s it’s it’s kind of OK wasn’t a fantastic product here in Alberta depending on where you are especially around Edmonton and central orders to where they had a hard time getting their crops are better conditions in southern Alberta. It’s always kind of money even for our poor farmers that way but we’re more optimistic these days is in the opportunities around Small me shagger food producers they’ve actually been doing really really well and I think there are sort of. Capitalizing on a trend around more a growing consumer demand for locally produced goods in some cases organic foods in all cases smaller meat production where there is no better information about the food in other words trends consumer trends around food are moving away from highly processed manufactured food succumbing to big factories and Mississauga and they’re moving more towards the niche locally produced players and I think Alberta is capitalizing on that now we have to you know keep in mind it’s still a very very small and organic honey production in fact the hour this morning was about and it’s increased seven fold thirty years and over down. I’ve worked supporting it. So but you know seventy million dollars in honey does not start to replace you know crude oil as a drive her in this economy but to starts to help when you start to see you know thousands of Agra who producers all each players all at the local small low level but it does start to provide more of that first of the income and industrial mix products. So just to wrap up and then I’ll stop talking turn it over to you our forecast our most recent forecast came out November second and we’re now calling for a real G.D.P. growth of two point one percent in two thousand and seventeen about half a percent of that comes from the rebuilding for me which is not the best kind of G.D.P. that you would like to see because we’re really just rebuilding to get to where we work but nonetheless that will provide or that will involve some spending and some some boost to the G.D.P. in two thousand and seventeen and the other one and a half percent comes from those other sectors so we talked about Agra Foods tourism up some forestry. You know none of that growth there. The energy sector does not yet make any contribution to G.D.P. growth in two thousand and seventeen. But on the bright side it’s no longer an says a drag pushing over a bit into truck. So two point one percent that is I guess good news we think that technically the recession will end next year but again elevated unemployment rate for a lot of people. The fact that the economy is now growing again will be cold comfort. It will still feel pretty recession with an unemployment rate of around nine or higher percent. So with that I’ll turn it over to you if you have a question observation of your own. Yes What’s so well it depends on the year prior to the oil price downturn it was at about twenty five percent. So I don’t actually know what it is going to be in two thousand and sixteen. I mean we’re still twenty sixteen but my guess is it will be somewhere closer to about ten or twelve percent that’s only a guess like roughly where it was enough to really direct threats to all the other things that struck an industry manufacturing which you know where it is largely refining of energy products. That’s all kind of separate so that twenty five percent two years ago or maybe ten or twelve percent now that it’s just oil and gas production sale time I actually don’t know what that is probably someone some estimates have been made but you know you don’t have to it’s. It’s hard to find anyone in this province who is not directly or at least one degree of separation away from the energy sector. You know even financial services. You know like to be worked back to by the energy sector. We have a lot of clients who are energy sector providers and in business services all of those drilling contractors water hauler they’re all considered as business services when stats can be calculates the P.D.P. but there are business services that feed directly into the energy sector so they really had an extension of it. So once you start to count all of that even the restaurants downtown Calgary you know while they’re full of oil and gas for a cocktail hour or so in that respect those those particular restaurant to really kind of the heart of the industry to go for that ten year green ten years might be a bit big yeah. Several years. You know and I always caution people not to get too worked up about this is this is a typical powder. I’m going to carry nine hundred eighty nine and at that time Kalra had just gone through another building boom and they were all sitting empty. You know when this happens you know six here is the big and serious highly actually work or not for profit at the time in the early one nine hundred ninety S. and we had fantastic work with Rob We’ve had plastic office space and what this can tear a tower. I mean this is way too much as a brand building way too nice a space for it. Scrappy. Not probably work but it was donated office space and we just had to pay the heat the lights and it was a charitable donation for whoever held the lease on that. So you know you see the stuff in time and time again. This time around. Yeah twenty five percent or even those towers it’s going to fall higher. It’s more severe than other downturns. But this is this is a normal cycle. What it will be a little push on the rigs or the rents. On that space which three years ago. I mean companies from outside of oil and gas they would have looked at Calgary because office space was just too expensive and now it’s all on sale. I mean you get some really neat space so that helps you know promote more diversity that way but it is it is going to be rough for the leaseholders on the space ship so much of the port has not been flipped over on doing good and we know that we are the show here was not good for so many cuts over with for people out there so can you just explain how do you see this because this is a minute. Exam before anybody of us would like to figure out what has to go. So what are the kind of fall for this perfectly of course how they can for the away from the oil short because we just of these are largest. Robin and gas shores and this is how we want to put it on the street you know it was not stand it was just so how we move how they would like what sources they get the car if they were able to get like on other other other other kinds of trade shows or other sorts of tourism work. Well that’s a good question. I don’t know I have to make you refer to someone in the travel and tourism industry the ones who actually work on trying to advertise the gallery and sure of these big groups. I do know that our Rotary International is Calgary it’s now exploring making another bid to have rotary come the very last international one in Calgary once I think in the ninety’s and it was the single largest bench tourism forecast ever. Still I mean by anything else. So there. Looking at it another big sometime in the I think in twenty twenty or beyond. So there seems like doubt but the outside of the energy sector if you’re looking at the different industries. I don’t know exactly how the tourism. You know Calgary conventions tourism convention how they would go about doing that there are other opportunities. Oh well the Canadian dollar. Well it has been moving sort of lockstep with oil prices to some degree but the bigger influence I think on the comedian dollar will be any surprise surprise from the U.S. Federal Reserve. Now they’re largely expected to raise rates next week. I think it is a research interest rates in the United States or a surprise move or even a statement by the Bank of Canada which is not expected to raise rates for a long long time to cover and that’s why the Canadian dollar is no lower than than its traditional value about eighty to eighty three cents right now it’s lower than that because the markets are anticipating that rates in the states are going to go out and they’re not going to go up in Canada in that time. Yes. So if there was a surprise move or even you know say the benefit Canada loses all sense. Tomorrow it makes a speech saying we’re going to raise rates in January and catching markets you know are they’re not going to do that by the way but if they did do that. Well that would you know really drive the comedian dollar up some who are if there was another really dramatic change in the oil prices or maybe some of those other prices a little more and then yeah OK I’ll stay out here the other issue being everything. Like oh my goodness. Suddenly Yeah. So we’re talking presidential real yes officer right. You know actually I mean we’re two years into a recession that real estate prices. I was in prices have been remarkably stable. I would not have expected them to be stable as they are certain segments of the market especially here in Calgary the condo market is down and the ten million dollar properties are down but that’s because they have a there’s a thinner market for those buyers anyway and they built a condos. But even those I mean condo prices and in downtown Calgary. There are boat you know five or ten percent but those single be touched bungalows that kind of mid range. They haven’t even really much at all. They’re down maybe two or three percent in Edmonton they’re not even down at all so adamant and it’s not getting hit as bad as calories in this downturn and I think it’s because going into the recession. Both cities real estate markets were very healthy balance. It’s not like we were going into a recession with a bubble already built built in and that would have been the case back in two thousand and six two thousand and seven. Then you could see house prices in that five percent or so are coming out of it. I don’t see a lot of growth in housing prices and twenty seventeen. But you know you could also imagine a situation where it becomes clear to everybody that OK the downturn in the energy sector is behind us oil prices are back above fifty. We have some pipelines in place the group shoots of optimism start coming back and then you could start to see that spillover effect. What’s driven Vancouver’s real estate which is foreign buyers. You know then you can start to see them stepping up trying those already experience and you know car is only an hour flight from Vancouver so you could start to see some improvement real estate buying because of that importance. But I think it’ll be a while yet before. Calgarians are starting to feel comfortable enough to start beating up on was because I don’t know when the rates are going to be. I know it’s a possibility. It’s a possibility. Sure yeah I mean we could see you know lower prices in the first quarter of the year which is traditionally a lower buying season by the time anyway. So yeah. Depending on the exact property that you’re looking at it’s possible for sure but I wouldn’t see you know I wouldn’t see another five percent drop out of. Oh oh well I guess when we think about that oil price I’m I’m referencing that US dollar West Texas Intermediate range price as one of the prices. You know there is Brant prices for Europe and Asia but that W T I. Prices mostly influenced by well two basic game supplying demand we think demand will continue to grow modestly. I mean will conditions start looking slightly better than they were a year ago especially in the United States right now with the new profit ministration coming in cuts to taxes spending on the structure that’s expected to have a stimulative effect on the U.S. probably energy consumption. So we think demand is going to be at least a modest positive for the price but then the other bigger issue has been supply and that’s where I mean over the last three years we’ve seen by really come on to the market and that’s what’s driven prices so supply. Then again it gets back to those two things. OPEC what OPEC going to do is OPEC really going to agree to these supply limits are they really going to hang together because Mr Putin and Russia are going to cooperate. Sounds like I mean from their most recent talks it sounds like yeah they’re going to agree to withhold some supply and that’s a positive price but we don’t know with OPEC precisely I mean like I said earlier they could meet tomorrow and decide no we’re struck on that whole agreement and you know well prices could fall back down with more supply but probably the single biggest factor right now for that town on oil prices and in our estimation is that is the U.S. shale oil because under no scenario does that go away for a while its technological advances under a lot of the oil in the United States. They keep finding more oil a big discovery in Texas. What happened to this explorer all of Texas already I mean now you’re finding this but it’s because of the new the new shale technologies that they’re there. Now even if you extract oil reserves. So those are the two big things three years old this one is not really like three years. Yes All right. All right. All right last word yes. You’re getting it and you’re absolutely right. And this question of diversity comes up all but the question that’s never answered it was the word we need to go first. By This is where the problem was we need the provincial government to say the energy sector it’s hard it’s hard to say if there’s a profit motivation to do a business will buy person if there’s not a profit motive how we meet that pronoun. How do we make this happen. And this is not that we’ve been trying for forty years and I think really well maybe we should always look at the ones. Take a look at how life was right. You were right all right. If you say no they just really sustain this true. Here’s my wife three years. Yeah yeah yeah yeah probably. Back inside those plates where they didn’t touch. The well that’s a good question. I don’t know if I’m the best one to answer. I would find it hard to believe that there would be a slew of outside capital coming in simply the amount of investment to be made. It’s going to be quite small. At least compared to where it was three or four years ago where we did see a lot. So I guess increases in capital spending are going to be pretty marginal I think the combined seventy but I don’t think it’s going to meet the level of the cycle. But other people in the industry might have more knowledge that. Well there’s a lot of things actually favor of tourism candidate over every one of them of course it’s the other it’s the U.S. economy’s doing well the point six percent unemployment. They’re not every one of us doing well but by and large the economy it’s kind of back on its feet and that for most tourists tourism especially China. I think there’s a lot of scope for expand there. We hope that the name of the airline from Beijing has a nonstop calorie there’s a lot of you know consumer dollars trying to get down there. I think more of them are going to be looking for those experienced kinds of trouble and I think what this is about. Now the other thing that starts to place. Twenty six calling this magazine. There was some trouble website and I don’t know if you’re probably right. The front cover of the twenty best place for all this point except by the city. I mean this is National Geographic and it’s radio so I mean all of that helps for sure in the twenty fifteen twenty six consecutive years in a row of record tourism business and I think twenty seventeen now is the new Y Y C. I know comedy right now. I don’t see why we just can’t disprove everything you know really just true sets every year but you never know. Every everybody else. Great pressure and interest obviously somebody in the movie more so there is going to be a big push from the government industry for today and I think you’re smart people but I’m also interested in what they don’t know better when it’s. Already here so far I don’t think we meet your ratings right now. So I think there’s a lot of those poster children for their technology for free from free trade very well. Yeah there. I mean you can always there really last dance where you are sitting there a shower while I was terminal is also not true but I mean you’re sitting senator I’m not really in will be the player and that it really is the Chinese word technology but it requires leadership three years old prove it’s right not to do that you know I’m just saying you know what people are afraid that there’s a lot of very old players throughout all this for three years. All right. All right all right. I don’t know it’s a great group. Oh this theory was here in this file here a lot of it right. So I just call home.

What is Wrong With Your Presentation?

Welcome to with Wael the ultimate Show .
Almost all of us will present and at the end of our presentation. We will not be able to know if we really engage our audience or we will basically they’ve heard our audience a way. Many of us will say I did my best. I had lots of content. I taught. All my knowledge but the audience did not really

engage with me and audience did not get me.

Did not join my program or did not join my. It were a mailing list or they did not take actions I didn’t get called back up as a percentage.

So the question is what’s wrong with the presentation because if anybody. And and everybody stand over there. And present you all must have at least one in the audience call you back or come back and ask your question. So the question is why the audience are not here for you.

So my question to you

is what do you do in your presentation.

Audience will engage with

a good content

audience will engage engage with good sic which. Audience will engage with a speaker who will be

dynamic enough and provide the right material in the right way so you can be able to talk to them. So what is the top of challenges for your presentations. Why your presentation did not work.

My name is A while back that we have been professor and

and structure. Mark Terence sales from the stage specialist and I’m here to share with you. The secrets I have

on how to engage my audience so I can achieve results by the end of my presentation. I have been around for a one thousand nine hundred ninety two and. I during the years I was able to

collect and figure out

a few tips. And a few things which will work for me and work for anybody. And from my education my my practice my experience. I developed a system which is. I cannot tell you it will guarantee

a ninety percent engagement which is I can as a matter of fact because whenever I apply my sequences and my systems and my in my classes and my audience usually. It is not hundred percent engaging is about ninety percent engaging. But I would guarantee if you start applying this tool you will immediately have results and you will immediately have engagement and more audience will come to

join your program or ask you follow up question where you can sell or do

help them with your program.

If they want to ask you what is the top challenges for you to

provide an engaging sequence out there in

your fear and your ego

confidence and your trust that what you know is better. Which is not necessarily true

will be the main

number three challenge you have because many of. We have an eagle many of us will say you know I want to do a contant I want to do a demo I want to do I want to do but. You never ask yourself what what what about the other side. I did have one of my clients his.

Healer and he was always feeling good about his methods and the sequence. He was feeling good about his is missing. He was feeling good about what he can do for his crimes. So he will always stand and talk about what exactly is doing.

He wandered around for about two years and a year and a half to two years and he usually have between two to four clients a month

I met him and I present to him what I can do for him and he he said like this my last resources let me give it a try.

You are now listening to which way I’ll be ultimate show.

When I

modify and I suggest some of the patient what he’s doing for example he does not talk at all about his own program and his own techniques. He would converse most to moderate clients from his audience and it when he was very resistant he did not like it.

It took him five weeks to be convinced to try and in the first two weeks after that he was able to conclude between seven to nine clients on his working days which means

he had roughly more than twenty plus Comodo new clients a week.

So as a part time here there who’s looking at these numbers. He made a decision to move for out from his full time job and just focus on healing.

So if you would your figure ego and you’re a confidence and you’re feeling. That what you know is good and you try to apply some other tools when you’re stuck. It’s maybe the way

to Day In particular I was in IP presentation and the presenter wanted to do. I’d like them all and she was so concerned about so many

things which can go wrong. So I step down and I ask you know what you why do you want to do them. What is the reason for you to do for me and them. You know that you don’t do a demo because or you must not like my advice you must not do them. It’s not because everything will go around assembly if you have one thousand minutes to twenty minutes to ninety minutes presentation. How many of us who are really learned something from seeing a flashy screams. Even when we have three hours working groups for hours working groups and each one has its own computer which is on interface. And is trying to fix a problem. Not everybody in the room will follow and understand what the reason for us having a demo or having a life hands on session. So if you want to do a demo on your presentation. You have to be careful because there is no need for a demo I.E. went into so many of these financial advisor presentations and investors and sister to shoe all of the Steve’s tables having stock and numbers and how the stocks are changing and what the high performance companies and what their strategy is I stop there and that’s Ponsonby question what is in it for me why you show me the stables as a matter of fact if I am hiring you as a financial advisor or investors of my behalf. I am hiring you so you can take care of these details and these tables so I don’t have to see them. So if you come and say I will I will use your money and this is a team as you have to say you have basically defeating the point. So I went in and

I want to say that you need to value what you get what you give your audience every single second in your audience. It must to have an evolving procedures toward your journey or your program. You never go and just do the stuff because you feel it’s cool coming back to the demo. I even asked some of the partner of this particular individual which is for just a sec of


upset anybody. I didn’t want to say Who was she. But who was he. But I spoke to store three of her partners on or her colleagues in the business and each one was surprised why you cannot give it. Imma be able to learn from them and I say wait a minute wait a minute. People will never learn from them at them or is has no

place in an introduction presentation or an educational presentation at them as a filler that you want to tell everybody

that I am not here to give you more value other value is done now we have to see how it works if you are telling me what the valley on the other Use your business what it was your system. Why do I need to hire you. He would ensure me how to do it as a matter of fact when we talk about presentations. We always say you have to answer that five W.’s and this W. as I say I was selected not because my first name is why all this deputies are selected because it’s how people runs a business you explain the five Ws you never show the help at them and it shows how if you show a demo it means you show me how what you’re supposed to be a keep secret. Now if I move away from this point and say OK so what about if the demo will fail for any reason Internet blockage server down some. Saying ground. I don’t know any of these reasons will make you look like a fool if you can show me a demo which is connecting on different servers and you say I will show you now the demo and this is there was not work.

You are now listening to with my L.B. ultimate show.

It means you are not good.

Thats it.

So when you try to show them as you have to be careful there was no place in any presentation demo has a place only in working sessions and you have to figure out how we can do it so. The second chorus sing I learn also is.

The second the challenge they have in my in this particular presentation I can share with you is you don’t take time.

You don’t take advantage of don’t take time. You don’t move. You are slowing moving move or if somebody will come and say I am showing you a sequence that or a message elegy to present to engage your audience and make you rock Blackstar Usually we are voices particular individuals when you have all these individuals and you take time to fix your presentation and the first explosion Titian have. You visited spreading their message out and the word out that you are not good.

You are indeed harming yourself and your business and instead of moving into an area where you are trying to rock as a star. If you are harming your business.

Don’t blame others and yourself if you gave two or three or four different presentations and all of them are not performing are not good. What what you will know about you. The see another performer. So what will happen in your next and after for the presentation. When you have individuals coming in. If you don’t engage in. Audiences audience will not come back. And this what you don’t understand

you need to make sure that you don’t consume your if real presence here to

reduce and damage your business if I say the second this challenge for presenter to finish their presentation is they don’t take time. They don’t take actions they don’t take actions on a time and there I can tell you one thing. If you don’t take an action to fix your presentation as soon as you have been told You don’t care if you don’t take actions now what will happen he don’t care about your business your business will not perform. You have to give a chance you have to listen to others. Otherwise it will not work. So

that last challenge for present or is

the present of themselves.

There’s other themselves are bounded by their ego the other day there was a marketing company which is amazingly interesting because when you see a marketing company. It’s trying to sell their own product as they try to teach we have to market and the main presenters are for more than one hour reading a script from his i Phone. I’m glad that you have an i Phone this what I can tell you I love the fact is you have an i Phone and my question to you is why you don’t have an i Phone seven. Why do you have an i Phone as an i Phone seven. If you are the top notch guys the market. You are now listening to with my L.B. ultimate show.

I never seen a presenter who just said that there is a script. And if the script will come because they say oh yeah I don’t want to miss anything from the government who cares about the government. It’s all about engagement. If you don’t know how to market if you I don’t understand how you communicate and how you market at present dish and how it comes you market your business as a. Company

you have to be Kerik careful you have to take care of the audience you have to tell the audience what they need to know they have to engage with you. Everything is an engagement. There is nothing

on education. Nothing on sales if you don’t engage me it cannot educate me is so central if you don’t understand this concept. You should not be on the stage. So when you come and say No no I want to use this because I forgot forget what

evilness wants to use

not they’re not bored because they forgot they forgot what

if you cannot know what is’ your present ation is not a society if you cannot talk about your presentation without having notes. It means you are not expert. Why would I have why when I was I listen to you. Why do you have a script. Oh please read the script and I can read it I don’t have to read English.

Oh you know what if I don’t know how to read English I will find somebody who can read it for me

engaging is not about script engaging is not about presence in gauge it is not about what you can do and what you can say engaging it’s a hard connection between and you and the audience. If you want to learn how to do the hard connection. Let me know I can show you

we have not. We had we have not been born

with engagement skills.

We have we did not but we were not born with

engaging sequences. We learned this tool this too. The skulls are level. The idea of having somebody was a Christmas to engage. I’m sorry. There is not such a thing this Christmas is resultant af. Lots of training and lots of process which is can happen at any time of your age and your career to make you the focus. Point is a focal point to make you engage with others. So

if you listen to this particular but cast.

I would areas you connect with me I will show you I will show you the minimum stuff you have to do you have to start to move away. We are the first enemy is in for you as present or you are someone was worrying about the too much let it go let the presentation go from your body let it go away. Give it to us. Don’t hold it back. Don’t try to articulate it right. I have been asked so many questions. How do I engage when I have an accent.

I have I And that is that their size one time when I was standing there in the front of a new audience for me and I said Do you really notice you have an accent. This is not we enjoy what you’re saying.

So accent is not a barrier your knowledge is not a barrier your communication is not a barrier. You are what you say is not a barrier your visual image visuals are not a barrier the barrier is you you are someone who elect to do. Interesting and acceptable tasks and statements from the stage which shut us down. I wasn’t I want to share with you. The story because it was very interesting. There was this enterprise she sold like her business for multi million dollars and she was coming and talk about how great she was doing and her journey away from her journey is wrong because you don’t stand there and tell and to pronounce that it’s Duff it’s difficult. You shouldn’t do it. I would not do it if I have a choice because this is our zone messages out there and the printer ship is fun and the printer ship is something you have to love doing it. You have to live and it. If you don’t live and if you don’t do it. That’s it. But our way from this point this particular individual stand up and just give us like forty minutes or seven minutes of stuff I would put the stuff because. There was no structure whatsoever and to be honest with you. I’m not sure why she’s on the stage. If you make multi-million dollar and you stand on the stage you have to be that you have to train yourself have to stand up to what sequences are you don’t stand on the stage because you are a successful whatever

it just it does make sense. There are so many speakers. I would say that are not so much at the printer but engaged as are so many people who made so much money and they don’t they don’t stand on the stage because they don’t know the art and science of it so she is standing right there.

Everything was done was wrong she has a microphone it was not right. This big voice was not right. The monotone she has was just so annoying all the stories she has assumed much details very long not engaging I said What is that. But before I really was surprised I have to listen to the following. She said Oh OK guys with a minute. I have to review my notes and you know what. And it’s exactly something she said from the state. I’m not good in the repairing the speeches. I would call my you know my my swords in a sticky and I started I glued them to this particular page

and sure there’s a page. So I’m not sure why you want to share with me that you have slobby. If I am having as you might engage with you as you might have a respect was for evil. Why is the value of you showing me the just loving slobby one who does not repaired Well why do I need to see that. Why did you tell me you don’t know as you that the only one who has a contest and the only one who has a content and the only one who know what you are teaching is Will is YOU not me. So if you stand and talk and say something which was not complete. Nobody cares because we will not know till you make a full disclosure and. The minute you make a full disclosure what could happen.

You are now listening to with my L.B. ultimate show. The minute you make a full disclosure I will not be able to connect with you because I’m not here. I’m here to see a role models. I am here to see individuals who devoted enough time to prepare for themselves to come to present in front of me if I devote enough time as an audience as a speaker as an audience or a guest to come to park my car and they my car which is not free. I pay my car parking fees and then I come and I go to Europe you own your own space edition and I climb the stairs and I take the elevator and I have to sit there and do it for you for YOU COME TO SEE I’M NOT READY by showing Misa sticky pads and then are you message guys out that you message. If you don’t understand the art of engaging connectors me get this together I’m offering it to you for no cost. Let me know you want to invite me for a coffee I will set you up for half an hour to an hour and I will show you the easy steps a sequence which can get you engage with your audience. If you have Siri or more in the room as a matter of fact if you have even one in a room. If you understand the psychology this logics Why do people come to here to listen to you. Not even buy but is different story but is different structure but is different. Six sequence. If you want to understand why do we sit and listen till

you should talk save your business. Leave your business alone. Leave your business. Where

is neutral right now don’t damage it don’t come and say I want to do this. I want to do that. I want to speak. Why didn’t I have to tuck and one more is one more thing I want to do before I close a particular but cast many of us will go and collect our friends you know

if I am broke

who is who are my friends

and the videos what broke like me

if I’m H Who are my friends people who are rich like me. So when you collect everybody in your organization and you say yeah we are a start up company and they want to present and we are doing just present ation let’s let me let’s help me and let me rehearse on your presentation.

You are presenting in front of the wrong audience because your partners in the company are people who work for you and the company your friends. I’m not your audience. I’m not your buyers. Moreover it’s one of them. He never present before because if one of them has a better presentation skills and you most likely as enter Pranav used to get at them

is OK now you guys you have a good the skills and you understand the audience. So why you don’t present on my behalf.

So the fact is none of them is presenting and you are the only one and you brand. It brings the guys who don’t present don’t understand selling from the stage or selling from a platform or presenting from a platform

give you feedback

to fix

your presentation

I can tell you one thing. This is we call it a blind leading the blind

blind individuals don’t understand the business don’t understand how to type don’t understand how to speak and what they do they try

and I have to use a word or try here. They try their best

to get you behind because I don’t understand. When someone rang his family and say I’m giving have this presentation tomorrow. Let me show you what I would present

his family will cheer out for him will say you know what good that you are the good that you know my husband you know his wife will say my husband you look awesome. Because none of this individuals what actually presenting this or your family

and even you can say I was given this example to there somebody said all but my own my but my family is a businessman is a business man and to pronounce it

with a minute or so of these are successful people why you are not working with them

the story is not to present in front of somebody who will

schmoozy Oh and say you are great. The story is you present in front of somebody who understand how the message can get across

the story is to present in front of the coach who understand the presentation how it works if any coach will tell you you start with your title and you start with your who you are and your mission and your various

fire this coach. I’m telling you fire. If you want to achieve results fire this coach if any present present or coach will say you want your presentation title followed by your man as in the very first right.

You have must fire this coach he just not the way it works. Nobody cares about your name. Nobody cares about your value nobody cares about your mission. Nobody cares about your wife. They don’t care is only about this information a certain point when they understand how strong you are and they see your market presence and then the stand. What that you can to give it to me.

Thank you for listening to went way out the ultimate shell. The very first step. I gave to anybody in this business. If you have a coach or a trainer or a mentor whoever will ask you to want your presentation with a title up front with your name and articulate your value and what you do for life.

I would tell you fire the fire this coach. I want to share with your story. I have business coaches that everybody everybody needs stage he would have coaches and you know what if somebody will tell you I don’t have coaches

you know you don’t don’t don’t really work with them because if you don’t have coach means you don’t develop yourself. You need some other set of eyes of professional eyes to evaluate what you do. If you don’t have coaches don’t work with you don’t work with anybody not have coach. And if I’m not

I don’t feel comfort to share with you who are my coaches there is a problem he has because so if you work with somebody. So I have my two coaches and

I as everybody you know like what is the business will start to show good the growing habit. You’re always try to bring your coaches to life seminars and say Can you show me how I can do better. So this particular coach It took me to a specific point. And now I’m ready to go to the next level.

So I sat there and I gave my present ation my two coaches came and said on a different drive a discussion. It was great. I learned a lot very engaging

I have two recommendations for you. So what he said why you should start with your title and this is the start was used by you or

your credential

I said. The squidge but why

they could not justify

and this is the exact moment I stop interacting with these coaches full stop. Why because when I tell you I don’t care about who you are till I know what VERY I will get from you

if you start with your title with your name. Nobody cares. Nobody cares about your value. I only care. Once I made a decision in my unconscious mind after working with you. So

if you are someone you are someone first enemy for your presentation. You are the one whose first you are the one who is doing all of this mystics. You are the one who will come and say I am not ready. I need this showers I need this piece of paper. I need a Tele Promp a.


if you cannot be more eyes your presentation let me know there are techniques

visualization techniques that still allows you to look in front of your client in their deep eyes and then wise what you want to talk about as a matter of fact that that’s technique of this particular methodology is will get you to the level that you can remember word by word

for ninety minutes without the rising anything at work these techniques valid. It takes about two hours to learn to stick nick it takes about maybe two three hours

to implement them to master twenty minute presentation

and if you want to be the masters of it. It may take a few rehearsals. So wasn’t three four days you should be able to master your signature presentation and you must have only one presentation.

If you want to engage me was any of your material. If you want to get me to sign up. Or give you part of my business you must have one presentation and only one. So I’m summarizing here what you have

and what I have been talking about is I was give you my view on my party of on the challenges which is stand between you and your audience

and the first number three challenges your ego and fear. Number two challenges you don’t have it don’t take actions of time and number one it challenges you. This is a while but are we

with you. I have the name of my program.

And as I said click on the link below. If you need to connect with me so I can get yo

just three

assessment tools to show you what you can do with your presentation or you can e-mail me at info@withwael

looking forward for your feedback. Thank you

Play to Win – Not Play To Lose

Welcome to with Wael – the ultimate show.

Your fire of desire. It’s part of your mindset

you are the one

who brought your fire up or what YOU FOR done. I have been around for so long and I have been seeing so many different individuals who will decide to move in a way or another.

And once they make a decision. They are the one who doubt their decision to move back and move forward. Their desires to win is function of how much they want to go against fear we call it play NOT to lose

only play to win and there is also another play. Which is you play not to lose? or you play to win. The play to when it’s an action which are programmed in your brain when you start to when you don’t look at obstacles you don’t look at barriers you don’t look at what can hold you back. You figure out you find a way you can move forward take actions and move outside your comfort zone under start to be vulnerable exposed.

Maybe scared but not feared. So you don’t have a fear

If you play too when it’s a long tour is a long term play. When people do play to win. They were actually takes all the challenges and move forward. And there’s no outcome other than winning. Today I had won I had to play to when I did what this take. So I can get my issues told in the way I would like I started first by defining what’s my winning and then I figure out a strategy to achieve this winning the question is did you think that I was a nice guy. Definitely in the view of others. I was not the nice guy.

I was the guy who was aggressively trying to achieve an actual And I was the guy I was pushing pushing forward in a every single way without any doubt in my life that I should be able to achieve this particular winning status. When you play to when it’s a mentality which make you.

I want to be frank with you if I have to reduce friends you can lows. Because they are not really your friends they are just friends to keep you back with them so they are not very looking forward for you to when you can lose friends you can lose lovers you can lose family members because the minute everybody will show. Uncomforted, you are moving forward. They try to pull you back.

The reason for them to believe is the reason for them to feel comfort when you play too when it’s an attitude. It’s a mindset. It’s your brain which Bush you forward towards the big game for the big play towards a big win. And isn’t dark. It’s reality. When I play not to lose. It’s a different mindset. It’s a mindset where how to make it safe. How to walk away with the least amount of losses.

Not the maximum when I can have I can ship share with you. Few strategies and few techniques and several stories hundreds of stories or a decision to play not to lose. It’s a sign of people life because I would say I’m comfort where I am I don’t want to play to when I don’t want to ask it. I don’t want to be persistent. I don’t want to push hard. I don’t want to get outside my comfort zone. I would like to just to win. At a level which is limited. I call it limited when. I play not to lose

it’s deadly approach. I would never recommend anybody try to play not to lose play not to lose the alternative of losing playing not to lose is to try to compromise. What you want to do. So you don’t lose what you want to do. Play not to lose it’s a way that you don’t achieve you don’t push hard you don’t push forward. And what will happen after that. as you try to make it safe your mindset is are not to lose. It’s a mindset what you give you in a status coat. Let me give you an example

if you are doing good in your life and you work and suddenly you can you have the opportunity of doing some other something else. I.E. they let you go. They ask you not to come here again. So the question now is you want to play to win or you want to play to lose majority of us will say oh yeah let’s wait till we get similar job or different places because we don’t want to lose our. Experience. Very few of us will say no, I want to play to win.

I want to move forward to be able to push more and to push hard. So I can change what I was doing in order to win in my life. So you have to define Also when it in your life winning in your life. It’s a different nation. Which you have to sit and figure it out first. Do you when when you can be your belt or do you when when you achieve specific status. Do you when when you have a high risk life not stable income was a potential of very high return or do you when when you have a stable life and it just goes out like a government based employee who basically get what they get to go to do what they do and that’s it. And these are life. Several individuals I meet on a regular basis. Now that they want to play not to lose they want to play it safe. They want to wait.

They want to live on employment insurance and different source of social income so they don’t change what they have been doing because they’re afraid. They’re afraid. If they when they wouldn’t do they wouldn’t know what to do. I and particularly this an individual and as you know I don’t like to break the confidentiality and density of some people close to my heart because everybody here is close to my heart. So someone I met and I said you know why you don’t change what you are doing to this particular activities and this will get you a better income and you can move forward. They made it question he said. So what I would tell my family

I don’t have a job. So if I do this particular career in or if I do. This particular up opportunity is not a job so we actually work who shook. Who is my employer sits you. He said no I can’t I have to go back and tell them I work for somebody. So I love this. What do you mean what the manual for somebody. Why you don’t work for yourself why you don’t start what you can do. There’s a new knowledge base for your subject matter expert based on what you know. So you can move forward. So or stop and say no I can’t I have to work for somebody.

You are now listening to with way out the ultimate shell. But if we are been programmed not to lose. We have been programmed not to risk it. We aren’t with Brawn not to touch it. When we start early on in our life. We will tell you Oh it’s hard. Don’t touch. Oh it’s called Don’t touch you know what you have to this don’t do this don’t do this don’t do this.

OK Can you tell me what to do when you think about not doing it. You play to lose not to lose when you think about don’t actually what you want to achieve. Don’t change because you don’t feel comfort it don’t know. When you don’t know you play not to lose. So

I don’t know I thought about the sky having this particular topic today because I always play to win and not only when I always play to win big. And when it’s all or not which is my attitude. If you play well at all or not it’s a different attitude I call it the no loss. Nothing to lose game you know play without anything to lose. Can you would it all in. I’m not talking about gambling of the what our life. Can you have. The challenge and the change to say I would. All in I will move forward to a new pass in my life. When we look at individuals who changed our lives by a separation or divorce or just a change was a live was this people see a you know what we are fed up.

We want to just play to win big who want to just move on. We want to put all in to a different life. Can you have this attitude toward your work toward your profession toward your legacy to word your what you do and I’m sure to have income in. This particular attitude is not really. People when they play not to lose. They are more conservative they want to be an employee they want to be somebody who accept a lower level of winning because they want to play not to lose. I’m the guy who allows you to define and when and to guide you to win and win big. When bigger than what you can dream. And this is not. Just a simple talk. This is our strategies and messages and stuff I make you know stuff which can make you happy. This stuff which can make you happy is when you identify this year is this tough and what you need to do this. What Get in get you moving your life.

It’s never been about how do you live or why do you live is a beer is about what do you want to live in. You live in a winning status in a winning mindset. You know what’s Are you winning goals. If you know what are you winning goals. Let’s just build together their winning brain and the winning mindset from the winning mindset we can do so many so much and all of them is to win win big win here wish when Babe and my dream. Can I do it. My answer is yes you can do it. Let’s work together. If you want to when in your life if you play to win not to lose. And you play to that and not to play to not to lose. You should get hold of me and email me at Info to win your brand dot com. And I should be able to describe to you what can you do when you play to win not to play not to lose

and I hope you enjoy this particular but cast and looking forward to meet you in the following one. Thank you

thank you for listening,

For more information. Check out