April, 2018

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Mindless Compliance

Lead and guide your audience to Consistently comply and compel to your invitations and offers. This is the TOP desire skill of Presenters, Speakers, Authors, and Professionals.

No one speaker is able to sell without using this skill. Learn the secret skills of selling and presenting to the crowd.

WinYourBrand invented the PIATA to empower Speakers and authors sell from the stage. PIATA is the ultimate platform for Speakers and Authors. A step-by-step system, easy to follow to develop and deliver your message to the world. An efficient solution for all needs of authors and speakers. Just starting or you are rising in your speaking and authorship carrier, PIATA will get you to better engage with your audience and sell more to sustain your business.

This short video course on mindless compliance is a part of selling through presentation with Wael Badawy.

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How Much Does It Cost?

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