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Rich and Poor

Welcome to. The ultimate.

It’s always a question.

Are we poor or are we rich or was the difference between the rich and the poor. Is the function of how much money do you have in the bank. And. There are so many people who have money in the bank however as I don’t feel very much.

If I want to start with an example like if I give you a will a hundred thousand dollars make you rich or with a million dollars will make your age or will ten million dollars makes you each.

If you have a million dollar and you don’t have the right attitude. To feel rich and to act as a rich you will feel poor. There are so many examples around you where you have friends you have.

Individuals neighborhoods were people having houses cars.

And big numbers in the bank investment and they feel poor. They feel they want to be very church so it’s always a question like What is. The distinction between the rich and the poor.

The rich it’s a function of attitude so the rich people will have goals were set down and goals poor they will never have plans or save is not right the goals down so they go by the flow if I reach at it you would start with writing goals and you write them down the very first step is you would want your exam down and you will look for ways and opportunities to achieve and write your goal.

That number eight. In the list of rich versus poor will be are you looking for an opportunity rich people they look for opportunities. Feeling great it makes you something called Cool and they look for opportunity.

And when you look for a portion of the as a rich attitude you will look for ways. And you look for how you make this opportunity works for you.

Richmond tell it were late use jump on any possible opportunity the very first opportunity will come to you you will jump on it on the other hand poor will always find a way. To walk away from Opportunity one good.

Example of how the poor attitude will dominate is when you say well you try to find why this opportunity will not work to give you an example like Let’s talk about rich examples attitude versus poor attitude by example so if we give you an opportunity to go to meet.

With a celebrity and we say let’s give you this opportunity and say let’s assume this event this has cost you no money. Just you goes in and attend so people say oh you know what there will be a long lines this event will be very well attended I will not find a close parking lot I will find. Long lines are you serious this celebrity would be in there.

However if somebody was rich attitude will jump on the opportunity OK let’s go check it out let’s to get a bus let’s go by train so you look at it in a while somebody is going by train because they don’t want to ask the question about parking lot and. Just walk from the train station to the venue to meet this particular celebrity on the other hand the poor guy will say OK I have a car and drive my car I want to park downtown I want to go to this venue if it’s an immediate demonstration of how what it should look for an opportunity to grow or to meet somebody versus a poor who will not find it so many times when we invite individuals to workshops or seminars. They say oh you know what it will not work this guys will be safety they will just say last they said our stuff which will not work without even examining it out there people will go.

With open mind and say let’s look at if they have an opportunity for me and then they evaluate.

You are now listening to with me I’ll be ultimately.

Number seven.

Attitude of friction versus poor rich have large libraries they always have contact they have information access however is a poor attitude will not appreciate libraries will not appreciate contact they only have a very large T.V. in their.

Living room and they watch this T.V. I’m not saying that rich people should not have a T.V. you may have a T.V. one or two or three or four. The amount of time you sit in front of the T.V. not getting information in but just watching the show was shows and different.

Places to just let the time Best Buy It’s a complete different attitude of a poor guy who wants just to lose time however on that side they have libraries so you may have a T.V. as a poor as a rich individual however this T.V. will be equipped with libraries and information which help you grow or help. Your business will have to sell to grow.

That number have.

Some six number six.

Differentiation between rich and poor is rich will continue to learn.

They will continue to apply what they learn so our rich mentality will always be looking for information and looking for opportunities and look and they do have the large libraries where you they withdraw this information from as I try to match the opportunity on the other hand the poor people only know how to earn so they look at earning and how much they make Brouwer as the decision or the great area so they don’t take actions to learn and develop themselves.

In number five.

Rich people will trade money for time so rich people will buy.

Services which will save them time. On the other hand poor mentality will trade time to money and when you trade month time for money you will basically work hard. On an hourly rate so if I ask a question if you have an opportunity to hire someone to do the job. Will you hire him or not.

And usually people will say we don’t afford it so if you get somebody expert to do something which she want to do.

Any any any function. For sure an expert who is doing it on a daily basis.

He will do it in a shorter time then you will start to learn how you do things. And then you do it and when you do it you will not be effective you are NOT be efficient and once you are not effective and not efficient you spend more time trying to save a little bit of money.

However if you come up with the money upfront. And you give it to someone this expert will take it and save you the time and you can achieve more stuff in the same amount of time because this particular tasks are paid for and done by somebody who will not take the long time as you are to know to learn.

And this is one of the main differentiation when you approach someone and say here’s the service I can do it for you I’ve been doing it for others it will cost you that much they say oh you know what I can do it myself.

And they spent time trying to do it to save a little bit of money and they spent a long time and they do it wrong and they don’t buy the stick it comes to a story which is always an example here there is a factory working and this factory in suddenly has a problem and they could not get the production to sustain the level. So the owner of the factory cola called few individuals so one guy came in and said you know what I will say I will can fix it for you it will cost you one hundred thousand dollars plus parts.

So the owners ask how long would it take you.

To fix it the guy said in a couple of hours.

You are now listening to with me I’ll be ultimate.

Or maybe less.

So he looked at him and said hundred thousand dollars for a couple of hours.

Then I said yes it did not take me a couple of hours to learn what to fix.

It takes me years I learned this over a lifetime experience for me so what you are paying for it is not the work is learning I took and I apply as experiment I have and every time I failed before and I coming back right now and trying to do it and learn how to do it and that’s why I can do it for you for two hours like I said No no I don’t need that I will find other solutions and then he starts this owner to bring other people who claims are experts come to him and say yeah yes fix this powers they actually exist part and the manufacturing line did not work it always have this defect defective outcome where nobody was able to fix so after one month when this production line was not working and this owner was paying all the salaries for every single employee here he called up the other guy and said you know what the very first one said you know what I’m now ready to pay one hundred thousand dollars he said sorry sir now my rate is two hundred fifty.

The owner said oh you know I have no other choice you have to come and fix it because I’m losing revenue I’m losing income and the same time I’m assuming all these expenses So this expert came in and said you know now we have a different deal because all the other individuals you brought in before me taking the job they actually make the problem worse and worse they wasted your time they change wrong things they make a system much more so at the end of the day this particular factory was able to the owner was able to fix his factory for close to half a million dollars.

And the factory start to work in a couple of days. So if I am the owner and I know the value of being out of work and paying all of this extra expenses.

Measured may consider early on to make the plays or money. To trade money for time not to trade time for money.

Number for differentiation between rich and poor as.

Rich will take steps forward when they are afraid when the other one concert and they don’t know they start to move forward.

There isn’t for you this is.

Urge people will always feel comfort they also feel they have a plan and the backup plan they have a way to go so if you if you maintain the original telethon. And you try to push yourself forward the more you are afraid the more the unknown are the more the.

Opportunity will.

Raise itself in front of you and you don’t know what you are getting into it you will move inside this opportunity on the other hand the poor I will run away in the face of fear the poor attitude will not late you know go in.

And experiment experience what.

The opportunity yes here are afraid you will always have a fear you always say it will not worth.

However it can work if you have the right set up.

Rich people will invest for the future.

So when the rich guy will have the attitude of investing in the future he will join programs he will try Who will he will spend today investment money not Coast money because he can see in the future the revenue which can be built.

On the other hand poor people will spend for the day so a poor attitude. We’ll get and count how much we spend today and they will never consider their revenue or return of investment coming in the future. Because they don’t have the mentality after.

Considering the outcome coming they always look at how much money it costs them not what the money invested what money they invest as this will drive a very interesting example like if we look at education for example in any university how much you invest in your kids to get educated and if you understand the stand education correctly when you invest.

You will be looking for a return of investment so if you want to do our M.B.A. or a master in business administration. You will invest close to one hundred thousand dollars and after two years of the series of working on the end your M.B.A. you will be looking for a better position which will pay back the money.

You are now listening to with the ultimate.

However poor attitude will say oh no or one hundred thousand dollars Why do a cost me hundreds of dollars today.

If I have this hundred thousand dollars I will not spend it because I cannot see that return of investment in the future so if someone will offer to you a five thousand dollar program ten thousand dollar program where it can demonstrate that you can use this knowledge and only use this knowledge you can make more money in the future they’re each people invest however the poor people will look at the money as a cost. That second.

Differentiation between rich people. And poor people is rich people are disciplined about time they understand the value of the time they understand how to use their time because as the very beginning we talk about writing goals down looking for opportunity having libraries trade money for time and they take steps forward when they are afraid they invest in the future they are always disciplined about the time they know how much their time was. They don’t do stuff where you can hire experts doing it in a shorter time because when you get it done it will help you making a better investment for the future so why do you spend your time doing stuff where somebody else can do it on the other hand the poor people don’t waste time.

And we all get into a debate like what do you mean was wasting time like if I go to the grain or I would so I would door activities and said and meditate. It was doing time.

The answer to you is how you use it if you use your time to meditate or to take actions to be a better person to try to act and help people around you or try to enjoy to feel yourself up to talk go to your next chapter of your your knee you are very cautious about your time but when you just spend your time in front of your large T.V..

To just kill the time do you have ever decide that you want to do substitute just kill time. This is what we call it Wisting time so as I reach attitude we never kill the time we always find a use for the time. The last and the very first differentiation between rich people and poor people.

Is Rich people will have mentors will ask for guidance will try to learn from their men. Experience.

How to take advantage and don’t spend too much time doing stings which is people other people figure thousands they can move forward the poor people will try to figure out for themselves like they do do it yourself how many of us can can do it for themselves it’s a big question and I have to ask you one question in media question when you try when you look at your car and your car has an issue when you fix it or you take it to the mechanic to fix it you just do you do your own oil change you know that that is easiest job on maintaining a car is to to change oil. To do an early change. When you try to figure it yourself or you give it to an oil change place where they change your oil.

Definitely many of us are on the ridge side they will just go leaves our car go to work and come back and base the barrels for an oil change we don’t get ourselves into changing the oil ourselves and to be honest if you look at You Tube or any of this video information you’ll find out that changing out is very simple in your car and you can actually do it but why wouldn’t do it because we don’t want to figure out our salvage just it does not worth our time we have we can make some more useful use of our time by just giving somebody else to change OUR got our car or oil so we don’t have to do it so they’re rich attitude again is a poor attitude is what discriminate and what say if you are rich or poor to summarize it there are nine differentiations between the rich and poor rich sure right goes down I would advise each one of you to take a sheet of paper spend. Five minutes and just writes three goals.

Writes three goals of today Rice three goals for the week right three goals for the year right three goals for the month and.

Figure out ways how to achieve your goals they each People are always on the look for opportunities and they grab this opportunities and they take advantage of.

Which people usually have labors. And they look for libel is not lost Stevie’s.

Rich people they will continue to Lord they trade money to for time they take steps when they are afraid they invest for the future and they are very disciplined about time and they always have mentors who they learn from their mentors how to move forward my advice to you if doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank look and adopt. A rich attitude and you will make a change in your life I will leave you with this word and I feel like this episode play subscribe ins about cast and listen to the other material I have overs are you are always welcome to send me feedback is our on my website or on. The comment line be underneath my bot cast and have a good day.

Thank you for listening

CAPS convention 2016 coverage – Patricia Fripp – Master Class on Powerful Presentations – Part 1 of 2

I will start my coverage to the Canadian Association professional speakers known as caps twenty sixteen convention in Edmonton. This is one premier convention for experts who speak professionally this convention was amazing. I will share with you that good is excellent and the awesome. Of this convention and what’s my experience.
I will start was a first experience which is just after it was just rationed so I drove there I stopped by the hotel which is a unique hotel Southall is indeed connected to the terminal of the airport saw your drive to the airport the departure gate and then you will find out on on your right hand side even before you get to the terminus. I stepped then it was so windy out that I was asked or is not aware about walking to the hotel and so Wendy I registered everything was very well organized. You have your name badge and tags and everything is super super super organized and then I ask. Well you know like after driving force three hours in a snowy day from Calgary I said where is the first Session.
I couldn’t like you understand. Like when you drive for so long. You don’t even really need somebody to orient you or to go show you can sit and the start so I was giving in and instructions which I could not comprehend. I was told You can go back to the terminal of the airport. You walk by after you pass a second. The second check in desk. You’ll find the stairs you climb the stairs you’ll find the meeting. So I could understand because I did not come through the airport so. I one of the gentleman’s hour was actually heading over he said like wait for a couple of minutes and then I followed. I followed along and I went through and. Guess what. Indeed we walked inside the airport by the check in desks and we passed one two three and then we found the first set of stairs second set of stairs and then we climb up the stairs I found the lounge. And then I found an awesome meeting room. The meeting room will have Windows on the tarmac. So you are basically sitting in a venue where you have an awesome speakers. And if you look to your right you’ll see an ass in view of our airport and airplanes serviced airplane taking off airplanes coming down and I don’t know what’s about the airplanes scenery but you experience how lovely would be the view of the tarmac of any airport.
Guess what. It’s Edmonton airport. I encourage you to visit this airport. Whenever you are near Edmonton and go get a drink inside an incense Edmonton airport hotel. It’s an experience which is well well well awesome. It’s more than awesome. I can not find world which describe this particular experience. I will start this coverage with the very first session which was one of the icon of the industry but Russia forever. C S B C P And but Russia. Well Brian convention lectures on master class on powerful presentations. But Russia is an Awesome.

I can she is not an expert. She’s an icon. She’s one of those who has been. In this industry for a long time and you don’t want to say how long because I don’t have to be upset. I will leave you now with the first session of our coverage with that Russia forever. We will go through that enters a formal introduction. I believe that coverage we have is very very educated very informative and you will enjoy. Now as our first edition was entered auction site word for it and I’m going to say that a little later. It’s always six years ago by this amazing person. We’re going to run your course and we’ll do what I did he said but I also want to go out if you ever watched the rest of. I don’t know if she would be first first year old rifles was also her was the first female President Bush was here so. Arena. As you know this morning over three years prayer. I’m sure sound better speech. Oh fire turbo executive from your own earth. Steven Spielberg Robert Proctor little boy. You probably never heard of Proctor legendary guitar player one thirty four. Sorry Or as I say fortunate as you are here you say that’s priceless just to get healthy while you got her boss a little girl over your present bust of powerful presentation. Well you know you love truth for yourself. Wow you’re sure that all your standing all day say shit I was a kid. First I had me you’re so good. How do you sell.
I don’t get your bottle said you know Ginger Baker Botts people know this let’s get it. As you do yet. I’m so damned old you begin the closest I ever seeing the low angle you know you should not own you should know one person. Chose to live in London for a long time never experience no one told him you lot. I know let’s not say you love them. And isn’t that all you trying to sing to me all really focused back in reality Bloomberg. Absolutely. Despite all my presentations. There is a I’m stepped over seeing your kids go towards underworld and on the block when we take a closer look. He said It is not the practice makes perfect and doesn’t.
Practice makes perfect. Oh you. We appreciate your deal more season and my problem being go over this is all we do. The moment we speak is great force won’t be like taking a closer to a long walk. You did that by is walking. Even today from understanding is a principle all the way. T. do enough to leave so they can tell us the story. Oh well and that all this info changes the pro-drug and suddenly all the tetherball in the Morning we’re all in for the Ark in the winter time just don’t all you can change the facts to bug. Even if you get standing ovations constantly told them I would encourage you to read this one and those of you who are reading this is a good word give your intermediate certainly if you will seize a day on the top of my game by businesses are truly I would challenge yourself to have a long presentation. No editing program is a dead goal long presentation prices are really.
OK And I see in that situation. People who charge twenty dollars goes oh they don’t like having the same things don’t really I mean like I don’t see how they never told you this you say someday I’ll try not to look like I did with recently one player I want every ton you see the words are you know my. It is impossible to speak with I’d say. However when you reconstruct the sentence. So you get in the first word and we’re looking at the script and you see I’m on my knowledge the beginning of every Arab law you need to restrict them both what I consider normal. And this is the second point presentations as well as the embers and you notice. I don’t really know why you know from the way you do it you know that when I say do you find me one of you go you know all the gods they want to know all you say so. The strategies that they brought Conlon do you go. So long and funders and so Charles and you think you will find a brother one by one is a good long as I can back them up and there is a eighty speeches here fifty five. This isn’t all people who get charged all these great word is actually you actually do this. Well you want to get along a good thing. Absolutely. Good because you did it.
You do it. You don’t do YOU not me. And here you really because this is the presentation. We just saw you and I bought a we were to live is what I think you know and then they don’t improve presentation based on the review. So let me just well you know we might have been here. Today. If you expose us for our own show. So we all good and I chat
lenge you to watch something else instead. And it does not. I’ll never get old is good. Paul did speak to a lawyer. We spoke to be remembered. If we are right. At all and somebody could be all right. What is fifty percent like what you probably said all he said the lead over at home read story five they did not own one. I mean legally. This is speak to me the money is for me. Presently someone runs away or is they’re asking for twenty million dollars That usually takes me to get through. In the first seconds. And this is true with Sally not reservists. We are talking. Should we call always gets in all the boys go first whole day with you children including the center of getting your information from every way the trials will change them is a good decision. If your official coerce a ship but we need our initial conversation piece a clear concise and credible and speak initial sentences with posing so that we’re talking to saying to the National Committee. We have looked at one consults and survive speakers. These are the two that we are ready to man because somebody has happened said you told you that you can set yourself right. All summer.

You really need to say that selected because it’s really responding to the only piece of your I knew was my friend said I’ll get credit for you. All right. I mean why don’t get mobile it was my friend I took to the rear they go up early and whoa you actually said today you remember right on one sentence. The one sentence on Q No you said it’s a major country. I know you must be checks. Oh boy. OK so I’m like I was the Turkana and I get VERY my scores and I’d be wondering what to do bird from. What technique here is that it is great when you’re going to see seals and all you can do is of course do year and then say when you go back to your T.V. show. I want to tell you. Both a bowling ball in both hands holding accountable ball. Oh the bowling ball it. Oh and remember if you need help doing it you now will have a friend. It wasn’t knowledge. That only plugs through like a presentation all you case is different even just like layers if you take it back to grow my slice but you’re welcome to do. Would you please write that Fred go all right. Oh it’s life it’s not all over his life. All you fault is that the whole slight freedom that all life is a lot of him yet. So you can take all the notes will take him home to lean on keep talking you on the way with the slow chill. You will. We’ll be working on opening lines. You can have plenty to do only thing long and this is. Great to be created. So for example these we both you and I would all be dead if you heard the president changing all day it was a person never owned it says you have it so long as you get totally reset the only slightly one way to come out with the same framework or news stories that make the same point. Well the people who love you are so different give you some ideas and you’re also twenty six games to loving your presentation. So long. Mark here is the focus of this presentation was I right. It is legal to revisit the structure of your presentation is also an online service which is supplied so that you can use it is really sad all law I mean this is why there are really well put together speed bullet points like NATION which is a very easy way. Richard. So all the labor is let’s really remember from our boys out and out. Call me I really like you. Oh yes tell me love letter by letter from letter. Hold and should. Belittle it go ahead and do it all before you close your eyes and then if you need to that I am now out of even best friend who is in technology. Yes or old you have a new best friend which is the Seems people are strange all war ever it is clearly keynote speech is known to be always here for sure to lurkers and so when you go back to your own remembrances have your management are we why was this conference or heard friends who said only believe in God and the we now have a new best friend and I would recommend him in on her in she’s a good neighbor should all walk the earth. So the city doesn’t know what to do the job. OK to do and she better explain that the dollars on. Won’t her and she told this great story again and she says help it. Love and this reminds me. Best of the services they have across the market. I’m easy. So we could pick that up. This is not really related royals. All over the world is it next year. Iraq or is it next week is going to be president of the spaces and that is to look good that he uses over his head shot which is the best shot for anyone who is very good and no use that he didn’t say this but I thought these words and this is not a front. It’s you trust you. For us to sit with her. You know crossed characters I said when you need to know exactly how can you present your spice to lose a little not only for a limited slip and you can deliver your own A long. And well being. Saturday and still I have wall set off for an X. ten but I’m like once a moment I guess or they were like two culprits. I suppose they do what seems appropriate. Oh yes that getting on so you can’t come out and all damp rag and I go comfortable with the element then inspiration. That’s above us or like put it off and said here’s our noses great speakers and they gauge attention in school they want to tongue into the long stinker. They want in tongues in the introduction but I know this is a big one. So I’m sad to even own the song to call of duty. Right. Night and day of morning transition into the morning in spades. And the yes yes no result. And I said I they done they do a little wrong here. I’m let the ball slowly get struck in your presentation look at this is to play ball. I mean presentation I deliberately is right this is mine speak no more really is a phrase you want to see in the speech to write my first short gives a little girl who does not know this will be modelled on this on a spit also because you’re off the line to speak in the sensation chapters and you do many other game Mobley do alone he must say Oh dear oh and everybody involved have a universe subjects customer service. Oh you didn’t understand. Then how an easy answer for yourself who didn’t want to get the I respect you or something. Because the only one understand the election deal and then one saying Well I think conventions is different. The number of people there in this it is. Yes well it might be for example one of my long time projects the American Medical Association. So do they my own is their payroll manager is there a shop by writers and there’s people who work on technology and then. So I’m with those it’s all there and brought me there they don’t matters within your presentation. You just any knowledge you know at least make sure your talking points that you’ve already shown them true this is a price that is all for those people and heroes of the Creation is that all of this is an odds if you aren’t a conspirator you know they might only see. Yes but some of the technical some are not as technical and some of their minds glaze over. And I suppose it’s a little bit second star to a knowledge. You’re looking at this talking point from well those of you who are less technical This is a phone call. Those are a little second go and those of you who this is are on your own brand by always getting an idea start again that gets in the words on that if you don’t eat a specific date and the people don’t understand their eyes glaze over when they can see you all you need this technology on your level label staying within that soda with you will meet in that way we another surely can and I will still rings around you for this line losing the old saw played deal didn’t like it and love and action didn’t happen in this election last. Old presentation is played. Of course where you routinely see LOL say they have enjoyed still they just say where is the interim best prime minister the president the speaker your very good long time speech and you’re a paid for by Not to my group he said one of the biggest expenses in the least those being cancers. I long to do the decision making process like you just have to spend one thousand dollars on speaker reading and. Even if you consider yourself. And this is my seventh straight happy. Well my goal is your luncheon speech is to wake them up they don’t enable seconds all work if you paid much attention is being awfully ten seconds here and you’re going to shake your make a lot less get them off. Never lose your presence at the moment or you want to speed. If I missed or are no read. Also if you’re there and this is an amazing writer is going to come. Carol. Let me start if not I don’t want to say it isn’t all just the subject of the presentation going to look or my talkshow you thought of it. Who said this. OK go night night isn’t it interesting title all the stuff the stuff it’s not the title of your stupid this are you here to look at reviews of the questions you’re reading where you are OK I’ll tell you tell him the the back of the phone said speak to. What is the speech and that. It is rather no no no no no. Thank you Matthew Stanley you are there plans you think A is the best of all this is the only good. I have ever spoken for. And believe me I missed the whole wrong thing. Scientists are usually engineers and great managers from you think a lot know what you know it will be so good to know that. Yes Well they said in a song of yours sense. All they have is a clue. Yet if you’re not coming out. Well traitor communication subtly. All that you talk about cyber bullying. OK that’s one word. I don’t want to be worthless for my good you brought us into what’s going on in the year two things the Muslim Brotherhood will all be one one is your stuff. Yeah probably very very creative. You bet. So I am waiting to see your speakers create your best good business lawyer or no friends communicate create the best you can and reinvention God let you read this if you did that you just proved the value of caps. It is very difficult to be myself and you know this you did not know that I didn’t say that I did. I’m on isn’t that show you broke the problem yourself and your selfish elderly. Just because you’re not making like a home to have done again and yet to be written and worked on but exploring things from new perspectives. So that we get paid. Oh you know. We get paid well. Well we deliver but this is assuming that you all know all of that selling over your famous you’re going to all the way or you feel like people who go to conferences. It’s Kraken they do it with those big names and some of them are really into a famous feature both at home fronts to make money to get it and. He told the famous people. Nobody ever heard of them when you’re the person was off recession we’re going to do all of the sure we should certainly go. And once the laws we are bans. We are paid to be consistently good and not and it’s but better. I just feel that these dogs. I would rather start who are consistently going to start inflation. There is. There is no quality of life and systems where people come see you when they don’t have a lot of fellow grow and grow might think oh this is glad I’m When somebody says you say I need my company and you know as one you need to actually cigarette butts and if you live the same presentation. It was in the book and give the same presentations that. They won’t. How are you going to personalize it. You do that by injuring me. And so that’s doing that so Sheldon Yes and you are the I think he said you are a perfect example. You represent me on all sides. I’m not sure how good you may feel it. I mean give up. Don’t make or disappear. I love you more since I know you do know that your mission. And what how were you do the way you decided I know my own was OK before you were led what to do with me. It’s a bit of a pointless God If you do not get there you know we get into one up here we’re doing so age. You have to do this you don’t walk the line with it all. Is it the gesture. Still lurches good that even the we are not willing to show or the principles of the disciplines that would help us. OK so you’re not hurt. We think you think and sauces happen once this is once we know all day long we lost invented the thing that. All day long hold and then think. We did molds to go out. So you can see one last. So now this is something you feel like you get presentation skills. Right. So you see this is really a process and talk to you know love you know share like it was a part pressed into service gauge of this subject from cost research. She started shows dramatic people look at really strong history on recommand wish he was a new species because like US reserves. You need something you can say you can you can go for it. So what you do. This is play. So we’re not really watch which we did and I’m then I’m from a point you and your husband will happen to capture the space a little bit he lives. Last year and then I’m told this is the principal Esau. I think all of this is people you can tell some of this the speakers. I’ve put my you know up later in the presentation this. Still leverage. This is doing. Yes it was a helpful heard you know and now. I am sure you will not in this small alliance in covert American life started it. Yeah because they just spread fear and this is a bit like a financial had every you work for all this is always exhausted is the post illegal presence and the thought of it every day for all this mess initially and wrong. So first of all it was started by being behind the Sun thought they might but it doesn’t really matter. Here is a person someone does not want to see her but all your life you can still walk. All night get some mind her friends and well I’m sorry I thought you had nothing but she’s not. Yes. And what do you meant by said. Person like that. Is it next. I said that. I said if you want to go off and this is don’t go right. They read the stickers like they are wired or read on your presentation my ninety minute presentation. So I had thought you did all that hard to read person I’d lose the point. Well not see my own yes I am a little less this resistant hybrid they are then there is will be here is what I really like probably just just listening to me. For there is a song that you know my oh for. I don’t go like this or which I usually say that it’s rocker as. I’m not saying you do you will see the structure of your first step is to also question based on what is your practice or sense for one thing. This is the big idea. You want to get across. If I’m going to ask you if you have one sentence rather than twenty or forty five minutes for your presentation. What would you said. If your own server is in one sentence and also how wrong you can follow me you will send home. The. This is more like the premise of your presentation. The dictionary definition of Apprentice is eight basis all argument leading to a conclusion. Once you have your premise. Then you list your complete talking points all what I call your points of wisdom into me. I don’t like all your presentations your boat whole thing points prove your presence. They may showcase full now just to make their own was already there is a how all your friends. The big guy that’s why it wasn’t that. Oh well there is some. The premise. Senor My subject is presentations raise up in a man you will see in the man my friends sometimes you say your friends sometimes it’s for you but it has cleared you and your talking points from your presence might help you pretty song while I speak for the American Family Association you sell yourself in your ideas your singing on a friend as it is every day. So don’t sell so their ideas of the seem at all interested. I want you that only pull it both ways. And if you do that you know this is the scale. So again yesterday I was sitting on my way friends and I am a ride to the version that praises the basis of all human living joining the dictionary that raised the famous phrase Prentice Hall. We may live are the same presentation different only and I’m going to challenge you to come up with your premise for each audience just I know you focus on the first you’ll see yet my meaning will not stupid and still be better every dog don’t all do you think that yes I’m going to suck you don’t go. Toll all those up with the American Payroll Association I could say every payroll not get promoted. Oh I don’t get promoted. I don’t run well on the sell yourself and your ideas your senior management who I forget. And so may I suggest I am friends in the health and wellness. I say yes all is top then we all know selling health and well as we’re not selling that patient meditation or exercise don’t you fret what you was selling it is productivity. I guess productive enough to be more relaxed and healthy. Well so we build exercise meditation. You can trace your every day life for yourself. The result also makes sense any other human. I’m not the point of which is where is your premise or set. Oh oh how do I do that to the well this is really this my life easier. Well I can never get me a cab then resent how whole first place in presentations. Oh goody goody goody. I needed that one all. Just saw. Your presentation focused on your oh this is why I will start with this is all this is that strong your presentation or conversation. So the point that is you can say maybe I did. You don’t know what you write what you say Well I think I’ve heard it their presentation. Oh my God I didn’t say it was a cult you go design a presentation based all your help. So your new strategy would be if you stage one your last comment. Oh my God I thought chimes along. You’re all right good that the government is big specifically when they got you. Lots of marriage last call talking to the economic board. Don’t you know your struggle just mention whole conversation we could explain what we’re doing just talking the way a speech is not a horse as a matter of good speed sans conversation. The difference for truth is that all recession and a homer say she only son thing speak. Is that thing that are we all all crimes. We think all the best way. She gets our best kids across the east Hunter and more specific Congress and he has a conversation that objective and go back home and I may. I’m famous I’m not on the friends of my brother to share a subject with no I’m Sister. I’m sorry my late yesterday brought so that I say that the song that remember what we were talking about yesterday my own mother told us so is that Hudson specific on their day a friend. This is a bit of specificity will spread but i slap people around a lot virtually But you know like my exact point I am not the slime you stop stop is wrong. The break. What are the most frequently asked questions. What exactly do finances specifically want to me and then think isn’t specific is spending working until we are looking at your map when you’re out of money by the minute that you’d rather it is an illusion that all humans best educated highest paid professionals English blood be the second or third language that leads to this big business leaders have to be specific and they do don’t they. They drop the yoghurt you do some of the info that what you mean by thing becomes better. And so it needs a big home. Sectional so controlled yet mine with a memorable stories and razor sharp specimen. It’s really her slim if you ask me a long. Oh oh I don’t know cause my executives said oh yeah well you might not time to lock yourself in them all that well and practice and I’m presentation but what you do wish you didn’t see your colleagues are the same challenges the story about when my dad ran against them promising to say let’s call her say she will be at the dinner table with you. Growing on the first month presentations all the trigger. I know others. Way You Want also make your leg right. And you’ll run right. Until then together. So you can hold the over you when you’re gone. But he will prove all the better words from your mom. So whatever works for you but I hope works for him and. You have been paying a lot of attention and really want to know this point where you might run or what I’m going show specific questions about what you heard of contrition reach transcriptions or misuse the word gets called Graham Don’t I know it is one that keeps writing to me. I haven’t even yet the east speakers. Just Google. I don’t have one line right there. Sorry this is the super. You know me I’m not sure. All right. Specifically what if you. For example. I’m literally about approaching my son back on the road and people kept coming off of the crazy things that make you successful and I suspect the back of the room we came up with thirty nine words good think good. Would you rather hear the speech. Would you say box if you’re trying things that will make you successful all three stripes and they guarantee you. So when you say if you were saying well it’s just me and we are still intermediates. Oh I can vote my piss up a way or presentation yet anyway. Yes it does not start with me your body looks like she’s been brought to you when your next president takes over in life you have already got mad at both of you say oh good lord I’m speaking about authors. I don’t know the bound book. All right on the subject. Oh oh oh oh it’s terrible. I’m glad a little like many of you by the makers of cancer I’m sure you know story. He’s a player like Kelly but why don’t we talk about if you hate I’ll be gracious and you if you don’t it’s OK i might help me read it. Yes I actually. I’m not I have to let your mother know not really knowing what I mean. Right now the OK. The question you can find a bag of is exactly the same you’re go oh look at the his hands. The man you know when you get home from Atlanta. I mean I question when it comes to herself for me I work hard and I don’t write I don’t go out what the government’s been rehearsing for King Records. Oh yes with this a lot of big war for example why not say don’t use those same song nonspecifically single time executives maybe I don’t do it. I suggest you do it like this and you just don’t know the way you can take to the stage top specific language with Work Choices is ability to really take on percentage. So that said however what you’ve been looking through a lot of my presentation. Well actually I’m Rachael rooms all the presentation here all segments. I would say go up and then you click here it will be very good for her in there. Say let’s all go ahead. It is a leveraging going to reverse that when it comes to interaction and playing on the audience. And. This is actually the one of the mind doing all might be art and there is a lot of men. That this exhibit any time you do not cease in your training you really have a lot. You have no idea what they are going to give you to work with that is living on the edge all around where you were all season. That’s another way. What you prove to your readers you actually do know what you don’t and to do that is where it keeps it fresh. All right. Lord so you don’t like to play. No you’re a bigger than me. I’m going to get or no national surveys and I think Oregon. And so forth. Won’t if you’re going to give a presentation to Paul Ryan Chilcote eight dollars a pop when you see strategic intelligence or go of what I’m what I’m trying to live here. You know and see if there’s any way the exercise which most specific but we’ll see what you’ve got it does hold up red is everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you know how to recognize it or not use it against you and you can use it to make a lot better. OK So day. Rhetoric is a gate great word that has been a rifle century. How do you raise your hand if you could now give us a very good close to dictionary definition of bread. I’m too big. I’m I’m just what I want you to do is when you do that you want to stand still. You can certainly change the time only. So what you do you know he was going so it’s very easy if you fall in love. What do you know what to do this new speakers you want to reach old or what I want. He challenges from years ago same question. You don’t get that. So stand on our team and I want you to deliver your opening line tonight nice friendly and then deliver your new game line and then you might go out with a celebrity second wife there to write one of the top and slim guy because this is a process nicely done today but no one could give you the clear that basically you want to work. So yes lot might have no business or I’m not doing this is what happens in a stressful situation. This is the creative process unless all the best and brightest people with only minimal. Minds interest you know. Yes I’ve been around for centuries or millennia or I’m survives. Here or heard or what you’re or on any level that one of the let’s start by sending our love to this only is like your last true fact. Why didn’t we lose both her hand and maybe even in your SO deliver your opening line for one of these friendly faces at the station just one line of the time. This is forcing your own words under the magnifying lens might interest you to know everywhere. It’s been around for centuries. What you say and I get no I’m asking you when you say centuries. What you want were wrong with giving said yes well that way for what you lot was essential everyone. Thank you Larry. Sounds very flattered that all we can see you claim and also because they are. Les It sounds like it was the plan so that the words centuries that were on the table with a problem. I can tell you that the psychological reason why I never really was right. So let’s assume there is a grandson all the people you know I’m so done from the Call My views on this is that it’s very difficult to pick up the third building your calling in this is time for your message assignment and the second time in the next in the next five minutes about why go back to the beginning. This is mine to say it is to conversationally right. Each section is right. The next go by the first to the second again like the third I go beginning like this is happening again your body is more like this to me and this is a family friend or it might interest you to know that right now is a principle not eight percent of the time you need a chart. Is a set of friends. You’ll see the stats rated Mikey. That was in college he is a separation is a problem for my family and it says any or even wrong. You Cayle him to just say think this is business communications. Consider as sets up the phrase and it impacts rights and impacts for a state that said so is not day every day you empower you know more troops right. Ones I think you just assume that I’m trying to understand what you just said Oh if you really I mean like exactly as you did when the daily you know the first the first war first generation the very first law just one law. It might interest you know everywhere. I am go to see how I am now and how do you know what works best. You do it both ways and your audience will tell. And this is one for you my friends wispy it might interest you to write down but it might interest you that I’m closer. It might interest you to see more of your interest this way that is very good to show your audience your options because it’s your opening and if your no new woman to show you look she said race color the final for me on the way to me it’s all goes all natural like whole life only gets tells you if you think with all your might interest that people may not get interest in the. That wrestling will get you but not the three million with the definition. However as a professional. I’ve come to the bet that they are going to go oh and do your research. I’m glad you thought it might interest you to know that rhetoric is everywhere. Do you sit around a century. But it’s likely to have a better however on it with their money. However I’d bet money that most don’t know that. Here’s another technique. Yet. What holdings you speak to one person and others are because what I’m saying is everyone radios the audience the speaker has told me this is time and then you can say yes but it’s not all you told me one verse. I think with you missed the definition or friends or family or it is the art and strategy of public lives and. Why yes and I just. One thing I struggle with fear is on the one hand you want to use on one mind exploration and will get him down on the other. My memory. I don’t give any indication right from the how is my well understood the premise. The premise is for you right to clarify your thinking in many situations on T.V. presentations over my introductory sex all I might say my friend is every caps neighbor but there are always the I’m the friend. This is the big idea and you’re happy making all these you buy not use those exact words. So for example one presentation. I never stole ring the punchline means like this if you use a certain situations the answer is no if you don’t then I said I’m. We aren’t here to sell the culture and your future sprawl I’m waiting this group and that because that was what I’m approaching. So it’s a matter of you go for your I think then you take the big idea what presentation. I guess I’m thinking more in terms of something in the present just like when you’re in a conversation. You asked me what way do you know so I can give a one liner. OK what you did I help companies grow in your increase just exactly. So your premise is every penny you are using goes your next twenty minutes and actually the Rotary Club. OK. Everything is just so rotating you know throw chairs on matters of business or so you can say every Eminem song. Road safety of family road and your I mean it’s yes. Also you’re rich. Well yet again to prove that with pride. They didn’t do that. And yes I can say that’s going to be the result because the results of you reading here is that your presentation as long whatever subject to everything. Whether you know you are already bought our first place. I’ll do my job and use your learning honestly there’s no need for me to explain I’m right there never was in my phrase are you going to try and say every military can run a business of mine I mean we’re going to do just a little better. No you give me to get lines where are you going to make I think your they were going down your cell down. I should be my right hand up you know where you grew up right now might not know this is a service is there any phrase I hear you. Yes can you value. Perhaps you want to call it home likely I would not have said that way or I would not know that I read but I’m going to do that in my presence at all seasons that will get. Oh this is a young brothers where all we got hands on we get only really have phones and rattle point gamma from a million right. You know it’s no real big but there’s a million what you’re not going to see what do you learn from this presentation. Even as a seasoned president I would not have said it may surprise you to know or I would say just because it was a just be it. Because now that’s being one. This is interesting. I was raised with said writer River has to be the right person. OK That is certainly I don’t drag along this isn’t also matter of right or wrong it’s theatrical show us highway me cause getting people’s attention is sometimes Tom especially those still walking in are they getting all that lean on me yet they were tension. It would be fun for us. So they’re all different. My friends proposing. All the sayings of the season speakers who think it was fraught with the back three presentations and see if it seems there are results there. So when all we said we are here like this are the only ones you know read like I don’t know. OK I’m going to be interesting to hear from is a love letter that I bought from the Army Sergeant Bowe not president when talking about what did you did you hear it. Suggestion I think it is a presentation that uses big or what gives. I was surprised the whole lot. Rather coming from Ron Clark and I had the sense we are going to come to you and I struggled for years trying. I don’t know yet. This is not all the other way. This is a good sales level that perfect read and we’re all we are struggling with everything but that’s the next season’s figure brought up specificity of the law and I’m not meaning. Jeffrey I just said you know I’m with you. So many of us are for the for work for media or that old master. I just love watching the tape just focus on what.
I said and president for instance there’s a reason the bond of the rocks when that was that I mean really how close will really to really connect with us emotionally because it’s very there was no emotion I was badly away but at the end I felt like I wanted to die. I remember him just said. So the transcription I do. Yes and words newsletter. She walks in talks into her phone was she walks and then she sends it to a transfer and that’s how she keeps getting better and better behaved and so she reads books so for me. And for those of you you know my Nancy transparent you speeches for. I’m interested. I want to be human. I grew up. I work with Peters and what I do think this is something that you know what I’m thinking well you know you know I’m full here and I’m with you and you gave me the brain trust our were rehearsals. Joe Cross your inspiration was your inspiration and it would be wonderful. Thank you so much and don’t sell this not work. I’m right it’s the process for all my clients who have suggested just trust the process that is they get to know as little Praful and say For us the broad and low tech and not just trust the process go you know traditionally have a retirement so hard. He’s a lot like everybody every thirty two years one hundred percent intended. Sorry i was fantastic. So I’m going to use every goes here you’re going to finish the race. I did it. So last going to tell you didn’t do any good. I did and it’s like to see that my career is off my wall here. So we can send them to believe that’s all we have right. That’s why we are there. Life on your very very cold check your mail very already started start it but that was the way I kept. No not things ideas suggestions ideas on idea. What I liked ways your way of connecting me. And please. Here’s where we’re going to go back to teen with. An easy thing to go home them accountable so that when the point is that I was missing and then I said the word things was in their way my summer I said on the other ride like I’d really like that you demonstrate with a high C. so though I’ve seen it. I mean it just triggered i do it more often than the other and a different way further good. Given that I’ve generally led where I’ve been trying to see if you’re really in all those Barrens you are doing well until you both go in once and your actions under the magnifying glass. We are speaking to be remembered and repeated. And very often we speak. She only gets hold of all we know possible restoration that there are many things twenty all costs a few days. No I don’t think I have been a complete and a hold over you know your presentation your body you might not have time on the national stage to go through everything here we have a big group already So point one and tell this story that story that told the group. You know and then if you were in your early you will now do you know eat your all up act. I think age the more years he was here early. There is content where when we have the same people structure some other big scripting it will be easier. So we’re all interlinked. And even though your message is universal. Let us focus on this audience is as my brother Roger for an O.T. second best interest in the mystery of the world living all day by Rolling Stone magazine in his group King Crimson last month was just in case they happened I proud of what he says this is especially for the seasons. He says it is the way. Speed is the assumption that innocence in that context which me. Although you might have been talking about the subject for thirty eight. When we thought. I thought. Also this is the first time in this thread with this obedience with this cult that is innocence. You just knew it is right. What else is over it’s leaking speak lower incivility I was asked how come you are such a great actor he said I have think humility to birth. Not only that. Michael you have heard yourself a friend saying you made it right. You are now listening to with my L.B. ultimate show the coverage of the caps twenty sixteen convention in Edmonton will resume. After these messages. You are now listening to which way I’ll be ultimate show you here as we learn from but Russia and the first half of the master class on powerful presentation. I would encourage you to replace this episode and listen to it again but Russia is one of the Legion and this of this particular industry. Everything she said it’s really really really amazing. She’s an amazing lady. After the little brick. We had we had the second part of her presentation and it’s amazing. Also how she can do focused laser coaching. On her feet through individuals and I believe. As much as you can learn from that is to ration and presentation. It’s much much more upward a bigger opportunity for us to learn from simply listening to her comment on an actual presenter I would encourage you to turn to the second episode or the following episode and look for. Better chef report to and you will find Mr Hugh here thank you for listening to went way out the ultimate shelf.