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Why did I call it With Wael – The Ultimate Show?

Welcome to. The ultimate.

Why do you do they call my bot cast which is what I am.

It’s an exercise in ned to overcome rejection and to transform bad. I did you wouldn’t explosion.

Into a constructive way.

I joined a group of speakers and when I walk around with those my name.

They always ask OK how do you pronounce your name how do you pronounce your name.

I thought of ending To be honest with zero because I have been around for so long.

More than twenty five years and I really never have a.

Question of comment on my name.

So when people ask how do you pronounce my name and they say. Is that why you were held where you.

Were all or whatever it is you now it just make me feel offended just two letters together you know like a very simple translation of English. That question itself demonstrates the ignorance. Of this paper I got off and that I felt excluded I didn’t feel it right to mingle with this individual and then I said you know I don’t want to let this negative thoughts but me down.

So I won’t deny said you know let me create an ultimate short which is called with Y.L. or with what.

I do is well yeah. It’s you will be it was me and my journey. And the minute you start to listen to my show you will find a very nice voice coming. Which shows you how to pronounce my name and this was my tool. To overcome bijections head against sea and supremacy attitude against me and my and who I am.

And they start to attack me by my name so my respond back was was what the hell is the ultimate show.

I’m looking forward to have all of you subscribe to my but cast that will load my bot cast to demonstrate this is individuals that I can belt with my name that’s you cannot pronounce a very successful audio channel or a bot cast which is. Will be an educational and window for everybody to come and listen to what I say with my accent and I would love you to go to the episode which talk about a speaker was an accent to demonstrate to you how this but tickler individuals unfortunately I don’t want to reveal the name of this particular society or association or whatever right now but will come in a time where we will talk and I will talk openly about all my experience and how the negative is this experience and why. We should avoid this kind of clusters where is this.

Negative minded and sick I call them sick individuals because if you are at the end of your career if you are really to those totally successful you should not come and purposely intentionally.

Intimidated or offend. Others and the big club on their own.

Distinguish or discrete features. You never become somebody’s attitude somebody’s accent somebody’s.

Religion or somebody’s race because this will hunt your back. And I made a commitment to hunt back to defend every single value and they believe which is I do and I believe that I welcome you to my show which as I said the only reason for calling it was why you have.

Because I wanted to teach someone and this one is one of your guys.

Someone how to pronounce my name in a constructive way to exert racist and discrimination comment converted to a very positive experience which is which way I welcome to my show subscribe to my channel I will be here always for you if you have any questions or any comment you want me to speak about it or any idea for an episode but it is a comment what come to with why I.

Thank you for listening to. The ultimate show.