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Play to Win – Not Play To Lose

Welcome to with Wael – the ultimate show.

Your fire of desire. It’s part of your mindset

you are the one

who brought your fire up or what YOU FOR done. I have been around for so long and I have been seeing so many different individuals who will decide to move in a way or another.

And once they make a decision. They are the one who doubt their decision to move back and move forward. Their desires to win is function of how much they want to go against fear we call it play NOT to lose

only play to win and there is also another play. Which is you play not to lose? or you play to win. The play to when it’s an action which are programmed in your brain when you start to when you don’t look at obstacles you don’t look at barriers you don’t look at what can hold you back. You figure out you find a way you can move forward take actions and move outside your comfort zone under start to be vulnerable exposed.

Maybe scared but not feared. So you don’t have a fear

If you play too when it’s a long tour is a long term play. When people do play to win. They were actually takes all the challenges and move forward. And there’s no outcome other than winning. Today I had won I had to play to when I did what this take. So I can get my issues told in the way I would like I started first by defining what’s my winning and then I figure out a strategy to achieve this winning the question is did you think that I was a nice guy. Definitely in the view of others. I was not the nice guy.

I was the guy who was aggressively trying to achieve an actual And I was the guy I was pushing pushing forward in a every single way without any doubt in my life that I should be able to achieve this particular winning status. When you play to when it’s a mentality which make you.

I want to be frank with you if I have to reduce friends you can lows. Because they are not really your friends they are just friends to keep you back with them so they are not very looking forward for you to when you can lose friends you can lose lovers you can lose family members because the minute everybody will show. Uncomforted, you are moving forward. They try to pull you back.

The reason for them to believe is the reason for them to feel comfort when you play too when it’s an attitude. It’s a mindset. It’s your brain which Bush you forward towards the big game for the big play towards a big win. And isn’t dark. It’s reality. When I play not to lose. It’s a different mindset. It’s a mindset where how to make it safe. How to walk away with the least amount of losses.

Not the maximum when I can have I can ship share with you. Few strategies and few techniques and several stories hundreds of stories or a decision to play not to lose. It’s a sign of people life because I would say I’m comfort where I am I don’t want to play to when I don’t want to ask it. I don’t want to be persistent. I don’t want to push hard. I don’t want to get outside my comfort zone. I would like to just to win. At a level which is limited. I call it limited when. I play not to lose

it’s deadly approach. I would never recommend anybody try to play not to lose play not to lose the alternative of losing playing not to lose is to try to compromise. What you want to do. So you don’t lose what you want to do. Play not to lose it’s a way that you don’t achieve you don’t push hard you don’t push forward. And what will happen after that. as you try to make it safe your mindset is are not to lose. It’s a mindset what you give you in a status coat. Let me give you an example

if you are doing good in your life and you work and suddenly you can you have the opportunity of doing some other something else. I.E. they let you go. They ask you not to come here again. So the question now is you want to play to win or you want to play to lose majority of us will say oh yeah let’s wait till we get similar job or different places because we don’t want to lose our. Experience. Very few of us will say no, I want to play to win.

I want to move forward to be able to push more and to push hard. So I can change what I was doing in order to win in my life. So you have to define Also when it in your life winning in your life. It’s a different nation. Which you have to sit and figure it out first. Do you when when you can be your belt or do you when when you achieve specific status. Do you when when you have a high risk life not stable income was a potential of very high return or do you when when you have a stable life and it just goes out like a government based employee who basically get what they get to go to do what they do and that’s it. And these are life. Several individuals I meet on a regular basis. Now that they want to play not to lose they want to play it safe. They want to wait.

They want to live on employment insurance and different source of social income so they don’t change what they have been doing because they’re afraid. They’re afraid. If they when they wouldn’t do they wouldn’t know what to do. I and particularly this an individual and as you know I don’t like to break the confidentiality and density of some people close to my heart because everybody here is close to my heart. So someone I met and I said you know why you don’t change what you are doing to this particular activities and this will get you a better income and you can move forward. They made it question he said. So what I would tell my family

I don’t have a job. So if I do this particular career in or if I do. This particular up opportunity is not a job so we actually work who shook. Who is my employer sits you. He said no I can’t I have to go back and tell them I work for somebody. So I love this. What do you mean what the manual for somebody. Why you don’t work for yourself why you don’t start what you can do. There’s a new knowledge base for your subject matter expert based on what you know. So you can move forward. So or stop and say no I can’t I have to work for somebody.

You are now listening to with way out the ultimate shell. But if we are been programmed not to lose. We have been programmed not to risk it. We aren’t with Brawn not to touch it. When we start early on in our life. We will tell you Oh it’s hard. Don’t touch. Oh it’s called Don’t touch you know what you have to this don’t do this don’t do this don’t do this.

OK Can you tell me what to do when you think about not doing it. You play to lose not to lose when you think about don’t actually what you want to achieve. Don’t change because you don’t feel comfort it don’t know. When you don’t know you play not to lose. So

I don’t know I thought about the sky having this particular topic today because I always play to win and not only when I always play to win big. And when it’s all or not which is my attitude. If you play well at all or not it’s a different attitude I call it the no loss. Nothing to lose game you know play without anything to lose. Can you would it all in. I’m not talking about gambling of the what our life. Can you have. The challenge and the change to say I would. All in I will move forward to a new pass in my life. When we look at individuals who changed our lives by a separation or divorce or just a change was a live was this people see a you know what we are fed up.

We want to just play to win big who want to just move on. We want to put all in to a different life. Can you have this attitude toward your work toward your profession toward your legacy to word your what you do and I’m sure to have income in. This particular attitude is not really. People when they play not to lose. They are more conservative they want to be an employee they want to be somebody who accept a lower level of winning because they want to play not to lose. I’m the guy who allows you to define and when and to guide you to win and win big. When bigger than what you can dream. And this is not. Just a simple talk. This is our strategies and messages and stuff I make you know stuff which can make you happy. This stuff which can make you happy is when you identify this year is this tough and what you need to do this. What Get in get you moving your life.

It’s never been about how do you live or why do you live is a beer is about what do you want to live in. You live in a winning status in a winning mindset. You know what’s Are you winning goals. If you know what are you winning goals. Let’s just build together their winning brain and the winning mindset from the winning mindset we can do so many so much and all of them is to win win big win here wish when Babe and my dream. Can I do it. My answer is yes you can do it. Let’s work together. If you want to when in your life if you play to win not to lose. And you play to that and not to play to not to lose. You should get hold of me and email me at Info to win your brand dot com. And I should be able to describe to you what can you do when you play to win not to play not to lose

and I hope you enjoy this particular but cast and looking forward to meet you in the following one. Thank you

thank you for listening,

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CAPS convention 2016 coverage – Dr. Larry Ohlhauser – Be the CEO of Your Health: Achieve the Health Benefits you Desire

Welcome. Welcome to the next presentation from our coverage for caps twenty sixteen convention in Edmonton before the proceed I want to just let you know that my production just told me that link sounds and true and the ending audio as our activities our first version which is we used and then we would defy it to this kind of the original this particular episode I I ask you not to all really process the first few episodes we have because maybe it’s an opportunity for you guys to know that we are about to change and we went through a change from different. Enthrall and the two different music and stuff like that.
So I would welcome you to listen to this particular presentation it’s amazing presentation about. Your house your weight subject which is I visit ple don’t like to talk about it too much because it yes. I don’t. Like I was empowered by this particular presentation and immediately I start to do my weight watch and everything else. It’s a very serious very dangerous and let me know what you think and looking forward to or hear or feedback here is a presentation.
Thank you for actual carrier Garrard for her extra. Thank you all you want to hear more. My thanks to Larry was forced to write how to care. We’re keeping our eye on the war early on I guess that’s the scene here. A young man with his wife during this news talk one has the sense that this is a search and. This is just an outstanding service to the people problems for this is just for us it’s sort of my worst years here. You’re running out of this right. You know this is this is your These are my C.D.’s Thank God I see. There’s a great example.
Oh my goodness offices here on my right she said. All right. I’m going to be muscular this is my priority sorry it’s a graveyard for your career. It’s like I was referring to my Garfield Barwick you know this is a this is that if it were my how I’m still a very sick guy that reading that survey right here. How else are over sixty percent heard say he already has reversed the series who are now according to this good night diaries.
I first heard destroy the research answer your phone number go from place to living a lie school years there I know you guys can relax overnight because this is all right. Like that data that interest rates how come the CD is for Excite how things are you telling her it’s out there or he gets to pick her. You know we’re very or various other players are it’s a balance there aren’t physical health relational right now is to truly understand your relationship was trying to raise it was very well through finances. So yes right. Everyone stared.
I had all of this is a very sore loser it’s a Super Bowl. Today. Well this economy is actually seasonal It is a process of improving rates. So you go across the storage sites as if you’re young enough. You’re right it’s hard for both of us inside every cell right. Prior to this break we’ll realize fire itself hard science really feels very very weary why the cell rumors are true. All the salary and all the yourself it’s pretty rigorous research right. It’s like a paint Israel you probably know you guys are sure you are truly sorry.
They were harmless three of the best or so incidents are right. If your goods were really funny like they hired under this are the more tolerance of our right leader and it looks like there’s just really this is a guy a guy wires was a fight like this in the housing markets are good for business requirements.
It’s drugs to sell and still how a good place. You know three of our best play Yanks already know all the rest of the light. I really want the day here in our lives right. You see the truth. Yeah right you heard this guy said Yes hello thanks for the interesting thing you did. What you did here are very very viable worries is a very very like. Stress secrets are citizens you see if you see friends. So this is her that you true your life will be heard this if you get back to where I want to be your heart risk analysis personal risk is your right.
This is the seventy two. It’s a free for all are just you free my draw into violence or a sense. Now I ask you just more seriously than they continuously write right now to be ready for you see where it is to take home. OK my girl. Thank you for doing OK OK OK OK OK OK OK I guess pretty high. I was a very low guy a very good grader. You’re right you know her her words are right there is this your first grader half her. Oh my God rest six you guys correctly.
OK please be prepared and right. That’s going to tell you this is just great respect for if you’re out of your. All right. Quest for all her goal was perfect for the six that you are going to thank you Marc. Now Tara’s here to me this is going to say that we’re going to go to bed. OK here are problems with surgery was successful. This is true for the law. Here’s what I need to do to get this part. That’s exactly what it is for me to back this up. Maybe really for her daughter three years ago that was for five years first her third just walking That’s right. Yes that’s right. Well what do you think it was really it was around the school all the crazy or anything. I’m sorry you got a lot of this president pretty hard. All right.
It probably has got your spirits tells you it’s a size right. So many successful companies seem to be my parents’ eyes successes and you know they recognize her barriers to success or her to the number three House of the writers of the Americas right in my house three through five or four moves about every day for me and so that’s craziness. This is my stability.
That’s mostly delivers scripts or maybe her words should start right at the service right here and slowly start spreads and I talk about your I mean I try to sorry your guys’ expression for your last guy your major. Her You are a pretty good liar you’re back here because there’s a sad story right there tonight forty seven percent crime murder three for sixty three years a great dad how to tie his friend to go through a very very violent. This is the very worst first crazy guy for all our security was your first real life friends very rarely sees us Pressler really be friendly neighbors see your house your birds your right wingers press the muscle throws the right.
Services first time I heard this first reading for research to see your how to say what’s on the other hand it’s a good you’re right you’re right it’s your words are working very hard little tense fish that they revise and you know the longer this goes on or this is all or so. All the other thing there is great stress. Investors like that. Stress for the first time are right there in front of your prepared. Yes right. The stress says wow this is czarist you realize this is me and my response they saw the whole set for various.
Early tomorrow or today. And when that happens. So we’ve really heard the scripts maybe driven by five or thirty minutes ago and that’s our first scene destroyed at the current risk serious event. There’s a net so there you are fifty hierarchy you know there’s a free crowd standing by here by the stage. Right right. That’s true but really I didn’t ask this because this is really stressing the softer side of her. That’s her designation pressed not to my ears but this is a this is this yacht race where you have symptoms you know the sun goes down. Are you still go to sleep. It’s amazing. And there are basically very bright.
If you’re i stress. Christ risk. Reporting live for us your sisters are seeing this it was hard getting a better world. It’s very very nice it was relaxed for the last time just getting my license right here learning organizer right here and you know eyes. It’s about this final result for us for the Olympics were married a happy city right through here says I’m very generous. Right that’s right. I saw things like this are there everybody out there generous to the city for good chairs and a really good result for very tragic stories like serious Christmas Eve. That’s the price never gets higher and that he’s really tired. So I think I’ll receive three no Christmas you exploring is a very useful answer you know start to get here. That’s all you want.
That’s my sensitivity I suppose you’re right you do this research. Fantastic research around was for singled out. Really myself for very primary health care practitioners. It’s about. It’s so I don’t want truckers it’s really want to write home about the difference in the school well there are various really really nice that really are Bronstein matters for the cities or the cities are targeted right said Oh. Yes. Be aware a guy like that every character right. So it’s very very dark right there where I say retire me here let me have it to me it’s a way that’s really worth it.
And you see the dress so I think that here. The style here where Reagan was very regular people who are Irish. Yes go right. You’re going to be pretty significant for the conversation and perhaps hearing from them. It’s very risky. Yes that’s very nice guest here because I stand here for the record who is already pretty much staring right results who are here his life really really very decisive That’s right. I think for something very strange this final right.
Very very big first so sure very personal challenge. If you listen to her as a troll and if you look at my life. Right right right.
I see her. This is a Florida jury heard her say get it to problems or crazy eyes very very healthy with her. Here’s your last three years myself saying Well I was right around the world people you know all the problems really bad.
I still think you’re here for me so I was wrong on the third thing I feel right. So I can tell Dr answered yes he saw her changing her. You know surprise. Fish fires are pretty bright First of all I think it’s a very white house. This is yours. You see your house you exist right here this is just what this is here for the jury. This is how sure you are right.
Her eyes the size of a risk right good night very for married with three years or three Vs I see how I was really getting her career. This is really as you are through this thank you thank you very much.