July, 2023

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UH Learning and Teaching Conference – Content Localization for UH Franchised Modules

Title University of Hertfordshire Learning and Teaching Conference – Content Localization for UH Franchised Modules : Challenges, Lessons Learned, and Implications for Delivery Improvement Authors Prof. Wael Badawy, PhD, SIEEE, SACM; and Prof. Simon Jones, PhD, Dean of Business School, Abstract At University of Hertfordshire, student have the privilege of attending education programs and courses in partnership organisations in approx. 35 locations. Although the University of Hertfordshire’s curriculum is designed in UK for UK/EU marketplace, it is delivered in country specific modes through the efforts of partnership academics to contextualise the learning materials. The challenges of delivering awards in international settings is not only differing cultures and learning environments, but also governing rules and regulations that determine the academic culture of those students. Graduates, as a product of the satellite-campuses, are preparing for opportunities both in country, the EU and potentially the UK, along worldwide regions. In each case there are different laws, regulations, practices, languages, cultures, etc. that will affect the individual’s “work ready” potential. This presentation will demonstrate the effective use of pedagogies to localise the content does not compromise any modules’ Indented Learning Outcomes. It will present lesson learned from Global Academic Foundation, Egypt; when transferring learning ensuring a dilution of the UK-centric curriculum and learning environment. The presentation will showcase success examples of exchange programs where both international students and UK based students enjoying education experience in both satellite and UK campus while achieves the same ILO and excel. The presentation will focus on the practices with the Information Technology Management for Business, in School of Business hosted by Global Academic Foundation in Egypt. However, it also provides a set of quantitive and qualitative measurable metrics to assess the localization components. Therefore, the practices is transferable to any other academic program to develop an agile-graduate that meets both requirements of UK / EU marketplace and local workforce.